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24 Jul 2018
07:29:22@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburI find many things entertaining, and I have training of various sorts.
07:30:52@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: can you blame me , im bored it makes sense to watch something together or what other games do you like to play?
07:31:33@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus2+2 +6 that someting
07:31:53@cwilbur:matrix.orgcwilburbut I'm not watchng anything right now. I'm websurfing and chattihg.
07:32:44@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: im a get drink
08:01:20@nodontus:matrix.orgnodontus cwilbur: no im just tippsy
15 Aug 2018
04:27:00@rawbbie:matrix.orgrawbbie joined the room.
26 Aug 2018
11:53:16@jayrockya:matrix.org@jayrockya:matrix.org joined the room.
12:14:59@jayrockya:matrix.org@jayrockya:matrix.org left the room.
10 Sep 2018
14:09:08@jmovieguy:matrix.orgjmovieguyHope you all are having a nice Monday 🙂
11 Sep 2018
12:21:21@worldknote:matrix.org@worldknote:matrix.org joined the room.
12:21:47@worldknote:matrix.org@worldknote:matrix.org left the room.
18 Sep 2018
08:30:52@br0ns0n:matrix.orgbr0ns0n joined the room.
27 Oct 2018
10:05:58@chgofurrybttm:matrix.orgchgofurrybttm joined the room.
15:25:40@jmovieguy:matrix.orgjmovieguy Hello @chgofurrybttm:matrix.org... Thanks for saying hi and hope your doing well today. It's a shame this room is soooo quiet most of the time.
6 Nov 2018
19:31:01@sa2r8r:matrix.org@sa2r8r:matrix.org joined the room.
7 Nov 2018
02:53:47@sa2r8r:matrix.org@sa2r8r:matrix.org left the room.
10 Nov 2018
20:04:14@bull_bull:matrix.org@bull_bull:matrix.org joined the room.
20:05:14@bull_bull:matrix.org@bull_bull:matrix.org 'anything goes'... K
11 Nov 2018
04:12:26@bull_bull:matrix.org@bull_bull:matrix.org left the room.
20 Nov 2018
16:07:46@sickmade:matrix.orgsickmade joined the room.
22 Nov 2018
07:22:06@surfer38:matrix.org@surfer38:matrix.org joined the room.
07:24:00@surfer38:matrix.org@surfer38:matrix.org invited @fuzzy.socks:matrix.orgfuzzy.socks.
07:25:41@surfer38:matrix.org@surfer38:matrix.org left the room.
08:05:07@jmovieguy:matrix.orgjmovieguyVery cute little birdie there 😎
29 Nov 2018
22:46:13@timschlaf:matrix.org@timschlaf:matrix.org joined the room.
22:49:25@timschlaf:matrix.org@timschlaf:matrix.org left the room.

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