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8 Oct 2018
22:25:52@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]Yeah sure👍
9 Oct 2018
01:22:28@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFI ended up passing ownership to you because I left to join another one that already does the same thing lol. It has plenty of people already in it. If you decide to leave that room to join the other one, mind just clearing out the local room addresses before leaving? I can help if you need assistance with that
01:23:40@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFThat way other people making new rooms can use those addresses
05:02:19@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freely invited @freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org.
05:02:20@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org joined the room.
05:02:20@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.orgGroup chat not supported.
05:02:20@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org@freenode_George_Soros:matrix.org left the room.
05:02:46@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freelywoah lol
05:02:59@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFIRC people can't be invited to non-bridged rooms lol
05:03:05@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freelyfreaked me out ofr a sec
05:03:08@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freelyi was like wtf
05:17:13@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]SF: ok bud no worries👍
05:17:44@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFI ended up clearing out the addresses. I see you joined the other one, so we might as well clear out the one I made
05:18:06@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFTurns out when I rejoined the room, it made me admin again. I didn't think it would do that
05:20:41@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSFI'm just gonna clear it out entirely since I didn't realize there was already a good politics room. I'll make another one if this room we're in now goes to hell
08:02:00@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freely changed their display name from InternP to IPFreely.
08:02:07@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freely changed their display name from IPFreely to IP Freely.
08:02:10@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freely removed their profile picture.
08:03:40@internprimas:matrix.orgIP Freely set a profile picture.
10 Oct 2018
02:07:47@PePeIsLuV:matrix.orgUncle X [38/XY/Dimension X]Aight my dude all good
5 Nov 2018
19:36:38@yosefujoe4455:matrix.orgName.txt changed their display name from Joe to Jessica.
25 Nov 2018
00:06:03@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF set a profile picture.
6 Jan 2019
03:18:00@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed their profile picture.
03:18:37@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed their profile picture.
03:19:07@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF removed their profile picture.
03:19:58@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF set a profile picture.
05:35:41@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF removed their profile picture.
08:09:19@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF set a profile picture.
24 Jan 2019
18:06:05@yosefujoe4455:matrix.orgName.txt changed their display name from Jessica to Name.txt.
27 Jan 2019
17:14:17@StewieFellows:matrix.orgSF changed their profile picture.

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