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15 Dec 2021
@falcon5:matrix.org🤫🙃 changed their display name from falcon5 to 🤫🙃.16:18:15
16 Dec 2021
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18 Dec 2021
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19 Dec 2021
@clygro:matrix.orgClygro removed their profile picture.17:55:01
23 Dec 2021
@truffleworm:matrix.orgyugh mann joined the room.05:04:46
24 Dec 2021
@toaskoas:matrix.orgThomas joined the room.10:32:47
1 Jan 2022
@faithruse:halogen.city@faithruse:halogen.city changed their display name from faithruse to faithruse (wtf I support censorship now).22:56:13
2 Jan 2022
@_discord_226453388039028736:t2bot.ioCaldeiraG#0496 changed their profile picture.02:26:07
4 Jan 2022
@clygro:matrix.orgClygro set a profile picture.01:27:36
5 Jan 2022
@dictatorgator:tchncs.de@dictatorgator:tchncs.de joined the room.12:22:46
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@kometh:clustor.netziccodent changed their display name from kometh to ziccodent.20:57:05
@kometh:clustor.netziccodent removed their profile picture.20:57:07
7 Jan 2022
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9 Jan 2022
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11 Jan 2022
@ben999:matrix.orgben999 joined the room.00:51:19
14 Jan 2022
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19 Jan 2022
@mewmew:blob.catmewmew [returned] changed their display name from mewmew to mewmew [returned].01:14:54
20 Jan 2022
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23 Jan 2022
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25 Jan 2022
@faithruse:halogen.city@faithruse:halogen.city left the room.07:36:59
26 Jan 2022
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