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25 Sep 2022
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veneythe med also doubles as an anti-anxiety, and I've seen plenty of people on addy and xan20:28:27
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaHaha mothefuckers20:29:22
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaMy order just got picked up20:29:28
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veney
In reply to @goyimnose:glowers.club
works for what exactly
I seriously have issues staying on task and focusing on things that I want or need to focus on
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.momma ADHD 20:30:51
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veney
In reply to @yo.momma:matrix.org
was diag'd long ago but the doc was afraid my mom would eat the pills instead of giving them to me
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaYou’re little body has too many problems. You have scalp issues, anger problems, and adhd20:31:45
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veney
In reply to @yo.momma:matrix.org
You’re little body has too many problems. You have scalp issues, anger problems, and adhd
My natural state is pissed off
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick VeneyI've got resting Dick face for fuck sake20:32:21
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaSomeone yesterday said I had an RBF20:32:50
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaMy mom told me years ago before and told me to smile more20:33:10
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veneysmiling contributes to wrinkles20:34:06
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veneydisplaying any emotion contributes to wrinkles20:34:20
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veneyyou can tell what kind of person an old person is by their wrinkles20:34:48
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick Veneyalso, that bitch was illegally blocking the road to my house and I was justified in my response20:37:34
@borpzorp:midov.plGnonrbf is from holding lips kinda open like you're abouttosaysomethinnigga20:38:47
@borpzorp:midov.plGnonand having dead eyes from being sleep deprived or something20:39:35
@nulldev:freitrix.de⓿ٮ⓿ | Dick VeneyI do the Kubrick stare when I want people to fuck off20:41:38
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaIt’s here guys20:47:34
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaI might be developing strep throat20:52:09
@borpzorp:midov.plGnoni told you to have the fish head one.. what you're having will just make that worse20:57:41
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.momma I got Swedish fish 20:58:23
@borpzorp:midov.plGnondid you even watch that video i sent? you're hopeless20:59:08
@borpzorp:midov.plGnonjust throw it out now and wash your mouth out with soap20:59:30
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaNo I didn’t20:59:32
@borpzorp:midov.plGnonor water20:59:36
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaI don’t watch anything y’all send20:59:45
@yo.momma:matrix.orgyo.mommaDownload Voice message-!CvLLZwsxlUBRZVDojQ:matrix.org.ogg21:01:07
26 Sep 2022
@neil_sperling_twistedlightworker:matrix.orgTwisted Light WorkerLots is happening https://rumble.com/v1lfmcl--current-news.html01:00:48
@blipbloop2:zelchat.deblipbloop2 (Internet horror fan) (liberal) (fucking worrywort)Download video_9d3a017.mp401:44:13

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