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31 Jan 2023
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabahow can i test that both servers are working?21:32:02
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabatrafficif pass through two different servers?21:32:16
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadathe DNS part is done on the client side only21:32:42
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaso once u set your DNS server(s), go to ipleaks.net to verify21:33:06
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaor u could run Wireshark on the client 21:33:29
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabayou mean ip will be of endpoint only DNS will be changed in multihope?21:33:51
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabagot it21:34:10
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabaI think I should go for Official Mullvad client21:34:28
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabathat is also opensource21:34:37
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabawhat do you suggest?21:34:59
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadait's mostly personal preference, some use Mullvad app some use Wireguard app21:35:10
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadasince u have a multihop setup, better to go with Mullvad app since it's already preset 21:35:40
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabamullvad app does support multihop itself?21:39:26
@mazyanibaba:matrix.orgbabain official client?21:39:39
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaI'm not sure about Mullvad21:40:57
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaif they support it on their website then on the app as well21:41:18
In reply to @madamada:matrix.org
if they support it on their website then on the app as well
they support in website for wireguard conf file when I want to download. there is option for it
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadayeah then it's preset for you so you can just import the config into Wireguard app21:45:50
2 Feb 2023
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hey all. This question might have been answered but I'm having a hard time looking for it. I'd appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction.

I want to establish a tunnel between two peers, but in one of them I will just run a SSH server, so this peer should not be able to initiate a connection to the other peer directly. Yet, I would like to still ensure that traffic sent to it via wg gets back at the same interface.

Right now I'm trying to use Table = off so wg-quick doesn't add routes for it, but then it is unable to respond to packets coming from wg0 and it requires me to add at least a route corresponding to the subnet sending that packet.

Is there any way I could simply tell this specific peer to "accept and respond every packet from wg0 on wg0"?

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