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18 Jan 2019
20:18:56@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicd-a lot of people here since I last looked :D
20:19:37@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicd-I kind of stopped viewing when I got my other channels tunneled to Discord
21:05:18@nico:beerfactory.orgNicoHi. people interested in Elixir and matrix development : I've started a new project, called plasma, which goal is to implement a Matrix homeserver with Elixir/Phoenix. More info at room #plasma:beerfactory.org
21:16:26@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit One more after Matrex and Elatrix ?
I'll check your project out anyway. :)
21:17:44@nico:beerfactory.orgNicoI don't know Elatrix. Matrex seems not very active.
21:21:03@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit Both are not really. Writing a Matrix server in Elixir is quite a tempting project, but it's always hard to commit for a long time (speaking out of experience).
21:23:49@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregI also started writing a homeserver in Elixir, but I've pretty much only gotten as far as typing "mix phx.new ..." :P
21:25:37@nico:beerfactory.orgNicocurrently, I've implemented only a few endpoints (2 actually), but I also try to focus on building a scalable backend.
21:27:35@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcitElixir Servers are the new todomvc :)
21:27:51@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcitNico: is your project somewhere we can see it ?
21:29:16@nico:beerfactory.orgNicoI've only a few months experience in Elixir (Java, scala, Akka background) so I'm opened to critism and advices of course.
21 Jan 2019
16:18:28@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoreg changed their display name from ühoreg to uhoreg.
25 Jan 2019
20:15:41@yeox:matrix.orgyeox joined the room.
1 Feb 2019
22:47:49@Phillipp:tchncs.dePhillipp how can i create a DateTime struct from data like {{2017, 11, 26}, {17, 49, 16}}?
22:50:04@Phillipp:tchncs.dePhillipp I actually want to assign it to an ecto schema field with type utc_datetime
2 Feb 2019
19:14:21@beatpanic:matrix.orgbeatpanicYou can use NaiveDateTime.from_erl!/2 and DateTime.from_naive
21:32:24@Phillipp:tchncs.dePhillippyeah already got that suggestion on the elixir forum and it works great
3 Feb 2019
08:45:22@joeyates:matrix.org@joeyates:matrix.org left the room.
18:59:38@Phillipp:tchncs.dePhillipp sometimes finding things about certain phoenix functionality is so frustrating. i used the bootstrapped context, controller and template code and used embedded schemas instead of normal schemas. now my edit functionality wont work because the form is sending a POST request but phoenix is expecting a PUT request. one github issue addressed this and it turns out, the changeset has to have a certain action value so the form_for function can do a PUT request. but i dont find anything about it.
6 Feb 2019
09:54:04@Phillipp:tchncs.dePhillipp tfw you work with nodejs and miss all the great things from the elixir stdlib. like List.zip
14 Feb 2019
09:53:34@pfm:matrix.orgpfm changed their profile picture.
19:40:08@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicd-whoa what ever happened to Riot
19:42:04@Phillipp:tchncs.dePhillippoh yeah, it looks a bit nicer. it just needs to get faster and more stable
19:57:55@jpc:ejpcmac.netejpcmacWow, it seems a bit faster to load too !
21:45:11@beatpanic:matrix.orgbeatpanicfancy riot!
15 Feb 2019
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16 Feb 2019
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