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13 Aug 2016
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28 Aug 2016
17:03:39@wldhx:matrix.orgwldhxТворог приехал!)
29 Aug 2016
06:29:17@Sttrelllok:matrix.orgxenx (Andrey Tvorozhkov))))
30 Aug 2016
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04:34:52@wldhx:matrix.orgwldhx Vientesies:

I badly dont want to fork for an US corporate
Am from india

So, would you rather be off working for a Russian corporate?..

That aside, not sure if this particular community is the best source for know-how on topic, but we are talking about a remote full-time job, right?

11 Sep 2016
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16 Sep 2016
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8 Dec 2016
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1 Feb 2017
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20 Mar 2017
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21 Mar 2017
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13 Apr 2017
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14 Apr 2017
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28 Apr 2017
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21 Jun 2017
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16 Aug 2017
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22 Oct 2017
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23 Oct 2017
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21 Nov 2017
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20 Jan 2018
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10 Apr 2018
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21 Apr 2018
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