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9 Dec 2017
00:41:22@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
20 Dec 2017
17:27:08@musungo:matrix.org@musungo:matrix.org joined the room.
17:29:03@musungo:matrix.org@musungo:matrix.org left the room.
4 Feb 2018
22:16:37@yodeharth:matrix.orgL∃O joined the room.
22:20:03@yodeharth:matrix.orgL∃O changed their profile picture.
6 Feb 2018
20:04:21@jucetify:matrix.orgjuicetify joined the room.
26 Feb 2018
20:40:43@jucetify:matrix.orgjuicetify changed their display name from jucetify to juicetify.
11 Mar 2018
15:05:30@yodeharth:matrix.orgL∃O changed their profile picture.
24 May 2018
00:19:16@yodeharth:matrix.orgL∃O changed their display name from yodeharth to L∃O.
00:20:20@yodeharth:matrix.orgL∃O changed their profile picture.
7 Jun 2018
14:36:10@digilince:matrix.org@digilince:matrix.org joined the room.
18:33:39@digilince:matrix.org@digilince:matrix.org left the room.
30 Jun 2018
14:57:00@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
14:57:52@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
14:58:36@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
15 Jul 2018
14:33:14@noordinaryspider:matrix.orgnoordinaryspider joined the room.
19 Aug 2018
20:48:29@noordinaryspider:matrix.orgnoordinaryspider changed their profile picture.
20 Aug 2018
02:11:51@noordinaryspider:matrix.orgnoordinaryspider changed their profile picture.
21 Aug 2018
16:30:32@noordinaryspider:matrix.orgnoordinaryspider changed their profile picture.
13 Sep 2018
02:26:05@Voitena:matrix.orgVoitena joined the room.
6 Oct 2018
21:09:06@foxy7:matrix.org@foxy7:matrix.org joined the room.
7 Oct 2018
08:47:53@foxy7:matrix.org@foxy7:matrix.org removed their display name A wie Antilope(n Gang 🎶).
19 Oct 2018
16:05:19@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
29 Oct 2018
10:50:02@moane:matrix.orgmoane joined the room.
10 Nov 2018
06:50:54@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
06:51:35@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org joined the room.
20 Nov 2018
06:35:05@libre1ron:matrix.orglibre1ron joined the room.
06:35:28@tux666:matrix.org@tux666:matrix.org left the room.
30 Dec 2018
15:46:50@jural:matrix.orgjural joined the room.

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