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2 Apr 2020
21:40:39@chichokolio:matrix.org@chichokolio:matrix.org left the room.
3 Apr 2020
04:53:41@ff777:matrix.orgFF777retard, are you self-advertising in here?..
06:14:08@ff777:matrix.orgFF777m.video Event
07:29:43@burgiewurgie:matrix.orgburgiewurgieyeah i am
07:34:49@ff777:matrix.orgFF777okay well could you stop you complete dumdum?
18:04:21@lizaxxx:matrix.org@lizaxxx:matrix.org joined the room.
18:04:45@lizaxxx:matrix.org@lizaxxx:matrix.org Gay dating site 😍 https://is.gd/t02K5V
19:16:00@ff777:matrix.orgFF777 wow coming in here and in the same minute posting some link to some gay site....lizaxxx could you remove your stupid link please, this isn't really supposed to be a place where people shill sites no one cares about
19:18:38@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)SUPER HOT GAY SEX IN YOUR AREA RIGHT NOW
19:18:44@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)WOW HOT GAY SEX NOW
19:19:22@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)do people still fall for these links
19:19:29@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)they must otherwise wouldnt be posted
19:19:29@ff777:matrix.orgFF777probably not
19:19:58@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)theres gotta be some idiot falling for it somehow otherwise why would they keep posting
19:20:05@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)they would move to new scam
19:20:55@anel_lena:matrix.orgLenaHOT ANAL IN YOUR AREA NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://totallynotashortenedurl.scam/
19:21:18@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)WOW
19:21:22@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)GONNA CLICK ON IT NOW
19:21:47@ff777:matrix.orgFF777yeah that's an other suspicious thing......shortened link.....it could go to any where..
19:22:25@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)cant gay people just use grinder anyways
19:22:38@seveno_oseven:matrix.orgSeven (online)there are plenty of homos around
In reply to @ff777:matrix.org
sent an image.
Might make this my new phone background
20:47:37@lizaxxx:matrix.org@lizaxxx:matrix.org left the room.
4 Apr 2020
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