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15 Jan 2019
14:08:02@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar edit: It will most probably will -> It will most probably be
14:08:08@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko ­čÄć
14:09:34@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar to summarize. I'll add the ability to write
function add(x : number, y : number) -> number
  return x+y
14:09:57@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko ok i see
14:10:21@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar which will then verify when compiling the script that it is well formed
14:10:38@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko i suppose it coexists with something like "add(x,y)" returning and getting anything?
14:11:20@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko (else i don't really see the point, it's one of the strongness of dynamic typed language to be... Dynamically typed :p )
14:12:49@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar of course... and for the unconstrained version it can verify that it is well formed from the call site
14:21:33@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko noïce :}
14:21:52@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko could it also serve you a cup of tea or coffee?
14:22:10@_discord_383315548827811840:t2bot.ioBinbin Chocolate ?
14:22:17@_discord_190517062865649664:t2bot.ioRenkineko oooooooooh yeah~~
14:22:23@_discord_383315548827811840:t2bot.ioBinbin ­čśä
14:47:47@_discord_364213418074439680:t2bot.ioMeatball joined the room.
15:11:27@_discord_489805134667448330:t2bot.ioDiarandor yummy! ­čśő
22:38:35@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew stdgregwar Congradulations and I am excited for this stuff.

(Although doesn't typed Lua already exist? Are you doing an extention for it?)
16 Jan 2019
00:46:58@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar Cluedrew yes TypedLua has already been designed and then left unmaintained. I still must discuss with my advisor how we will proceed. But this will most probably be a fork.
19:43:10@_discord_225694693650989056:t2bot.ioAkadream changed their display name from Akadream to Akadream#0001.
19:43:19@_discord_225694693650989056:t2bot.ioAkadream changed their display name from Akadream#0001 to Akadream.
18 Jan 2019
15:54:08@_discord_535849306343866398:t2bot.iojeanclaude34 joined the room.
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