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20 Feb 2019
22:27:02@roshless:roshless.meroshlessRedacted or Malformed Event
23:04:12@zetorian:chat.hopto.orgzetorian that's how it's worked for me, I normally leave rooms to keep clutter down, hasn't backfired yet
23:04:19* @zetorian:chat.hopto.orgzetorian crosses fingers
21 Feb 2019
00:04:14@Zorix:zorix.usZorixThanks @roshless:roshless.me and @zetorian:chat.hopto.org
00:12:45@jepers2:hillschat.my.to@jepers2:hillschat.my.to left the room.
05:10:10@jhg4:matrix.orgincaI am really confused. trying to set up my first puppet bridge. is there a tutorial somewhere?
05:10:21@jhg4:matrix.orgincawhat is the "Enter your user's localpart" and password?
05:27:49@kfatehi:matrix.orgkfatehi Your localpart is inca
05:29:02@jhg4:matrix.orgincais "domain": "synapse.keyvan.pw", the main one hosted by matrix.org?
In reply to @kfatehi:matrix.org
Your localpart is inca
does not work
06:42:08@zetorian:chat.hopto.orgzetorianlocalpart is your username, domain is the dns address of your server
06:42:21@zetorian:chat.hopto.orgzetorianfor example, my localpart is zetorian
06:42:34@zetorian:chat.hopto.orgzetorianmy domain is chat.hopto.org
09:47:01@sorunome:sorunome.deSorunome changed their profile picture.
11:35:21@dtschfr:matrix.orgdtschfr joined the room.
11:36:53@dtschfr:matrix.orgdtschfrHi, Im trying to use the skype bridge and cloned the repo and did nmp install. First I get a gulp error because the release has been removed on github. Having fixed that I get "src\lib\request-io.ts(12,9): error TS2322: Type '{ uri: string; cookies?: Store | undefined; headers?: Dictionary<any> | undefined; queryString?: ...' is not assignable to type 'Options'." I am not able to solve this issue. Do you have any idea what to do?
11:37:29@dtschfr:matrix.orgdtschfrRedacted or Malformed Event
11:37:52@dtschfr:matrix.orgdtschfrhmm, whats happening - cant I send to this room?
11:39:42@dtschfr:matrix.orgdtschfrah, now it appeared. Seems like a lag
11:50:12@reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.netreedwade joined the room.
11:56:33@reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.netreedwadeHello there, I would like to ask a question : I question myself why the synapse server have to contact the bridge program. Why is is required to configure the synapse with an app configuration to allow the bridge to work properly. The bridge program canno't just act like a simple client ? This prevent non admin users to run bridges and complexify administration.
11:57:02@reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.netreedwadeBy the way, i'd like to thank you for the work. It rocks :D
12:14:42@tulir:maunium.nettulirbridges need to be able to control many users
12:14:59@tulir:maunium.nettulirnobody likes relaybot bridges, they look horrible
12:15:52@reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.netreedwadeOkay, so to create/manage the "fakes" users, this require some privilges ?
12:18:03@tulir:maunium.nettulirsince the bridge has extra privileges, the users are quite real, but yeah
12:20:18@reedwade:synapse.misterbanal.netreedwadeTY !
12:29:12@dtschfr:matrix.orgdtschfrso does anyone has been able to successfully set up the skype bridge?
12:49:55@lazer:matrix.orglazer joined the room.
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