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15 Nov 2020
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenbut you're assuming the person is already logged into discord ๐Ÿ˜‰16:11:34
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenwhile if the person is logged into matrix.org, the same is true for rooms inside the community, right?16:11:59
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewi mean Slack is isolated, im not sure Discord is the same level i can jump from server to server without having to re-sign up again16:12:16
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenbut anyway, I think communities would work fine in our case, don't you think?16:12:18
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenplus we can use the TC39 flair!16:12:27
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewyeah i think we'll need them for sure16:12:30
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenoh yes16:12:36
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenSlack's the opposite end of the spectrum, I remember now.16:12:50
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewI get the "Review where youโ€™re logged in" pop up everytime i come in here, is there a way to make the nagging go away?16:15:46
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewI fill it in then it comes back the next time i come on, its the same with "Riot is now Element!" its told me 20 times16:16:07
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewActually i think the later is because i was using a riot url16:16:40
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanyou mean riot.matrix.org instead of chat.matrix.org?16:17:13
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewim now on app.element.io i think i was on riot.matrix.org before16:17:37
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewbut the "review where you're logged in" nagging pop up never goes away16:17:55
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenyeah that's an encryption thing16:18:28
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewI've deleted some old sessions so it might be fine now16:19:25
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukennice, it's also a good reminder to keep open sessions to a minimum set of accessible ones ๐Ÿ˜€ 16:20:01
@jasew:matrix.orgjasewyeah agree16:20:27
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenokay so the exact thing is16:28:28
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenas long as the room is published to the room directory16:28:39
@usharma:igalia.comryzokuken(need mod privileges to do that on matrix.org)16:28:48
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenyou can use view.matrix.org16:28:59
@pchimento:igalia.comptomato joined the room.17:05:49
16 Nov 2020
@yulia:mozilla.orgyulia joined the room.08:33:12
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanshould we invite people here during the meeting, to try it out?09:34:23
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanor would that be too aggressive?09:34:28
@dehrenberg:igalia.comlittledanmaybe we could invite people to try it out during lunch/hallway track time?09:43:57
@usharma:igalia.comryzokukenthat sounds like a good plan!09:44:24
@usharma:igalia.comryzokuken withdrew @2985302:matrix.org2985302's invite.09:44:48

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