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10 May 2023
@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdGuess you mean static typing though16:27:33
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱Hey! So... It looks like there's a working WebRTC peer and it's pretty simple to set up using membrane.stream .18:52:06
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱However, I still could not create a standalone WebRTC peer for arbitrary datachannels. Looks like it is much simpler with Rust.18:53:38
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱So unfortunately U have to stick with it. :(18:53:48
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱 * So unfortunately I have to stick with it. :(18:53:59
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱 My idea is that we get to create a P2P UDP tunneling system with the key goal being able to able arbitrary traffic like VNC. I am making such an app, will probably be open source (at least the core). The key issue here is latency and the bandwidth prices where I live. It is a price-sensitive market and we need one for our family business (for at least monitoring) so why not? 18:56:04
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱(Endpoints are x509 authenticated, much simpler to do than to RYO.)18:56:51
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱 I really wish I could do it with Elixir. Looks like Erlang's support for DTLS-SRTP is still at infancy. It take a long way from DTLS-SRTP to implement a WebRTC peer if I had to do it myself, even for Data Channels (have to handle ICE, etc.). 18:58:34
11 May 2023
In reply to @Nicd-:matrix.org
Guess you mean static typing though
heh yeah, correct
12 May 2023
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18 May 2023
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@chronophor:matrix.org@chronophor:matrix.orgsure is quiet in here14:59:58
@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdthat is true, most Elixir discussion is on Discord or Slack15:01:01
@chronophor:matrix.org@chronophor:matrix.orgwith how easy it is to bridge them all, why is that not being done15:16:01
@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdno desire, technical limitations, having to downgrade the experience to the lowest common denominator…15:28:24
@chronophor:matrix.org@chronophor:matrix.orgbut the people in here don't really do anything, how is that workable to keep them separate? are the discord and slack similarly active?15:41:03
@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdthey are much much much more active15:42:37
@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdis it a problem that this channel has low activity?15:43:07
@chronophor:matrix.org@chronophor:matrix.orgfor me, yes. i push a lot of code. this amount of quiet is demotivating. im returning to elixir, to me this gives the impression that it's on the outs (which might not be true, but given this impression it would appear that way)15:44:59
@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdthen I recommend joining the Discord or Slack as they have the activity you seek15:46:37
@chronophor:matrix.org@chronophor:matrix.orgi dont have accounts on those platforms. sounds like yall enjoy the silence so i'll mosey along15:46:58
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@Nicd-:matrix.orgNicdsurely this channel would have been better than nothing 🤷15:47:34
@moskitohero:matrix.orgmoskitohero set a profile picture.20:52:18
@smathy:matrix.orgsmathyI oNlY uSe ThE pOpUlAr LaNgUaGeS21:46:08
19 May 2023
@adrianhblack:matrix.orgadrianYeah that's a bit surprising12:32:01
@adrianhblack:matrix.orgadrianAnd the activity can't always come from the others too12:32:22
20 May 2023
@a_happydeath:matrix.orga_happydeathanyone at the GigCity Elixir conference this weekend?14:50:15
22 May 2023
@rkv:matrix.orgrkv 🌱
In reply to @smathy:matrix.org
I oNlY uSe ThE pOpUlAr LaNgUaGeS
Liek Google Go or Dart... I crie everitiem when there's a new popular language...
31 May 2023
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