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29 Jun 2022
@bbbbrrrzzt:nerdsin.spaceRichard Long and without proof i'm supposed to assume the most likely thing, which is that you asked to see her tits in DM and she blocked you 22:21:47
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthBronski never lied22:21:52
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruth * (null) 22:21:55
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruth Everyone wants that ace Ventura hair cut 22:22:03
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownwhen have i ever lied22:22:09
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownimage.png
Download image.png
@schizofren:nerdsin.spaceschizofreneverything in the chat is fiction 22:22:50
@schizofren:nerdsin.spaceschizofrenbecause the chat is my novel 22:22:55
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthDownload video_3455774.mp422:23:18
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthSomething’s in my ass22:23:41
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthHmmmmm hmmmmm22:23:48
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruth Something’s in my ass 22:23:55
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthHmmmmmm hmmmmm22:24:00
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthSo glad this moment is in your novel22:24:27
In reply to @againthething:matrix.org
sent an image.
my novel will have female characters but they'll all be trans
@schizofren:nerdsin.spaceschizofrenand/or black 22:25:40
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clown
In reply to @truth_kang:matrix.org
sent a video.
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownis that you22:25:53
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruth Yeah bitch 22:26:06
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthIt is22:26:07
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownman22:26:09
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clowntik tok filters22:26:12
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownare getting insane these days22:26:16
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownwhat tik tok app is that22:26:22
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clowni wanna see yoker now in a vaper cube22:26:31
@againthething:matrix.orgAzzhole puzzy clownim gonna make it my background22:26:38
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruthYokers dick in a chasity filter when?22:26:57
@truth_kang:matrix.orgTruth * (null) 22:27:03

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