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15 Dec 2018
21:25:39@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinbut it allows for slightly better dependency management...
21:44:54@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinThere's an expression that "every time you sigh a piece of your soul escapes"... if you were to grep the chat logs for the words "ctmartin" and "sigh" in the same line and count it, I'm sure I've lost quite a few pieces... I wonder how large they are
21:47:05@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinOn the plus side, I have 2 final-ish grades in now and they're very good :D
21:48:11@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguinoawesome :)
21:48:32@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinlol, prof in class chat:
21:53:03@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino+1 for kids asking for carrots for a snack.
21:58:54@freenode_tg-ritfoss:matrix.orgtg-ritfoss <thenaterhood> ctmartin: we've been making horcruxes out those escaping soul pieces. thought you should know
21:59:33@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin@thenaterhood ..............
22:02:45@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin @thenaterhood: wait, come think of it, wouldn't that make me immortal-ish?
22:04:07@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino ctmartin: sort-of, we'll just pull your soul from the other parts, as long as they aren't destroyed.
22:04:45@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguinohorcruxes: the raid 1 of souls
22:15:36@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguinoyay mcrypto on php 7.2, now to ansible the setup, and deploy it to a half dozen boxen
22:16:38@freenode_xbot1313:matrix.orgxbot1313 desnudopenguino's updated message: 'yay mcrypt on php 7.2, now to ansible the setup, and deploy it to a half dozen boxen'
22:49:25@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin Wasn't mcrypt deprecated? Or am I thinking of another package?
22:51:09@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin Yeah, it's gone: https://secure.php.net/manual/en/intro.mcrypt.php
22:51:12@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: PHP: Introduction - Manual (at secure.php.net)
22:51:39@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinWell, PECL exists for a reason I guess
22:52:55@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguinoyeah it was.
22:53:23@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino there's too much spaghetti in a project related to it though, so i had to do the round-about way to include it
22:56:19@freenode_desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguinothis project is in dire need of a workflow overhaul, but fundage
16 Dec 2018
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