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10 Mar 2021
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11 Mar 2021
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@freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-MWas bedeutet das?08:34:12
@freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-MEntity component system?08:34:16
@freenode_hiro98ValentinBo:matrix.orghiro98ValentinBo it's a way to compose entities (stars, npcs, whatever) with shared functionality and without creating a crazy class hierarchy 08:40:14
@freenode_hiro98ValentinBo:matrix.orghiro98ValentinBo <kstar-M "Was bedeutet das?"> lol 08:40:29
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstarhiro98ValentinBo: Do you have a diagram showing what it means?08:41:25
@freenode_hiro98ValentinBo:matrix.orghiro98ValentinBo <hiro98ValentinBo "lol"> have you been in Germany :P 09:01:08
@freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-M <hiro98ValentinBo "http://cowboyprogramming.com/200"> Ah, I think this is similar to what I always wanted to do -- have classes like `EquatorialCoordinates`, `HorizontalCoordinates` and have map-reduce operations going from them that can be massively parallelized. 09:16:42
@freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-M <hiro98ValentinBo "have you been in Germany :P"> Briefly, but I learnt a little bit German as a college student. I'm not very good at it. 09:16:58
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M so now I'm working on "Dark Wizard" 14:11:13
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mi.e. to create jobs to generate darks14:11:21
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Msince the current system sucks.14:11:30
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-MI added temperature ranges, exposure ranges, binning... anything else?14:11:43
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M stacking algorithm --> median for now 14:11:56
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M 5 frames by default for each "configuration", then it create a "master" median and stores that 14:12:18
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M then if you click "dark" in any module, it will try to load dark frames IF available. If not, it will just continue.. so no more annoying "cover your scope" now 14:13:00
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__maybe an automated hot/cold pixel detector14:17:41
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mthere is algorithm for this that we can incorporate?14:18:18
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__PHD2 has one, and AstroPixelProcessor does it too but that one is not open source14:18:58
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mbut what would that detector do? i.e. the dark frame is saved for future use.. so if it has hot pixels, it will be in tne median and will be removed by substraction14:19:19
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mthis is to GENERATE dark frames14:19:29
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M not about processing images later in the substraction process.. that's another step 14:19:45

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