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14 Nov 2019
08:39:43@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho because it looks like an existing glsl directive (like #define, #ifdef), but it is not, it is a homemade thing from us
08:40:39@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar #pragma is in the standard as a token to signal compiler specific directives
08:41:05@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho since which version?
08:41:43@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho since a long time ago apparently
08:41:52@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho yes, clearly the way to go 👍
08:44:05@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Yes I like that idea too
09:52:24@_discord_316631024412917760:t2bot.ioDrakii changed their display name from Drakii to Drakii#9999.
09:52:26@_discord_316631024412917760:t2bot.ioDrakii changed their display name from Drakii#9999 to Drakii.
10:50:24@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic stdgregwar just to be clear.. with the #pragma include <path> proposal you mean being able to include any arbitrary piece of source from the quest shader assets?
10:50:39@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic not just the boiler-plate inserted by the engine such as #version and precision etc?
11:15:36@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar The #version is still a special case
11:15:50@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar because it must be added only if there not already one
11:16:03@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar and it must be the top-most line in the shader
11:16:32@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar In the issue I wrote
11:17:34@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar Add an include statement to solarus shader system.
The statement ressemble
#pragma include <module>
for a solarus defined module
#pragma include "file_path"
to include a file from the current quest.
11:18:25@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic yes yes I'm clear about #version XYZ . .was asking more aobut the semantics of the #pragma include proposal
11:18:29@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I see.. so the idea would be to support both
11:19:44@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I will check libretro's approach to shaders as they are very skilled people too in that area.. to get some ideas on how they do it
11:20:28@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic we agree that #version XYZ must always be correctly set by the engine if not present
11:21:43@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic regarding the precision boiler-plate.. I saw that libretro's shaders do add them every time in most of their shader programs..
13:01:40@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew stdgregwar I was aiming for a header only library that didn't add much (any in some places), just cleaned up the interface. I was already hitting some limits of that in my early design so maybe I will split it out into more sections that are always-inline/header only and a section that has cpp files behind it. If I make this thing or contribute to a Solarus Lua wrapper.
13:02:02@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Oh yes I commented on the #pragma include issue.
18:42:45@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic stdgregwar how does opengl ES work on android? The project declares a version to use explicitly at buildtime? Or it goes the same as in any other platform with the engine autodetecting the version at runtime
18:58:48@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar In theory the engine autodetects at runtime
19:09:04@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic Ok. In modern phones it should be using gles 3 afaiu
19:09:33@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar it should. I should check which version it is on my Samsung A5
19:10:37@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic That means android is less pedantic about the shaders source otherwise you would have seen this error already :D
19:10:59@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar most probably
19:11:18@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar Nvidia at least is known to be far less pendantic than other vendors
19:14:57@_discord_361851038774329344:t2bot.iohhromic I will be doing some more testing later tonight to mark the MR done. Hopefully then it still works for android

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