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31 Mar 2023
@specing:libera.chatspecingI basically used up like $20000 to keep myself alive00:59:09
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userbut I ended up with nothing to buy more nukes, so...00:59:31
@specing:libera.chatspecing\Test_User: this is a pretty good setup now... :D01:01:40
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_UserI should add a fixed amount given per round no matter what...01:02:06
@specing:libera.chatspecing \Test_User: what's the "end of rounds" win condition? 01:04:47
@specing:libera.chatspecingwas it just set to 5 last time?01:04:52
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_User yeah it's just a fixed number of rounds 01:05:02
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userno other option I saw01:05:11
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userjust upped it to 15 this time01:05:17
@specing:libera.chatspecing\Test_User: wut happened01:11:46
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userfiddling with server settings to prevent this endless death01:12:43
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userfixed now01:12:59
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userextra 0 in there, one sec01:13:10
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Useralright now should be ready01:14:14
@specing:libera.chatspecing \Test_User: i think it's getting late tho 01:14:36
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_Userlate enough for afdal to join? :D01:14:53
@specing:libera.chatspecingmaybe next time we can round up more players :D01:14:56
@specing:libera.chatspecingnah, not late enough for that, still 2 h 01:15:06
* @\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_User pokes afdal anyways01:15:17
@\Test_User:libera.chat\Test_User specing: so, is that a you're going to sleep now or... 01:16:28
@Afdal:libera.chatAfdaldid u boyos win02:03:46

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