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6 Dec 2023
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamada for command:
ip -6 addr add ipv6::1/64 dev eth0
ip -6 route add default via fe80::1
7 Dec 2023
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@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaseri think there is something wrong with the kernel or maybe just how its all setup cause using systemd-networkd or any ip commands to setup the ip address creates system unresponsiveness and i can no longer ssh to the machien its very weird and i cant really explain it and since hetzner wont provide any support and urged me to use a supported distro instead that they say does work i just decided to get rid of ipv6 atleast for now on my arch vps05:19:00
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@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadamake sure to add an IP that isn't in use 06:55:09
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadayou can refer to the Arch docs on this.. Arch seem to do network setup abit different06:56:14
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadathere's netctl and systemd-networkd06:56:54
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadanot sure if Arch can use /etc/rc.local tho06:58:04
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamada freedom chaser: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=179100 07:28:16
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserYeah I read arch docs hetzner docs tried system networkd netctl all that but still same issue16:28:27
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserSystemd networkd used to work until I think a few days ago16:28:43
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamada freedom chaser: there might be a preconfigured setting in the hetzner control panel that runs during the vps boot up 19:55:14
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadayou could test your setup while logged in from their control panel terminal..not over ssh19:56:27
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaso if it hangs, you can find out why 19:56:44
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamada* so if it hangs, you can find out why while still being logged into the terminal19:57:20
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserYeah the console from the website also hangs haha22:39:22
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserIt basically makes the system use 100% of CPU 22:39:37
In reply to @4freedoms:tchncs.de
It basically makes the system use 100% of CPU
lol changing network configurations shouldn't cause 100% CPU usage
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadamaybe stop all services first before reconfiguring ?23:15:05
8 Dec 2023
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserthe funny thing is it had a working ipv6 for a long time02:32:10
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserand all the services were working with it02:32:18
@4freedoms:tchncs.defreedom chaserthen it just one day decided to not work probably after some upgrades maybe its a kernel issue02:32:41
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaif you have a snapshot of the vps image before the upgrade that could help 02:37:08
@madamada:matrix.orgmadamadaelse maybe downgrade the kernel or undo what you did while it was working 02:37:49
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9 Dec 2023
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10 Dec 2023
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11 Dec 2023
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