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21 Feb 2024
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> wow not a scam, you must have given them to a donkey to suck your cock or something 18:37:08
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <N​ew_Miner_Kid> .choice swap, sell , hodl, buy more , mine more 18:37:19
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <m​onerobux> New_Miner_Kid: Your options: swap| sell | hodl| buy more | mine more. My choice: sell 18:37:19
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> oh what to do 18:37:40
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> I read "what did you do" 18:37:47
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> lol 18:37:48
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> ummm 18:37:52
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <N​ew_Miner_Kid> i always trust moneroxbux 18:37:54
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <c​hron0> jwinterm: in flower pots? 18:37:54
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> you can add liquidity to pools on nonkyc.io New_Miner_Kid 18:38:07
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> I have earned like several dollars in fees in xmr and usdt over several months of providing liquidity :D 18:38:24
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <N​ew_Miner_Kid> nice 18:38:37
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> I think that's just a stock photo chron0, but who knows 18:39:09
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> if you want to smuggle Pu how2do? 18:39:19
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <c​hron0> lolol 18:39:21
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> gotta shield it with lead/cu/al layers for the gammas, maybe throw some boron around it and put it in corner of high-z powder like cat litter and pray you escape passive or active neutron interrogation 18:40:26
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm>


@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <b​adjabber> so this guy is walking around with a 50kg carry on briefcase or something 18:41:12
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> https://twitter.com/W0wn3r0/status/1760113930230210562 18:41:24
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <j​winterm> yakuza stronk 18:41:39
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <S​oiMatter> Nice 18:42:54
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <S​oiMatter> Gary you up 18:42:58
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <M​ochi101> @dall2 jwinterm swimming in the shitcoin ocean 18:51:43
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <a​kio> Mochi101: "jwinterm swimming in the shitcoin ocean" => https://qu.ax/DpGj.jpg (10.6s) 18:51:54
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <M​ochi101> don't drown jwinterm! 18:52:12
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <M​ochi101>


@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <e​lucidator> @usd 18:53:55
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <a​kio> elucidator: XMR price is 118.77 USD with -0.73(-0.61%) daily change. ATH was 542.33 USD 6 years 1 month 12 days ago. Price changed -78.14% since ATH. 18:53:56
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <e​lucidator> @xmrnet 18:53:58
@m-relay:monero.socialm-relay <a​kio> elucidator: Block height: 3,089,273, Difficulty : 253,568,171,669, Hashrate: 2113.068 Mh/s, Tx pool size: 81 18:53:59

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