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19 Sep 2019
23:02:18@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinC, PHP <5.6, Java
23:06:24@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinFor context, I find things in Java tend to be unwieldy to run and often bloated. C & PHP are on the basis of how easy and frequently people do bad stuff with them
23:06:40@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinIn the case of C, see the MITRE top 25 link in backscroll
23:08:22@desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino[m]PHP < 7
23:08:58@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinphp 5.6 added a lot of good stuff, i'll give it a break
23:09:08@desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino[m]yeah, but no more support :(
23:09:10@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin e.g. password_hash
23:09:28@freenode_dzho:matrix.orgdzhothe nominal triplet was PHP, labview, and Matlab
23:09:34@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinredhat offers support still
23:10:24@desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino[m]the worst part of PHP is the mess that comes from devs without enough experience to use it safely
23:10:50@desnudopenguino:matrix.orgdesnudopenguino[m]and the "i'll make my own framework" mindset therein
23:11:08@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinphp is sort of designed to allow that 😂
23:11:54@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby Php was designed to generate simple HTML & kinda interact with a database
23:12:44@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby In the same way that JS was designed to react to button presses, it's used for a lot of things it.. well.. doesn't fit
23:13:32@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby Weak typing kinda makes sense when you're displaying things, and almost no where else. The lack of proper typing has lead to some nasty bugs


worst three production programming languages?
PHP, JS, (old) Perl

23:18:51@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibby Perl mostly because of the cognitive overhead. I can't read it, and don't really want to learn several dozen symbols/operators/paradigms to do so
23:35:38@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinI'm at 26 news feeds right now
23:48:46@jibby:matrix.jibby.orgjibbyAnd so it begins
23:53:36@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinYeah, really
23:53:51@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinI decided not to include planets for the time being
20 Sep 2019
00:57:54@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartin https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/09/20/open_source_companies_cloud/
00:57:56@freenode_foss_bot:matrix.orgfoss_botTitle: Open-source companies gather to gripe: Cloud giants sell our code as a service – and we get the square root of nothing • The Register (at www.theregister.co.uk)
00:58:02@ctmartin:matrix.orgctmartinc/o jibby feed recommendation
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