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22 Sep 2021
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24 Sep 2021
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26 Sep 2021
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27 Sep 2021
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28 Sep 2021
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29 Sep 2021
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2 Oct 2021
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3 Oct 2021
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5 Oct 2021
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7 Oct 2021
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9 Oct 2021
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@timetheory:matrix.orgtimetheory When I tried to run node index.js -r -u "http://matrix.org:8090", after entering my password I'm given connect ECONNREFUSED for some reason; how can I fix this? 23:47:59
@timetheory:matrix.orgtimetheoryOh wait I need to run my own homeserver :|23:53:08
10 Oct 2021
@youngchiefbtw:matrix.orgyoungchief btw ツ changed their profile picture.22:38:37
11 Oct 2021
@bosje:matrix.orgbosje joined the room.14:38:17
@bosje:matrix.orgbosjeHi, is there a puppet bridge for mattermost? 14:38:38
@bosje:matrix.orgbosjethat works currently14:39:15
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13 Oct 2021
@penguinbot:matrix.orgниктоIs there any bridge to connect with the fediverse16:01:39

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