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11 Aug 2020
@gitter_4javier:matrix.org4javier (Gitter)Or it can do the magic just from an array?18:38:33
@gitter_dman777:matrix.orgDarin Hensley (Gitter)if you ship a webcomponent/angular element do you also have to include the angular core?19:04:40
@gitter_k3nsei:matrix.orgPiotr Stępniewski (Gitter) joined the room.19:32:09
@gitter_k3nsei:matrix.orgPiotr Stępniewski (Gitter)Can someone tell me what goldens mean?19:32:10
@gitter_yosiasz:matrix.orgYosi (Gitter) @k3nsei in what context? in angular? 19:38:17
@gitter_k3nsei:matrix.orgPiotr Stępniewski (Gitter) https://github.com/angular/angular/tree/master/goldens 19:40:22
@gitter_k3nsei:matrix.orgPiotr Stępniewski (Gitter)I am very curious why the angular team chose this word/name19:42:47
@gitter_yosiasz:matrix.orgYosi (Gitter)is it clashing with something you have? It looks like some sort of CI related component? no idea19:44:23
@gitter_k3nsei:matrix.orgPiotr Stępniewski (Gitter) No problem here. I'm just wondering 19:46:03
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter)Hi Guys21:00:45
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter) Anyone have any clues to what is going on here : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63366252/angular-error-error-ts2532-object-is-possibly-undefined 21:00:57
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter)with the type is possibly undefined error21:01:04
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter)hmm, when Plan comes back from the backend it is only retrieveing 1 task21:26:54
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter)
package com.gov.deployment.service;

import com.gov.deployment.service.dto.PlanTaskViewDTOUserGen;
import java.util.Optional;

public interface PlanServiceUserGen extends PlanService {
    Optional<PlanTaskViewDTOUserGen> getPlanWithTasks(Long id);
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter) getPlanWithTasks(Long id) <--- is this auto generated JPA query? 21:27:33
@bernard:utwente.iobernard 21:42:43
@gitter_rraziel:matrix.orgRaziel (Gitter)I answered above22:43:17
@gitter_rraziel:matrix.orgRaziel (Gitter) @bigal_nz_twitter 22:43:21
@gitter_rraziel:matrix.orgRaziel (Gitter)(maybe)22:43:23
@gitter_rraziel:matrix.orgRaziel (Gitter)
@bigal_nz_twitter task.metaTime?.taskStart I guess
@gitter_bigal_nz_twitter:matrix.orgAl Grant (Gitter)I found the method handling it :-)22:44:03
@gitter_4javier:matrix.org4javier (Gitter)

getPlanWithTasks(Long id) <--- is this auto generated JPA query?

No, if you're talking about query methods by JPARepository, that doesn't follow the naming rules.
To me, it seems just the method exposed by that interface.

@gitter_rraziel:matrix.orgRaziel (Gitter)Ugh, JPA23:17:58
12 Aug 2020
@gitter_corejadeveloper:matrix.orgTauhidul Alam (Gitter) joined the room.05:05:23
@gitter_corejadeveloper:matrix.orgTauhidul Alam (Gitter)

Hello Guys, Do you have any solution for the following Instamojo payment response issue -


@gitter_ermarkar:matrix.orgSunil Garg (Gitter)any help on materialize css checkbox06:20:33
@gitter_ermarkar:matrix.orgSunil Garg (Gitter)facing some issues06:20:38
@gitter_ermarkar:matrix.orgSunil Garg (Gitter) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63370994/materialize-css-checkbox-not-working-with-model-variable 06:29:12
@gitter_pramodpadmanabhi:matrix.orgpramod (Gitter)Hi Guys , Do u have any solution to temporarily store data before the page refreshes and reload it back, my data is of type array ?06:31:24
@gitter_salathielgenese:matrix.orgSalathiel Genèse (Gitter)

@pramodpadmanabhi :

  • URL query parameters
  • local storage
  • session storage
  • Cookies
  • In-memory database (like Redis)

I ordered them by my preferences.


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