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16 Sep 2019
13:49:04@horvathg:matrix.horvathg.duckdns.orghorvathgor that 😁
13:49:09@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI'm impatent. :P
13:49:38@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI wish messages in the log were timestamped
13:50:52@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rWant to move this to DMs?
13:51:10@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rI don't want to post logs with your name in or anything
13:51:15@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rdirect message
13:51:21@horvathg:matrix.horvathg.duckdns.orghorvathgyeah, sure
14:35:04@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rwrote a comment https://github.com/matrix-hacks/matrix-puppet-facebook/pull/60#issuecomment-531805360
14:35:13@cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111cloudrac3rthis could probably be better organised into new issues, but eh
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In reply to @cloudrac3r:cadence.moe:8111
(node:22981) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: ReferenceError: thirdPartyUsers is not defined
    at Client.thirdPartyClient.on (/home/cloud/Software/matrix-puppet-facebook/index.js:207:51)
    at _tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:43:7)
    at processImmediate (timers.js:605:7)
Oops, maybe I haven't uploaded all changes, will look into it!
17:17:52@martijn:martijn.freeddns.orgmartijn cloudrac3r: Yeah, it was an erroneous leftover, the return must be removed (edit: fixed on github)
17:18:11@martijn:martijn.freeddns.orgmartijnRedacted or Malformed Event
17:38:46@martijn:martijn.freeddns.orgmartijn * cloudrac3r: Yeah, it was an erroneous leftover, the return must be removed (edit: fixed on github)
18:13:14@aelequin:matrix.org@aelequin:matrix.orgis it possible to use some of these puppet bridges on a Modular homeserver (like Groupme or Facebook)? I don't know how much freedom they give you, but they only list 3 bridges on their website.
18:21:07@martijn:martijn.freeddns.orgmartijnI think you need to host your own homeserver, but I am not very familiar with Modular. You need access to the console.
18:23:27@aelequin:matrix.org@aelequin:matrix.orggotcha - thanks! I'll see if I can contact Modular and confirm with them, I don't think it will be possible though.
18 Sep 2019
03:34:35@Baco:matrix.orgπŸ§‰ baco changed their profile picture.
08:45:34@rusisha:matrix.orgRusik changed their profile picture.
08:47:47@rusisha:matrix.orgRusik changed their display name from Русик to Rusik.
19 Sep 2019
00:25:05@adit:aditsachde.comAdit changed their display name from Adit to βŽπŸ‘ΔΉΜ―πŸ‘βŽ .
01:49:23@adit:aditsachde.comAdit changed their display name from βŽπŸ‘ΔΉΜ―πŸ‘βŽ  to Adit.
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hi, when running npm run link i get

Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
    at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1104:14)
17:00:12@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomesounds like your homeserver settings might be wrong

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