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8 Mar 2019
12:10:51@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbad changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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9 Mar 2019
09:48:58@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplum invited @colleen:matrix.orgcolleen.
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11 Mar 2019
17:25:34@micha_s:matrix.orgmicha_s joined the room.
13 Mar 2019
13:24:29@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbad So we get the garden again but most probably not a second one
16:33:18@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplumAlright :) Thanks for enquiring !
14 Mar 2019
14:41:35@sophia.heyne:matrix.orgSophia joined the room.
23 Mar 2019
09:54:02@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplumGood Morning everyone ! shall we start to organize our plantations ? Maybe we could make a file where everyone puts what he/she would like to plant ? Or do the experts from the 6th cohorts have a suggestion on how to proceed?
10:24:17Jitsi widget added by @luftbad:matrix.orgluftbad
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10:27:27Etherpad widget added by @luftbad:matrix.orgluftbad
10:28:18@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadI added an etherpad - where we all can put stuff we bring and the name?
10:35:29@laureanneplum:matrix.orglaureanneplumsounds good thank you :)
26 Mar 2019
18:55:25@corinna.f.:matrix.orgcorinna.f. joined the room.
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