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7 Dec 2019
01:32:06@vul:civseed.comvulimus maximus changed their profile picture.
10 Dec 2019
18:58:19@msavorritias:matrix.org@msavorritias:matrix.org joined the room.
14 Dec 2019
17:07:24@marian:cybre.spacemarian joined the room.
15 Dec 2019
13:55:07@agburton:matrix.orgrdcurd joined the room.
22:32:40@tatjana:sibnsk.nettatjana joined the room.
17 Dec 2019
21:56:23@kamila:kde.orgkamila joined the room.
22:56:49@holger:hackerspaces.beholger joined the room.
23:15:54@krateos:asra.grkrateos joined the room.
18 Dec 2019
23:11:00@julian:chat.weho.stjulian joined the room.
19 Dec 2019
21:47:55@juan:potatofrom.spacejuan joined the room.
21:55:29@gisela:feneas.orggisela joined the room.
22 Dec 2019
14:01:48@jan.christian:gruenhage.xyzjcgruenhage changed their profile picture.
24 Dec 2019
21:32:28@warpspace:matrix.org@warpspace:matrix.org joined the room.
21:34:10@warpspace:matrix.org@warpspace:matrix.org left the room.
26 Dec 2019
01:09:48@gopal:diasp.ingopal joined the room.
13:20:22@jason:nerdsin.spacejason joined the room.
20:56:49@digital:sorunome.dedigital changed their display name from digital to digital at 36c3 (DECT 2418).
27 Dec 2019
20:11:17@cyril:openintents.modular.imcyril joined the room.
31 Dec 2019
2 Jan 2020
12:29:22@digital:sorunome.dedigital changed their display name from digital at 36c3 (DECT 2418) to digital.
23:59:14@thor:tchncs.dethor joined the room.
5 Jan 2020
01:19:17@oscar:matrix.kiwifarms.netoscar joined the room.
7 Jan 2020
21:39:41@mateo:matrix.ordoevangelistarum.commateo joined the room.
8 Jan 2020
23:36:50@ksawery:junta.plksawery joined the room.
11 Jan 2020
17:11:07@lena:tomesh.netlena joined the room.
20:17:19@nieve:privacytools.ionieve joined the room.
24 Jan 2020
23:07:01@ada:matrix.allmende.ioada joined the room.
25 Jan 2020
00:13:51@vul:civseed.comvulimus maximus changed their profile picture.

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