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6 Jan 2020
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7 Jan 2020
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8 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020
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12 Jan 2020
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15 Jan 2020
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16 Jan 2020
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17 Jan 2020
02:57:35@yusukewa:matrix.orgYasmivery noobish question, what does a newline mean in a function definition?
02:58:34@yusukewa:matrix.orgYasmiif some pure function was called on one line, and the return value was not attached to anything, and then newline, does nothinig happen?
03:01:12@yusukewa:matrix.orgYasmiand how should I look up questions about syntax in the documentation?
06:20:00@croeso:vepsian.westeurope.cloudapp.azure.comcroesoIt means nothing. In your example is the pure function call the last expression in the function? If so, the return value becomes the result of the function
07:12:46@yusukewa:matrix.orgYasmiok thank you 🥰
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18 Jan 2020
03:03:21@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014 Hi:
I'm having some trouble with :io.format. I want to output a set of hex numbers with padding of zeroes. Right now this is what I have:
03:05:02@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014 Enum.each(0..16, fn i -> :io.format "2.16B~n", [i] end)
03:06:08@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014All of them are padded with spaces, the default. How do I pad with zeroes?
03:08:21@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014 The docs are here, but I can't figure out how to apply them to this situation: erlang.org/doc/man/io.html#type-format
03:42:23@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoreg Enum.each(0..16, fn i -> :io.format "~2.16.0B~n", [i] end)
03:52:38@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014Oh hey that works, thanks! I gotta ask though: the B is for base, how can it not be after the 16?
03:55:49@hubert:uhoreg.cauhoregThe B needs to be the last character of the control character, but it takes the base from the precision field, which comes before the pad field.
03:57:37@petersjt014:matrix.orgpetersjt014Ah. I get it now. Thanks again
19 Jan 2020
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20 Jan 2020
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