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21 Jun 2022

I expect it'll work like this:

  1. Load file provider and load initial database (checking for errors).
  2. Watch file database.
  3. On changes read the file, validate it, and if validation succeeds replace the existing user DB in memory, if it fails log a non fatal error.
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteqyup seems good to me09:08:32
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteqmaybe with a way to trigger the reload from a request in case 2 fails09:09:19
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteq i'm thinking of a sister of authelia validate-config which could be authelia reload-config 09:11:10
@james:authelia.comJamesThat would probably require a control socket of some description which we don't currently have. A similar command which validates a users database would be possible though. Also this would only be for the user database at the present time, the config file is a fairly large undertaking which could cause a lot of bugs.09:13:18
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteq so more of a validate-userdb and reload-userdb ; that is fine for me 09:15:19
@james:authelia.comJamesI meant specifically for validation, the reload option would probably be something we do down the line. 09:15:59
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteq you mean validate will in the futur do the reload ? if so this would not only be a breaking behaviour change but also be not granular enough for every uses imo 09:17:39
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteq if you mean someting like validate --reload it('s fine though 09:18:29
@james:authelia.comJamesI mean triggering the reload from the CLI will not likely be implemented at this stage09:18:36
@james:authelia.comJamesWe can't just have a CLI to do that, we'd have to have a management communication socket which doesn't exist yet09:19:35
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteqok understood and it would be an epic to create such socket without creating a whole new family of bugs09:20:43
@james:authelia.comJamesYeah and most likely would not result in a measurable benefit since a huge majority of reloading issues will occur regardless of the source of the triggered reload09:21:25
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteqyep thats right09:21:52
@james:authelia.comJamesIf we ensure there is a info message indicating the reload happened, and an error message when it fails, users can easily check the logs09:22:20
@james:authelia.comJamesIf no message appears they know something strange occurred and they need to forcibly reload it09:22:40
@james:authelia.comJames(by restarting)09:22:48
@cajuteq:mozilla.orgcajuteqyes seems a fair behaviour09:23:10
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22 Jun 2022
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23 Jun 2022
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24 Jun 2022
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25 Jun 2022
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26 Jun 2022
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