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21 Mar 2023
@james:authelia.comJamesYeah no worries I appreciate the contribution00:22:43
@james:authelia.comJamesI'm not worried about making formatting changes, the information is the key part which I can't install every app that exists.00:23:11
@james:authelia.comJamesI can be pretty anal about some things so it's impractical to expect people to adhere to every element of our policies or things we have in our head00:24:05
@james:authelia.comJamesI decided to just fix it up using the review process, it was all just minor nits00:25:22
@_discord_259718963783663618:t2bot.ioboomam Totally with you on the formatting preferences, i'm the same at work. :-p
Truth be told, i got lazy with MinIO as my mind was on getting it to work through a load balancer, so i wasn't really concentrating beyond what i mind dumped.
@_discord_259718963783663618:t2bot.ioboomam All i knew is that OIDC/Authelia integration was something i just 'do' to my apps, so it was almost out of habit. :-p 00:27:01
@james:authelia.comJamesYeah makes sense00:27:28
@_discord_259718963783663618:t2bot.ioboomam Looks good - i need to revisit some of the old contributions i did, as i recently had to make some minor changes to one or two of them to get them to behave again- its on my to-do list to work out if it was config issue, or a me issue. :-p 00:30:37
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22 Mar 2023
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23 Mar 2023
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25 Mar 2023
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26 Mar 2023
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27 Mar 2023
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28 Mar 2023
@_discord_1011467163640533094:t2bot.ioAlexisAveryRedacted or Malformed Event03:20:05
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@_discord_746436112943415417:t2bot.ioNormanras Does anyone know how I can find the json keys that authelia returns to the client with OIDC request? My client is complaining about a unique_id not being provided. I can customize it but without seeing the json array from authelia, i'm guessing as to what the key is that I need to enter into my client's settings. 15:58:33
@_discord_746436112943415417:t2bot.ioNormanras * Deleted message wrong channel 16:15:11

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