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15 Nov 2020
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenneutral, commonly used be OSS projects15:59:32
@littledan-test-account:matrix.orglittledan-test-account joined the room.16:01:56
@littledan-test-account:matrix.orglittledan-test-accountOK, I was able to make a new account and just join16:02:10
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledan changed the join rule to "invite" from "public".16:02:45
You are not invited to this room.
@littledan-test-account:matrix.orglittledan-test-account left the room.16:03:22
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenI cannot join from matrix.org address16:03:27
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanI just changed the settings and now I can't rejoin16:03:42
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanbut, I can preview16:03:44
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanI think this is the mode we want16:03:51
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@jasew:matrix.orgjasewWhat does clicking "join the discussion" do?16:05:05
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledan it gives the error message that ryzokuken mentioned 16:05:30
Download image.png
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewoh ok 16:05:36
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewRedacted or Malformed Event16:05:44
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanOne thing we might try out is their "communities" feature16:07:23
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanI'm not really sure what that does16:07:27
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanalso we can try moderation actions16:07:32
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledan I deleted jasew 's message above :) 16:07:53
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewI think we will need communities, if we have break out groups it would be good to have a list of channels16:08:56
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewThis is where Discord works well because you can group channels within a Server16:09:07
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenflairs would be good too16:09:11
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukencommunities would be good for grouping those, sure.16:09:27
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenso it's a middle ground between discord and IRC I guess16:09:39
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenIRC has no grouping, but in Discord the "discord server" is a completely isolated thing.16:10:09
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewDepends, i don't need a new login to access one so i wouldn't say they're completely isolated16:10:59

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