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24 Nov 2022
@james:authelia.comJamesAs to why it's not working locally I'm not sure 06:39:10
@james:authelia.comJamesI'll run it manually when I get home maybe it was an ide cache issue06:39:35
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent Are you seeing errors in CI or so? If it's accessible I'm happy to take a look 06:40:04
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent No rush of course 06:40:12
@james:authelia.comJamesI saw type errors in Webauthn.ts as the types don't match the interface 06:50:16
@james:authelia.comJamesIt was shown in my ide IntelliJ which uses the eslint config06:50:47
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent Device rename: https://github.com/authelia/authelia/pull/4427 07:11:49
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent I'm wrapping up for today, but I expect to have more time over the next several days. Happy to take a look at any feedback 🙂 07:15:20
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent I've updated the implementation follow-ups list in the design ticket https://github.com/authelia/authelia/issues/4366 19:49:01
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmir One other thing I noticed smkent was imports and specifically not using the lowest level alias or using relative imports. 20:52:47
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirInstead of using @root/…/… or ./… you could use for example @service or @models to stay consistent with the rest of the code base. I’ll see if I can find a linter to enforce that too.20:54:37
@nightah:nerv.com.auAmirOkay looks like there’s a few options I’ll add that in so the linter can handle it or at least notify us.20:56:46
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent Makes sense. A linter would be great 🙂 23:50:36
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent James mentioned there's a better way to have a loading state in React vs. what I did in https://github.com/authelia/authelia/pull/4406. What would be best here? I'm still pretty new to React and am happy to learn. 23:52:06
25 Nov 2022
@james:authelia.comJamesI believe you can just use suspense00:14:05
@james:authelia.comJamesI'm not entirely sure how it works outside of the router, but I believe you can use it for anything that's loading, I'm neck deep in a fairly intricate refactor but I will have time once that's done to look more closely00:15:11
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent Cool, I will try it out 00:15:42
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent Looks like using Suspense with an axios call is slightly more involved, but I can still try it out https://blog.openreplay.com/data-fetching-with-suspense-in-react/ 00:25:02
@james:authelia.comJamesAh damn, never mind00:45:29
@james:authelia.comJamesThought it'd be easy, lol00:45:36
@james:authelia.comJamesWhat you're doing is fine then00:45:53
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent OK 01:01:06
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent I gave the Suspense approach a shot but I can't get it to work as described in that post. I'm running into an infinite request loop, fun 😛 01:02:00
@james:authelia.comJamesYeah requests often have issues due to the rendering method / state machine react uses. It's easy to make that occur, we can look at it later regardless01:03:23
@_discord_613925789980819458:t2bot.iosmkent I removed @root from the import paths in my delete confirm and key rename PRs 01:06:58
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26 Nov 2022
Download devices-ui-update.gif
@_discord_247176974164819968:t2bot.ioAstral Weird question is there plans to be able to revoke keys for other users as like an admin or anything. 02:18:19
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