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31 Mar 2018
13:24:49@emilia:disroot.org@emilia:disroot.orgso 1 000 000 000 000,1 would be ok
13:26:08@emilia:disroot.org@emilia:disroot.orglol first it sais current standard and then superseeded standard
13:26:16@emilia:disroot.org@emilia:disroot.orgam guessing it is still correct though

Yes, so that's why I thought that C is faster in general, because is doesn't have those abstractions.

Abstractions can, when done correctly, generate more efficient code than handwritten one. In an interpreted language that optimisation might not take place though, making it possibly slower for several reasons.

13:31:49@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanAh so that's what nepgear meant with that depending on the compiler it could be more efficient.
13:32:51@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanThat's good to know, thanks. :)
14:10:59@emilia:disroot.org@emilia:disroot.orgWtf, warum leitet mich wäschezeichen auf wäsche um﹖ Ich will wisse wie ich diesen kissen wachen kann, nicht eine historische erklärung was wäsche ist >.>
14:30:22@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanI do not follow you, and that's not because it is in German. ^^
14:52:15@lowee:matrix.org@lowee:matrix.orgEh, you do need to understand german to underrdtand that though
14:55:34@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanAh no, I meant that I can grasp the basic meanings of things, but indeed probably because it is something that is only understandable if you can speak German on an adequate level, I do not understand it.
15:21:30@emilia:disroot.org@emilia:disroot.orgwould you like an explanation﹖
16:07:04@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanYes please. :)
16:16:15@emilia:disroot.org@emilia:disroot.org> warum leitet mich wäschezeichen auf wäsche um means why does the article laundryicons redirect me to laundry (this in refference to wikipedia) > Ich will wisse wie ich diesen kissen wachen kann, nicht eine historische erklärung was wäsche ist means 'I want to know how i can wash these kushions, i don't want an explatation of the term laundry'
16:17:13@nathan:vanbeelen.orgNathanAh, now I understand why it was so confusing. ^^
8 May 2018
01:02:20@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their profile picture.
23 May 2018
12:07:13@Half-Shot:half-shot.ukHalf-Shot changed their display name from Half-Shot to Half-Shot (Away until 29th).
29 May 2018
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16 Jun 2018
15:57:40@lowee:matrix.org@lowee:matrix.org changed their display name from nepugia to ネプギア (nepugia).
18 Jun 2018
21:36:42@lowee:matrix.org@lowee:matrix.org @davidar:matrix.org: have you announced this room in the newrooms room? if not would you mind if i did that?
19 Jun 2018
02:35:13@saad:matrix.orgSaad joined the room.
02:39:26@saad:matrix.orgSaadFear not my friends. Saad has arrived!
10:31:01@lowee:matrix.org@lowee:matrix.orgsaad to the rescue
14:05:47* @lowee:matrix.org@lowee:matrix.org wonders if @davidar:matrix.org is active on matrix anymore
17 Aug 2018
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19 Aug 2018
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10 Sep 2018
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21 Oct 2018
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6 Dec 2018
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