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29 May 2017
08:39:26@cathalgarvey:matrix.orgcathalA new framework appears! https://github.com/torchrs/torchrs
14:12:19@neverfox:matrix.org@neverfox:matrix.orgDammit that was my idea.
14:13:48@neverfox:matrix.org@neverfox:matrix.orgOh well, it exists now, so I think we can consider NN in Rust solved. PyTorch API is excellent and uses graph based AD.
29 Jul 2017
06:35:07@aurabindo:matrix.orgAurabindo changed their display name from Aurabindo to jayaura.
06:35:19@aurabindo:matrix.orgAurabindo changed their display name from jayaura to Aurabindo.
15 Aug 2017
15:22:03@gitter_djkooks:matrix.orgKwang-in (Dennis) Jung (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
9 Nov 2017
15:11:45@gitter_usamec:matrix.orgusamec (Gitter) joined the room.
15:11:46@gitter_usamec:matrix.orgusamec (Gitter)Hi. Does GIR support creation of recurrent nets?
16:20:23@gitter_botev:matrix.orgAlexander Botev (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
16:20:24@gitter_botev:matrix.orgAlexander Botev (Gitter) unfortunately I'm no longer developing that project due to being busy with my PhD
16:20:32@gitter_botev:matrix.orgAlexander Botev (Gitter) technically it is not too hard to add it, but it doesn't
16:25:32@gitter_usamec:matrix.orgusamec (Gitter)thank you for answer
16:31:09@gitter_botev:matrix.orgAlexander Botev (Gitter)sure no problem, I would generally suggest to use rust bindings to tensorflow/mxnet/pytorch if you need autodiff
16:31:39@gitter_botev:matrix.orgAlexander Botev (Gitter)unless you have a good reason not to
16:42:47@gitter_usamec:matrix.orgusamec (Gitter) I have made my own for CNTK, but I am still looking at the ecosystem.
TF C API does not support gradient for while loops (but you can load model built from python).
Not sure about mxnet and pytorch (I haven't seen any bindings yet).
16:49:35@gitter_usamec:matrix.orgusamec (Gitter) Sadly no RNNs in https://github.com/torchrs/torchrs and https://github.com/jakelee8/mxnet-rs looks like abandonware.
16:54:26@gitter_botev:matrix.orgAlexander Botev (Gitter) ah sadly they don't have proper rust support
10 Nov 2017
17:25:07@gitter_mratsim:matrix.orgMamy Ratsimbazafy (Gitter) joined the room.
17:25:08@gitter_mratsim:matrix.orgMamy Ratsimbazafy (Gitter)Hello there.
13 Nov 2017
11:59:36@gitter_usamec:matrix.orgusamec (Gitter)arewelearningyet seems to be down
24 Jan 2018
19:39:09@gitter_neverfox:matrix.orgRoman Pearah (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
21 Feb 2018
17:18:02@gitter_jonysy:matrix.orgjonysy (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
17:18:03@gitter_jonysy:matrix.orgjonysy (Gitter)It’s working for me..
29 Mar 2018
08:22:04@levans:safaradeg.netLevans changed their display name from Levans to levans.
08:25:21@levans:safaradeg.netLevans changed their display name from levans to Levans.
16 Apr 2018
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9 Jun 2018
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8 Jul 2018
07:30:56@gitter_djkooks:matrix.orgKwang-in (Dennis) Jung (Gitter) changed their display name from Dennis Jung (Gitter) to Kwang-in (Dennis) Jung (Gitter).
5 Dec 2018
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20 Dec 2018
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