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17 Sep 2020
@drpaneas:starlord.gr@drpaneas:starlord.gr Sorunome: I have a question for the mx-puppet-slack: is there anything else I need to change to config.yaml apart from the domain and homeserveUrl variables? 11:36:21
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomeyou might want to configure pistgres, you might want to configure it so that you are allowed to use it, etc.11:38:29
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome also for that bridge please use #mx-puppet-bridge:sorunome.de 11:38:58
@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunomedepending on your usecase you might want to set up oauth11:40:27
@danastasio:matrix.davidanastasio.comDavidIs there a way to decrease log verbosity? I tried looking around but nothing really jumps out at me. It would be super to not have every little update recorded in my system logs.13:16:56
@witchent:matrix.orgwitchentI think you can always configure journalctl to stop logging, only log errors or only keep the logs for a while etc. If you're using systemd that is13:34:47
@danastasio:matrix.davidanastasio.comDavidThis is exactly what I needed. Thank you!13:54:07
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18 Sep 2020
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In reply to @witchent:matrix.org
Well I really don't know what to say. This might have something to do with synapse for all I know. As long as the messages are not being sent to the bridge I am out of ideas.. Sorry
I got it working now! I had set localhost for the connection to the bridge, but it had to be http://container_Name instead... Stupidity on my end... Thanks for the help and responses though!
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@witchent:matrix.orgwitchentWell glad you got it fixed :)09:29:10
@georg:georgelsas.degeorgSo now thats working(sending and receiving messages, I mean) I geht Errormessages when sending Messages: 'Error in handleMatrixEvent TypeError: Cannot read property 'upsertEvent' of null at App.saveMessageEvents (/matrix-puppet-signal/index.js:607:34) at /matrix-puppet-signal/index.js:590:12 at async App._handleMatrixMessageEvent (/matrix-puppet-signal/node_modules/matrix-puppet-bridge/src/base.js:1205:14) at async App.handleMatrixMessageEvent (/matrix-puppet-signal/node_modules/matrix-puppet-bridge/src/base.js:1168:14) { [stack]: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'upsertEvent' of null\n" + ' at App.saveMessageEvents (/matrix-puppet-signal/index.js:607:34)\n' + ' at /matrix-puppet-signal/index.js:590:12\n' + ' at async App._handleMatrixMessageEvent (/matrix-puppet-signal/node_modules/matrix-puppet-bridge/src/base.js:1205:14)\n' + ' at async App.handleMatrixMessageEvent (/matrix-puppet-signal/node_modules/matrix-puppet-bridge/src/base.js:1168:14)', [message]: "Cannot read property 'upsertEvent' of null" } { age: 80, content: { body: 'SE agapo', msgtype: 'm.text' }, event_id: '$pitQHs9TITuFRdj-eu37C_N3Ch1YoK8paALHnMtf37k', origin_server_ts: 1600432625846, room_id: '!IuCiZVBTJJVPHpeHjv:georgelsas.de', sender: '@georg:georgelsas.de', type: 'm.room.message', unsigned: { age: 80 }, user_id: '@georg:georgelsas.de' } '12:42:45
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19 Sep 2020
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@witchent:matrix.orgwitchentSorry, was away. When did you install the bridge? It cannot load the event store, which should not happen, and makes me think something bad happened with your dependencies..21:14:00
@witchent:matrix.orgwitchentOr maybe you didn't set a path for the event store in the config.json?21:15:33
20 Sep 2020
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@shuki:shukini.orgshukonHi. I'm experiencing an "Failed to join room - No known servers" error when trying to join a room in a community (labeled with "guests can join", I am a member of the community) - how do I go about debugging this? Any ideas?13:37:35
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21 Sep 2020
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@witchent:matrix.orgwitchentI think this is the wrong room for the question07:34:21
@edgar.vincent:matrix.orgedgar.vincentHi everyone, how are things?16:20:22
22 Sep 2020
@witchent:matrix.orgwitchentHi, gone pretty quiet I would say^^07:24:27
@witchent:matrix.orgwitchent(which is a good thing)07:24:41

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