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1 Apr 2020
15:43:49@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome the matrix-hacks api is meh to use, the core idea is that you extend a core class which implements method stuffs and you have to define certain functions in that class. It does not allow multiuser or thelike at all
15:44:35@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomemx-puppet-bridge, however, is nice and clean, you have a separate bridge instance with events you can listen to, and inheretly it does multiaccount, relay, etc. Despite the name, mx-puppet-bridge isn't only a puppeting bridge, but also a relay bridge, without protocol implementations needing to do anything for that
15:47:45@chagai95:mozilla.orgchagai95ah yes I think I remember reading something on the lines of - puppeting is possible but it's not a must on mx-puppet-bridge
15:49:01@chagai95:mozilla.orgchagai95 * ah yes I think I remember reading something on the lines of - puppeting is possible but it's not a must on mx-puppet-bridge
15:50:29@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomedouble-puppeting even is optional
15:51:56@chagai95:mozilla.orgchagai95 * Does soru have this information from Half-Shot
15:52:37@chagai95:mozilla.orgchagai95 * I found an archived GitHub project which supposebly bridges FreeSwitch with The Matrix but it is archived and I didn't manage to get it to work. I have also seen Matthew presenting a live demo on FreeSwitch (it didn't work but it should have) (saw it on on Youtube)
15:53:35@chagai95:mozilla.orgchagai95 * I understand tulirfrom the mautrix bridges is probably not interested in trying to build VoIP bridges, how about matrix-hacks ? are any of the contributors thinking of trying something as soon as the node api for jitsi is available? if so where are you thinking of starting? which bridge? I'm assuming suro is very keen on trying as soon as it's available am I right? What bridge will suro try to build first?
In reply to @sorunome:sorunome.de
which already has more features than the matrix-puppet-skype counterpart
i missed that too. is that the right link to it? https://github.com/Sorunome/mx-puppet-skype
16:02:55@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomestill lacks a readme, though
16:03:29@bendsch:matrix.agreiter.chBendschis there a howo for the setup?
16:04:28@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome just follow like the slack one or something, there is no skype-specific config. Also, support for that should prolly be done in #mx-puppet-bridge:sorunome.de
16:07:37@bendsch:matrix.agreiter.chBendschok, thank you - i will try
2 Apr 2020
In reply to@chris:cooperteam.net
Or by kicking the bridgebot from each room its in and then purging the room? That should make the bridgebot create a new room, inviting my user, yes?

For those playing at home, killing the relevant room with the shutdown_room API, purging the old room, then kicking everyone from the new room and purging that then results in a room that works, next time someone says something on Signal.

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3 Apr 2020
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In reply to @bendsch:matrix.agreiter.ch
Error in handleThirdPartyRoomMessage  [M_FORBIDDEN: User @replaceduser:replaced.server.name not in room !iVrSTZEhbYYSNRRJQM:replaced.server.name ()] {
  errcode: 'M_FORBIDDEN',
  name: 'M_FORBIDDEN',
  message: "User @replaceduser:replaced.server.name not in room !iVrSTZEhbYYSNRRJQM:replaced.server.name ()",
  data: {
    errcode: 'M_FORBIDDEN',
    error: "User @replaceduser:replaced.server.name not in room !iVrSTZEhbYYSNRRJQM:replaced.server.name ()"
  httpStatus: 403,
  event: MatrixEvent {
    event: {
      event_id: '~!iVrSTZEhbYYSNRRJQM:replaced.server.name:m1585583869368.29',
      user_id: '@replaceduser:replaced.server.name',
      room_id: '!iVrSTZEhbYYSNRRJQM:replaced.server.name',
      type: 'm.room.message',
      origin_server_ts: 1585583869368,
      content: { body: 'test ', msgtype: 'm.text' }
    sender: null,
    target: null,
no solution for this one?
16:02:05@bendsch:matrix.agreiter.chBendschhttps://github.com/matrix-hacks/matrix-puppet-imessage/issues/41 also filed here ...
16:25:42@rbelem:matrix.orgrbelem Sorunome: hi o/
I updated the PR and removed the group lines from the sample config file
16:26:12@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome did you mean to poke soru in #mx-puppet-bridge:sorunome.de ? ^^
16:26:45@rbelem:matrix.orgrbelemooops! 😅
16:26:53@rbelem:matrix.orgrbelem * ooops! 😅
4 Apr 2020
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