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7 Apr 2019
18:58:49@susannna:matrix.orgsusannnaI probably won't make it :( but hopefully i can find a little spot to plant rosemary after the easter break ?
8 Apr 2019
12:30:55@julianj:matrix.orgjulianji´ll be there :)
20:10:19@elisemandrew:matrix.orgelisemandrewNiiiiice, so we do 2 planting sessions? One at noon and one at 15.00?
9 Apr 2019
12:21:45@tlrosemeyer:matrix.orgtlrosemeyer joined the room.
12:24:18@tlrosemeyer:matrix.orgtlrosemeyerservuuuus! I just discovered this group exists - I will aim to be there Friday
18:58:33@jonasp:matrix.orgJonas joined the room.
11 Apr 2019
10:14:58@sophia.heyne:matrix.orgSophiaSo when are we meeting tomorrow? I am a bit confused.. And can somone send the adress please? Is there equipment to plant (like a shovel, etc. - don't know these words in English^) or do we need to bring some? My mom offered to bring stuff to Vienna, but she only arrives on the weekend..
10:17:19@tlrosemeyer:matrix.orgtlrosemeyerit's right behind the LC, there's a sign that says Urban Garden and along the wall by the Messe (so directly behind the LC Building) there is a plot marked with a little sign saying SEEP
10:31:18@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbad And there is a box with the code 2013 in which are shovels and other stuff
12 Apr 2019
08:02:35@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadfinaly riot works again :-)
08:02:40@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadhei guys, due to many people who can't come tomorrow and the cold weather ahead of us (which means we can't plant tomatoes and other stuff till early may) I propose, that those who want/can come tomorrow, can prepare the field (around noon?) and plant whatever survives the cold (salad, reddish, ...) and then we make another garden party end of April/early June? What do u think?
08:58:51@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjwasn´t the plan to do it today?
09:11:55@luftbad:matrix.orgluftbadyes but if you plant tomatos now they wont make it :-( its still too cold
10:05:28@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjofc :)
10:05:35@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjRedacted or Malformed Event
11:28:51@juliag:matrix.orgjuliagWe put some seeds in the first part of the bed (until the sticks on the ground), so please don't put anything there anymore :) We sowed radish, kohlrabi, salad, cress and mangold
11:37:06@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjalso another short row of chard and kale on the right side between the oregano and the flat chives
14:38:57@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjand a tiny liquorice plant between lemon balm and oregano with 4 little sticks around it :)
13 Apr 2019
11:55:04@christinaamrhein:matrix.orgchristina joined the room.
16 Apr 2019
15:08:39@julianj:matrix.orgjulianjadded a row of salsify
9 May 2019
21:19:51@elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.orgelisa.schwaerzlerAnybody up for a planting session tomorrow midday/afternoon? :)
21:23:04@fdalstein:matrix.orgfdalsteincan't tomorrow but i'd be down next week
10 May 2019
In reply to @elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.org
Anybody up for a planting session tomorrow midday/afternoon? :)
i will be there around 12.40 to put some pumpkin seeds :-)
09:31:02@julianj:matrix.orgjulianji "fenced off" some parts where i put some plants already :)
09:57:02@elisa.schwaerzler:matrix.orgelisa.schwaerzlerI planted some Kohlrabi between the mint and the salvia. Not sure if they survived the transport though..
25 Aug 2019
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18 Nov 2019
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16 Jan 2020
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