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24 Mar 2019
20:19:29@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew And the music is stuck on now.
20:25:12@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar Haha you'll probably have to add a stop button in the dialog ? I can't remember if there is one already.
20:27:08@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew There is, but I closed the dialog and I couldn't access the player. I think I will just have it turn off when it closes the dialog.
22:23:12@_discord_212148861852975104:t2bot.iomkQasim#4403 changed their profile picture.
25 Mar 2019
14:31:10@_discord_175051519731695617:t2bot.ionaoh#2533 changed their display name from goten to goten#2533.
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21:58:06@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Where is a good explination of Qt slots vs. signals? As far as I can tell slots are just functions and signals are magic.
22:05:12@_discord_281333364156268546:t2bot.ioChristopho https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/signalsandslots.html
22:05:16@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew I want to run some code when a dialog finishes and I am trying to use finish, but I can't quite seem to work out how to connect things. Like what-
22:05:47@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew This looks good.
22:26:32@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew OK, I have two solutions, one creates a new slot and the other overrides an existing slot. Is there a preference?
22:27:38@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar mhh I think I would prefer a new slot
22:27:58@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar if the one that you want to override is a Qt slot
22:28:13@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar If that's one of our slots
22:28:32@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar then let's override
22:28:41@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew The override calls the old version at the end, but it is a Qt slot.
22:29:07@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar Mhhh I don't the good practices with Qt
22:29:15@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar do what seems the cleanest to you
22:29:51@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar maybe Christopho has more grounded qt style than me and can give a more potent answer
22:30:42@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Reading the article says good things about both. Intuitively I feel the override is better, but that is from pure C++ and I don't know how that caries over.
22:31:13@_discord_267048655624732673:t2bot.ioCluedrew Well I have to go soon so I will probably wait and see if anyone with Qt practice can comment.
22:31:34@_discord_189088374978641920:t2bot.iostdgregwar Perfect let's do this. Thanks for your work !
26 Mar 2019
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