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Unofficial matrix channel about wireguard related stuff. Everything about installation, administration and usage can be discussed here! Wireguard - the fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel15 Servers

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24 Jul 2020
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25 Jul 2020
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@gamey-matrix:matrix.orgGameyUhm i have a quick question and hope you can help me (cant find anything online)01:09:36
@gamey-matrix:matrix.orgGameyI am on Debian 10 and would like to have some sort of simple GUI for wireguard so are there any at all or possibly even a GTK one?01:10:15
28 Jul 2020
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30 Jul 2020
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31 Jul 2020
@0x20:matrix.org0x20 dexmexter: may you share screenshots of that openwrt gui config? I‘m trying since weeks... I think my provider is filtering... 05:46:40
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexter 0x20 Sure, I can post the settings I used when I have a spare moment this weekend. 14:34:48
1 Aug 2020
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterRedacted or Malformed Event18:15:55
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterRedacted or Malformed Event18:16:45
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterHmm, I'm not sure what the best way to share screenshots here would be. Is there a way to upload a multiple screenshots in a way that does not make a mess of the main thread?18:18:14
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexter 0x20: Here is my OpenWRT config, as well as the firewall rule I needed to create to allow WireGuard traffic through. 18:24:56
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterScreenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Interfaces - LuCI.png
Download Screenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Interfaces - LuCI.png
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterScreenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Interfaces - LuCI(1).png
Download Screenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Interfaces - LuCI(1).png
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterScreenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Interfaces - LuCI(2).png
Download Screenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Interfaces - LuCI(2).png
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexterScreenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Traffic Rules - LuCI.png
Download Screenshot_2020-08-01 OpenWrt - Traffic Rules - LuCI.png
@dexmexter:matrix.orgdexmexter 0x20: Hopefully that helps! 18:26:07
3 Aug 2020
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5 Aug 2020
@0x20:matrix.org0x20Thanks! I’ll check that later at home.15:02:20
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6 Aug 2020
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7 Aug 2020
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8 Aug 2020
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