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2 Apr 2020
19:21:08@_discord_247487141926535180:t2bot.ioTom_Bombadil_ changed their display name from Tom_Bombadil_#7039 to Tom_Bombadil_.
21:22:18@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromicRedacted or Malformed Event
21:22:44@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic So I updated the release cycle document now with your feedback:
- moved the "required projects list" to the very beginning (before any ordering is mentioned)
- I added a new "release artifacts" section in the end with URL templates to every generated CI/CD release artifact
- I fixed the typo mentioned by oclero and other minor re-phrasings

I think it looks much better and feels more useful now. Thanks for the input guys!
Any futher feedback is welcome. Christopho let me know whenever you feel is ready for you.
21:22:57@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho Thanks!
21:25:08@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic btw I investigated a bit more about building macOS artifacts in the CI/CD and unfortunately is not that simple.
we either (1) have someone with a mac constantly connected to the Internet serving as a GitLab runner
or (2) we rent runners form mac server farm.
or (3) we have someone with a mac that only connects its GitLab runner at release times and we only build macOS packages for releases
21:25:18@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic all this because of licensed SDK from Apple
21:25:35@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic a friend who is a mac-based developer also confirmed this shenanigan from Apple


all this because of licensed SDK from Apple

all this because of licensed SDK from Apple, i.e. Xcode

21:32:37@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic there are macos crosscompilers for Linux apparently but not sure if they would work.. I have to try and see for that option too
21:32:54@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic aah no, they also need the Apple SDK.
21:33:08@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho Yeah I don't think it is worth it
21:34:28@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic so yes it is possible to build for macOS from Linux but we still need to adhere to the licensing of Apple and thus probably won't be able to have a public Docker image with that. a pity
21:35:18@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic there is another possibility.. Travis CI offers free macOS build environments for open source projects.. but I would hate having a part of the CI/CD in GitLab and another in Travis
21:37:07@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Oh well
21:37:12@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho I would also dislike it
3 Apr 2020
09:16:11@_discord_674894040428445706_GitLab:t2bot.ioGitLab [[Solarus Games / solarus](https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/solarus)] Issue [#1442 custom_state:set_affected_by_ground("hole", false) seems to no longer work.](https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/solarus/-/issues/1442) closed by PhoenixII54 (PhoenixII54)
11:55:00@_discord_674894040428445706_GitLab:t2bot.ioGitLab Christopho pushed to branch [dev](https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/solarus/commits/dev) of [Solarus Games / solarus](https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/solarus) ([Compare changes](https://gitlab.com/solarus-games/solarus/compare/b59ea91901f7fbfe9d5daa6744ceed4e5f30d2b4...330b63383daa4ce31a6262054f860200c8487e97))

330b6338: Unit test for state:set_affected_by_ground("hole", false) - Christopho

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