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13 Jul 2021
@justin:arcemtene.comJustin You can specify multiple IP addresses for a WireGuard interface -- if you're asking about which interface address will be used if you specify multiple IP addresses for an interface, the answer would probably be the first one if all things were equal, but would also depend on the addresses themselves, as well as the routing rules on your system -- by default your OS will try to choose the source address most appropriate for destination to which you're trying to connect, unless you ask for a specific address (eg with curl, you can use the --interface flag to specify a source address, like curl --interface to use as your source address, assuming was bound to one of your network interfaces). 03:41:43
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Where does this port 57264/UDP forwarding you mentioned come into play? Are you doing something like forwarding that port from Mullvad's servers to your homeserver, where you've got two WireGuard interfaces, one for your "normal" WireGuard connection to Mullvad (outbound to the Internet), and one for the forwarded "reverse" connection (private WireGuard network tunneled through Mullvad's WireGuard network)?
yes, that
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandywould you mind me dming you?12:56:25
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would you mind me dming you?
sure, feel free
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14 Jul 2021
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15 Jul 2021
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16 Jul 2021
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18 Jul 2021
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@p.thurner.blunix:matrix.orgp.thurner.blunixhi. I'm using wireguard on a pinephone with an alpine linux. works nicely. however its trying to use nftables by default (when its present). If I just rename /usr/sbin/nft to nft2 or sth it works fine. Can i tell wg-quick somehow to use iptables without removing the nft executable?17:40:02
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@justin:arcemtene.comJustin No, although you could set Table = off in the interface config, which will tell wg-quick not to run any routing or firewall commands, and then put all the routing and firewall commands that wg-quick would otherwise run for you in PostUp and PreDown scripts in the interface config. 21:46:08
19 Jul 2021
@p.thurner.blunix:matrix.orgp.thurner.blunix ah ok cool thank you!02:46:41
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21 Jul 2021
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22 Jul 2021
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandyhey, im having a problem with my Unbound + AdGuardHome configuration when using a wireguard 10:28:43
@tandy1000:matrix.orgtandy thats my /etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/dietpi.conf file 10:29:01
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23 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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