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9 Dec 2018
03:49:05@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessDo you know at which point is this bot user supposed to be created?
03:49:30@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanoh, also
03:49:32@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessNot sure if at each run it'll create the user if missing, or only creates it on first run (which means I need to clean everything up)
03:49:51@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanI should probably mention that if the AS isn't responding to a bunch of shit, the HS will queue up a bunch of traffic
03:50:04@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanI figured this out when building my bridge
03:50:11@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanso your config can be correct, and messages can be delayed
03:50:25@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmansince the bridge thinks 'this AS is broken, I'll try again in 20 minutes
03:53:32@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess sudo systemctl restart matrix-synapse to restart HS, right?
03:53:35@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessJust to be sure
03:53:50@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanyeah, I think that should work
03:54:02@tyler:tylerfreedman.comtfreedmanif you're getting 401s though, that's not a good sign
03:54:24@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess Yeah I didn't have enable_registration = 1 in my conf...
03:55:00@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess = true *
04:19:43@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessOk I'm an idiot. Was editing the wrong config all along. (Was editing the source file from install script instead of the one actually being read)
04:24:50@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessAaaaand it's working now.
04:26:00@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess I'll do some more testing later to confirm everything is fine, I still suspect something was broken on the latest version of the bridge, but at least I'm getting somewhere now. Thanks tom and tfreedman
07:12:15@redplateaus:lifeispayne.ddns.netredplateaus joined the room.
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11 Dec 2018
17:58:38@brendan:abolivier.bzhBrendan Abolivier changed their profile picture.
22:33:38@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess OK so I tried again, on a fresh test instance, and everything worked as expected. So all my issues were due to not having registration enabled on the first run, which left the DB in a dirty state. I've closed the github issue already, and I'll see myself out until I nuke/reset my homeserver -_-
23:02:47@root:thomasprofitt.comtomThis is still very relevant; the bridges shouldn't be this hard to set up and this is a deficiency we can document and fix.
23:13:26@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessYep, was planning on submitting a PR to add that condition on the readme, and possibly add a check on registration in the setup script as well
23:14:04@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessDocumentation is one thing, but ideally it should fail without wrecking the server if not everything is set properly
23:14:35@root:thomasprofitt.comtom yes
23:57:11@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessok brb after the nuke
23:57:13@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess left the room.
12 Dec 2018
00:04:04@root:thomasprofitt.comtomfarewell nuclear warrior
02:33:51@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryess joined the room.
02:35:36@yoann:ker.aryess.meAryessAnd back. Can't believe it worked without issues 😅

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