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11 Mar 2021
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__right, i see14:20:41
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__PHD2 allows you to either use a hot/cold pixel map, or darks. And the first works better for many (me included)14:21:18
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mhmmm really14:22:48
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M so I'll drop the dark stuff completely then :D 14:23:04
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__or give users the choice of using either ;-) I mean a guider has different challenges than a main camera image viewer14:39:06
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12 Mar 2021
@freenode_siddhant_khare-M:matrix.orgsiddhant_khare-M joined the room.05:40:57
@freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-M BTW, I have a QHY5III178, and for some reason, I manually need to `fxload` the firmware despite the presence of `/usr/lib/udev/rules.d/85-qhyccd.rules`... any idea what's going on? 09:24:04
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mkstar: the correct rule applied to your camera?14:08:49
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-Mcheck the VID:PID14:08:58
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstarjasem-M: Oh, you know, it might be the fact that the QHY5III178.img firmware is only in the indi source folder and not in any /usr/lib kind of path...20:47:15
* @freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-M sent a long message: < https://kde.modular.im/_matrix/media/r0/download/kde.org/77b7f04416463e351705649554aea34cfbab55dc/message.txt > 20:52:19
@freenode_kstar-M:matrix.orgkstar-M Anyway, this might even be fixed in `master` -- I'm on some old tag because of the `pyindi` issue that was posted on the forum, and I don't want to touch anything now :-P 20:52:50
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-M@kstar I see the firmware here so it looks like you have something old.22:48:44
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstar jasem-M: Oaky, that's probably all it is :-) 22:55:51
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstarYeah, indeed if I copy the QHY5III178.img firmware into /usr/lib/firmware/qhy, then `udev` picks it up and loads it automatically when I plug in ^:-)^22:57:59
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstarIs there some INDI / Ekos tutorial somewhere?22:58:52
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstar I have successfully shot some pics using Ekos, but I'm nowhere close to being a power user :D 22:59:09
@freenode_kstar:matrix.orgkstar http://bas.org.in/~akarsh/2020conjunction.jpg -- shot this with said camera (QHY5III178) through my 18" f/4.5 dob on an equatorial platform. Acquisition in Ekos, processing in AutoStakkert running on wine. 23:00:18
13 Mar 2021
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@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-MAnyone wants to work on this low-hanging fruit?20:13:17
@freenode_jasem-M:matrix.orgjasem-MH__: I just sent an email to kstars mailing list about Bad Pixel Map. It would be great if you can check it out.20:40:15
@freenode_H__:matrix.orgH__sure, will have a look21:53:32
14 Mar 2021
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15 Mar 2021
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17 Jul 2021
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