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DO NOT ADD ANY SPONSORBLOCK ROOMS TO THE MATRIX.ORG ROOM DIRECTORY. Community: https://matrix.to/#/+sponsorblock:ajay.app SponsorBlock is a crowdsourced extension to block sponsor segments of YouTube videos. Users submit when sponsors happen to the extension, and the extension automatically skips sponsors it knows about. | bridged to Discord | note: due to a bug in the Discord bridge bot, your power level will be set to -1. you can still talk, though.34 Servers

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2 Apr 2021
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4 Apr 2021
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5 Apr 2021
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@plummybo:matrix.orgPlummybo's 🤡🌎
In reply to @simon:matrix.cronjaeger.eu
I use this fork https://github.com/polymorphicshade/NewPipe
Nice, but does it auto-update?
In reply to @plummybo:matrix.org
Nice, but does it auto-update?
6 Apr 2021
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7 Apr 2021
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@arnob79:matrix.orgArnobHi, I installed Sponsorblock, can sbdy give me a video url to check if it is working? Thanks10:54:36
@ruakij:ruekov.euRuakijI think pretty much all of LTTs VIdeos are marked11:50:02
8 Apr 2021
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9 Apr 2021
@blippitybloopy:privacytools.ioblippity bloopy
In reply to @arnob79:matrix.org
Hi, I installed Sponsorblock, can sbdy give me a video url to check if it is working? Thanks


Watch this for extra irony

@blippitybloopy:privacytools.ioblippity bloopy
In reply to @arnob79:matrix.org
Also, don't forget to add invidious instances to your Sponsorblock settings
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10 Apr 2021
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11 Apr 2021
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