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7 Jul 2019
19:07:17@ch3:matrix.orgch3 hi ic.rbow
19:08:33@schanzen:matrix.orgschanzen joined the room.
19:12:32@schanzen:matrix.orgschanzen set a profile picture.
19:23:41@sva:matrix.orgsva hey schanzen and xrz :)
19:23:52@sva:matrix.orgsva xrz: you're the one we just spoke to in mumble?
19:53:27@xrz:matrix.orgxrz sva: yep ^^
19:54:05@xrz:matrix.orgxrz(somebody occupies my nick so needed to radicalize it a bit ;-)
8 Jul 2019
10 Jul 2019
20:38:05@nayohme:matrix.orgnayohme joined the room.
12 Jul 2019
07:48:03@mildred593:matrix.orgmildred593 joined the room.
14:40:56@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygaps sva: bandali they fixed the public room thing i think
14:41:05@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsif you add an op ircside we can try to bridge again
14:41:12@realitygaps:chat.weho.strealitygapsas it doesnt show the error that it did before
13 Jul 2019
07:28:56@mildred593:matrix.orgmildred593/join #freenode_#gnunet:matrix.org
23:23:28@sva:matrix.orgsvasorry was offline...
23:23:56@sva:matrix.orgsva realitygaps: what do i need to do ircside-ish? i tried quite something but it all didnt work out...
23:26:21@sva:matrix.orgsvahere it still keeps to be white window without anything when I click the button with the 4 squares...
15 Jul 2019
20:05:10@z:communism.cx🙃 joined the room.
16 Jul 2019
04:40:37@z:communism.cx🙃 changed their display name from z to 🙃.
17 Jul 2019
19:36:09@z:communism.cx🙃 left the room.
23 Jul 2019
12:59:46@numremabu:matrix.orgnumremabu joined the room.
13:01:48@numremabu:matrix.orgnumremabu left the room.
12 Aug 2019
17:44:59@hexa:matrix.orghexa- joined the room.
19 Aug 2019
01:46:47@Adcock:matrix.orgAdcock joined the room.
25 Aug 2019
08:42:55@ezsuitiotic6:matrix.orgezsuitiotic6 joined the room.
3 Sep 2019
07:15:38@demyan:matrix.orgDemyan joined the room.
12 Sep 2019
20:26:21@array:matrix.orgarray joined the room.
7 Nov 2019
19:30:21@wuji:matrix.orgwuji joined the room.
14 Nov 2019
19:40:39@nightingale20:matrix.orgnightingale20 joined the room.

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