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21 Jan 2022
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@mind_ar:matrix.orgManuel hi james just pushed a PR to your PR https://github.com/authelia/authelia/pull/2799. first time i do a PR to a branch that no is master. let me know if any change is needed 21:48:51
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@james:authelia.comJamesLooked good so all ready for peer review to merge23:22:34
22 Jan 2022
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23 Jan 2022
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@_discord_326462386544312323:t2bot.iomoontear I would like to document "supported" (i.e. working) apps for OpenID Connect. I have quite a few apps that work together flawlessly with Authelia and I would like to have a list (maybe here: https://github.com/authelia/authelia/blob/master/docs/configuration/identity-providers/oidc.md). Additionally I think example configurations for Authelia and the app in question would be nice to have.
Do you think I should create a PR for oidc directly, is this "community documentation" or should I create a new file? You are free to change afterwards of course
@james:authelia.comJamesI feel like it would be acceptable to do this. Single page per application is probably what I'd suggest since it'll make it easier to mange. As long as they have a clear notice that they are to be used as guides and they are not specifically monitored for changes to the RP. As to where it goes I am not entirely sure, I'm leaning towards a new folder in the integration section like "OIDC Relying Parties", and linking to it from the OIDC config section.11:52:56
@_discord_326462386544312323:t2bot.iomoontear i know we're still in beta and all. Just want to share the love that it works so nicely for so many things. The oidc.md page right now is too long anyways and needs to be split up once thing settle down in my eyes. But splitting up and moving things around can always be done later 😉 11:54:36
@james:authelia.comJamesYeah I agree.11:54:56
@james:authelia.comJamesWe're actually working on a docs rework which will likely result in this.11:55:24
@james:authelia.comJamesThere are a few config sections that have more information than configuration that don't necessarily need to be part of the config.11:56:01
@_discord_326462386544312323:t2bot.iomoontear yeah, i know what you mean. but, good to have this much documentation. the more the merrier. alright, I'll try to create a nice PR thanks for your input 11:59:51
@james:authelia.comJamesNo worries12:12:15
24 Jan 2022
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25 Jan 2022
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26 Jan 2022
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@youssri:matrix.orgyoussribtghello community, i am trying to run tests locally but can't find why is this test is always failing, even on the master branch 11:28:54
@youssri:matrix.orgyoussribtgany thoughts ? please11:30:11
@youssri:matrix.orgyoussribtg * hello community, i am trying to run tests locally but can't find why this test is always failing, even on the master branch 11:31:09
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