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6 Oct 2022
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@monte_den3:matrix.orgmonte_den3URGENT RECIVER NEEDED!! Over £15million Well Mined Bitcoins is available and we are looking for Receiver who have either a bank linked to CRYPTO or WALLET account that can receive that huge amount comfortable without complications to collaborate with. The Bitcoins is available in the COMPANY CRYPTO Wallet Ready To Cashout successfully. Ratio is 40% Sender / 60% Receiver (negotiable) Direct reciver(No mandates) No online CIS Dm me now if you are interested 08:29:46
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7 Oct 2022
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@coinbase_nft:matrix.orgcoinbase_nftWin up to $1000 in crypto trading when you invest with just the minimum of $50 Signup and start investing your crypto with. 💎NO STRESS 💎NO REFERRAL NEEDED!! 💎NO REGISTRATION FEE!! https://t.me/Stevecoldham00109:02:41
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10 Oct 2022
@scottwillifx:matrix.orgScott Williams fx joined the room.09:49:29
@scottwillifx:matrix.orgScott Williams fxCryptocurrency trading involves speculating on price movements via a CFD trading account, or buying and selling the underlying coins via an exchange. Dm me and I'll tell you more information about cryptocurrency trading, how it works, what moves the markets and how you can benefit from investing in it .10:23:52
11 Oct 2022
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14 Oct 2022
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18 Oct 2022
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25 Oct 2022
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27 Oct 2022
@miller_james:matrix.orgmiller_jamesConsultations with all those who benefited from the platform that I shared yesterday. Believe it or leave it! Registration Fee: $0.00 Daily Win: $2,000 Weekly Earning: $20,000 Monthly profit: $80,000. unrecycled money ask me how 👇👇 http://t.me/Stevecoldham00112:06:07
29 Oct 2022
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30 Oct 2022
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6 Nov 2022
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13 Nov 2022
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14 Nov 2022
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20 Nov 2022
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22 Nov 2022
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23 Nov 2022
@sheila910k:matrix.orgsheila910kI'll help the community how to earn $30k within 3 days and hours but you will reimburse me 10% of your dividend when you collect it. Note: only interested people should involve, Whatsapp +1 (561) 788 1421 immediately.02:26:02
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28 Nov 2022
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1 Dec 2022
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