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15 Jan 2021
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__the bell for me is fi. asiair where our software is in without even being mentioned.21:04:05
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-Mso that was the same bell that was ringing for me 🙂 I was thinking exactly the same21:04:33
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__ don't get me wrong, i'm very happy that the product exists and uses our software, i just want it to be acknowledged openly 21:05:13
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-M I don't think SSPL solves the problem of companies hiding the oss services like this 21:06:25
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__has there been any request from us to zwo ?21:17:41
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-M I don't think so. ZWO provides support for their SDK in the INDI repository, but they mainly advertise for their ASCOM drivers 21:19:37
@freenode_hiro98-M1:matrix.orghiro98-M1 <tallfurryman-M "I don't think so. ZWO provides s"> Who are ZWO 21:20:07
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-MZWO is providing ASI cameras21:20:58
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-Msome of them are really popular, and they are relatively cheap21:21:37
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-Msorry guys, roll-away obs is closed, there are students having a party by 2.61°C with full lights on in the garden next to my house, and the fog has become a light wall :)21:23:15
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-M going to catch up on sleep now, I'll see tomorrow if the students froze while chatting :) 21:24:05
@freenode_hiro98-M1:matrix.orghiro98-M1 <tallfurryman-M "sorry guys, roll-away obs is clo"> This would be impossible in saxony :D 21:27:50
@freenode_tallfurryman-M:matrix.orgtallfurryman-M That was a very small party, and it didn't last long because of the cold. But they left all the outside lights on 🙄 good night! 21:35:43
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16 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021
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@freenode_jackfromaus-M:matrix.orgjackfromaus-M Hey Guys, quick question. I'm a fairly new KStars / EKOS / INDI user here, and have been working through various bugs / configs over the last couple of weeks. But i've now run into what I can only assume is either (1) A bug with KStars, or (2) A KStars config i'm missing. 02:44:14
@freenode_jackfromaus-M:matrix.orgjackfromaus-MAfter some additional testing, on my Windows KStars install my mount controls work completely fine.02:44:42
@freenode_jackfromaus-M:matrix.orgjackfromaus-M However on my Macbook (Currently Catalina), when I use the mount controls.. the mount responds 100% as expected. Up moves the mount up, down down, left left, right right. However.. the indication of where the scope is pointing with KStars.. moves in the opposite direction. I click left, the scope slews left, but the scope indicator in KStars moves right. 02:46:21
@freenode_jackfromaus-M:matrix.orgjackfromaus-M Given this happens in OSX, but doesn't happen in Windows, and both are connected to the same INDI server running on a raspberry Pi, I have to discount INDI being the issue.. and it's something particular to my OSX KStars install. 02:47:15
@freenode_jackfromaus-M:matrix.orgjackfromaus-M It's a fresh install from yesterday on the latest version, but wondering if there's anything else you guys would suggest checking? 02:47:35
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