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25 May 2021
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26 May 2021
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27 May 2021
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@doktorschwarz:matrix.orgDoktorschwarzHey 09:44:19
In reply to @me:micahrl.com
I'm confused about the instructions for (at least) the mx-puppet-slack and mx-puppet-discord bridges. Both sets of instructions say to enter a client_id and client_secret, e.g. matrix_mx_puppet_slack_client_id for mx-puppet-slack. But where does this come from? It seems to work without setting those; is there any reason I need to set them?
wrong room, see #mx-puppet-bridge:sorunome.de instead
28 May 2021
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29 May 2021
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30 May 2021
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31 May 2021
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2 Jun 2021
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4 Jun 2021
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5 Jun 2021
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6 Jun 2021
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