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28 Mar 2019
@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjah but we never had rosemary..14:04:16
31 Mar 2019
@elisemandrew:matrix.orgelisemandrewDown for weed and rosemary! And all other things.22:11:54
1 Apr 2019
@colleen:matrix.orgcolleenAll the planting suggestions sound great, so I'm down to just help dig some dirt and plant whatever the group decides. 16:08:54
@colleen:matrix.orgcolleenBut extra down for Kale :)16:09:08
2 Apr 2019
@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadHow about next Week? They have put some new soil of which we can take:)15:13:52
@elisemandrew:matrix.orgelisemandrewDown! Should we do morning/afternoon/evening?19:42:44
@elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.orgelisa.schwaerzler I'm down for next week as well :) 20:34:54
3 Apr 2019
@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplummaybe friday afternoon? 06:51:08
@elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.orgelisa.schwaerzlerI could only join at 4:30 on friday. But that would be fine for me :)06:52:18
@andyedun:matrix.orgAndyPandyThis Friday or next Friday? I'll also bring some chilli and pumpkin seeds06:59:06
@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplumI meant next Friday 06:59:29
@andyedun:matrix.orgAndyPandyAlles klar, sounds good to me!06:59:51
@elisemandrew:matrix.orgelisemandrewNext friday I have class from 13h-15h, but am free before and after that! :) Should we just start a Doodle poll?07:03:20
@fdalstein:matrix.orgfdalsteinRedacted or Malformed Event07:31:18
@elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.orgelisa.schwaerzlerI can bring seeds for radish, kohlrabi and rocket :)07:57:59
@sophia.heyne:matrix.orgSophiafor me as well :)09:26:00
@corinna.f.:matrix.orgcorinna.f.next friday sounds good:)20:20:39
@adrianseep:matrix.orgAdrian joined the room.21:21:25
4 Apr 2019
@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadso next friday 15.00? :-) 12:12:51
@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplumperfect :)15:48:23
5 Apr 2019
@elisemandrew:matrix.orgelisemandrewAwh, shit. My mom is actually arriving then. Could we have another planting session in the morning?11:43:21
7 Apr 2019
@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplum Would Friday 12 be ok for everyone? 14:38:34
@constanze.fetting:matrix.orgconstanze.fetting Works for me :) 14:39:09
@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadThe institute has a garden as well and will join to make theirs at 15.00, and I, most probably, can't join before 15. But I don't mind joining later on ๐Ÿ˜Š14:44:27
@elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.orgelisa.schwaerzler Unfortunately, I can't join before 16:30 ๐Ÿ˜ 17:22:18
@susannna:matrix.orgsusannnaI probably won't make it :( but hopefully i can find a little spot to plant rosemary after the easter break ?18:58:49
8 Apr 2019
@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjiยดll be there :)12:30:55
@elisemandrew:matrix.orgelisemandrewNiiiiice, so we do 2 planting sessions? One at noon and one at 15.00?20:10:19
9 Apr 2019
@tlrosemeyer:matrix.orgtlrosemeyer joined the room.12:21:45
@tlrosemeyer:matrix.orgtlrosemeyerservuuuus! I just discovered this group exists - I will aim to be there Friday12:24:18

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