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9 Jul 2020
@timo:koesters.xyzTimoI meant if it's not common, the slight performance loss might be okay if the sending server doesn't have to keep track of so many things in RAM then10:49:20
In reply to @richvdh:sw1v.org
to a certain extent, this is up to the implementation
If that's the case, I'll experiment with optimizations
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10 Jul 2020
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdh Kegan: so have you run complement against synapse yet? 12:46:47
rav@fred:~/work/complement (master =)$ COMPLEMENT_BASE_IMAGE=complement-dendrite:latest go test -v ./tests
# github.com/matrix-org/complement/tests
tests/federation_keys_test.go:4:2: unknown import path "crypto/ed25519": cannot find module providing package crypto/ed25519
FAIL	github.com/matrix-org/complement/tests [setup failed]
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhmy go is rusty; any ideas?12:55:03
@tulir:maunium.nettulirwhat go version?12:56:30
rav@fred:~/work/complement (master =)$ go version
go version go1.11.5 linux/amd64
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhthat does sound a bit old doesn't it12:57:00
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander You'll need 1.13 or later for crypto/ed25519 12:58:06
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander * You'll need 1.13 or later for crypto/ed25519 12:58:08
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexander(our baseline across the board for dendrite, gmsl etc now is Go 1.13)12:58:29
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhok thanks12:58:33
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhcomplement readme should probably say that 😇12:58:51
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhnow it seems to be failing to spin up docker containers13:26:58
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhis there a way to just run one test ?13:30:22

well, I get this:

rav@fred:~/work/complement (master =)$ COMPLEMENT_DEBUG=1 COMPLEMENT_BASE_IMAGE=complement-dendrite:latest go test -v ./tests
2020/07/10 14:33:09 config: &{BaseImageURI:complement-dendrite:latest BaseImageArgs:[] DebugLoggingEnabled:true}
=== RUN   TestRegistration
2020/07/10 14:33:10 alice.hs1 : constructing homeserver...
2020/07/10 14:33:11 alice.hs1 : failed to deployBaseImage: alice.hs1: failed to check server is up. GET http://localhost:32775/_matrix/client/versions => error: Get "http://localhost:32775/_matrix/client/versions": read tcp> read: connection reset by peer
2020/07/10 14:33:11 ============================================

2020/07/10 14:33:11 alice.hs1 : Server logs:
2020/07/10 14:33:11 ============== alice.hs1 : END LOGS ==============

2020/07/10 14:33:11  : Failed to kill container : Error response from daemon: page not found
    TestRegistration: apidoc_register_test.go:30: Deploy: Failed to construct blueprint: failed to find built images via ImageList: did they all build ok?
--- FAIL: TestRegistration (13.61s)
@neilalexander:matrix.orgneilalexanderI've yet to try this in the real world so not sure if it's an isolated problem13:36:14
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhI think it's just not waiting long enough for the image to start13:39:04
* @richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdh adds a time.Sleep 13:41:03
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhwell now it's getting further13:42:28
@richvdh:sw1v.orgrichvdhI think I'm going to put this on hold until kegan can give me a hand13:43:20
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11 Jul 2020
@timo:koesters.xyzTimo Kegan: Here are some problems I found in sytest. They should be pretty easy to fix, but they currently hinder Conduit's sytest percentage a lot 12:12:35

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