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2 Jul 2020
@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_bot Title: Re: Replacing "master" reference in git branch names (was Re: Proposal: (at mail.gnome.org) 21:17:07
@freenode_tg-ritfoss3:matrix.orgtg-ritfoss3 <t​henaterhood> ah, well, the more you know 21:18:43
@freenode_tg-ritfoss3:matrix.orgtg-ritfoss3 <j​wflory> @Serubin We talking about your door desks! 21:31:31
@serubin:matrix.orgSerubinOh yeah?21:31:43
@serubin:matrix.orgSerubinI don't have it any more - all iterations of that have been given away to folks. I have a butcher block desk now21:32:02
@freenode_tg-ritfoss3:matrix.orgtg-ritfoss3 <j​wflory> https://www.upliftdesk.com/ came up in virtual FOSS Hours 21:33:02
@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Office Furniture that Benefits You - Standing Desks | UPLIFT Desk (at www.upliftdesk.com)21:33:03
@freenode_tg-ritfoss3:matrix.orgtg-ritfoss3 <j​wflory> And then door desks came up 21:33:07
@freenode_tg-ritfoss3:matrix.orgtg-ritfoss3 'Untitled Image' uploaded by S​erubin: https://i.imgur.com/DEcvdUY.jpg 21:33:38
@serubin:matrix.orgSerubinThe legs on my desk are Fully Jarvis21:34:33
@serubin:matrix.orgSerubinThey are some of the best rated ones around 500~. And I got an unfinished butcher block from ikea21:35:18
@serubin:matrix.orgSerubinTotal cost was like 550~21:35:27
@serubin:matrix.orgSerubinThe legs have lasted years21:35:39
@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzho zethra: https://www.webarchitects.coop/email#email 23:34:07
@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Email and Email Lists | Webarchitects (at www.webarchitects.coop)23:34:08
@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzho yeah nolski posted a thing about the Online Meeting Co-op https://www.org.meet.coop/about.html and I'm following links from there 23:36:34
@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: About The Online Meeting Co-operative | The Online Meeting Co-operative (at www.org.meet.coop)23:36:36
3 Jul 2020
@zethra:matrix.orgzethra dzho: neat 04:13:04
@zethra:matrix.orgzethraTheir really expensive though04:16:24
@zethra:matrix.orgzethravps with 1GB RAM 16GB Disk Space for £55 a month04:17:32
@zethra:matrix.orgzethraTheir a coop and they run on green energy which is awesome but I can't afford that.04:18:06
@nolski:matrix.orgnolski zethra: I've spoken with them before. They're a small shop which may explain the price, if you wanted to reach out they may be able to recommend some other providers who have similar ethics but are within your price range. They're pretty connected in the coop community here 13:45:03
@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzho yeah I didn't even look at their VPS hosting, just the email. 14:58:56
@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhooh, this is timely15:28:48
4 Jul 2020
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