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6 Mar 2020
9 Mar 2020
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10 Mar 2020
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11 Mar 2020
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15 Mar 2020
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16 Mar 2020
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17 Mar 2020
07:35:20@truck:feneas.orgtruck [UTC+02] set a profile picture.
19 Mar 2020
10:56:48@truck:feneas.orgtruck [UTC+02]nicepics: I have one. It is great.
10:57:10@truck:feneas.orgtruck [UTC+02]also yes I use MorphOS. I'll update soon (:
11:02:13@samuraicrow:matrix.orgsamuraicrow set a profile picture.
21 Mar 2020
10:26:28@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLL🤔 What would be the best approach if I wanted easy access to matrix from a variety of (legacy) devices?
10:27:54@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLLPerhaps a RPi running WeeChat that you log into using SSH?
10:29:57@lorenzocabrini:matrix.orglorenzocabrini What exactly is a "legacy device" in this case? An Amiga?
10:53:21@samuraicrow:matrix.orgsamuraicrow I've thought of doing a forum browser in Hollywood scripts. Maybe a chat client would also be possible in time.
10:55:00@samuraicrow:matrix.orgsamuraicrowHollywood requires at least an 020 on classics but is fast enough on MorphOS PPC.
In reply to @lorenzocabrini:matrix.org
What exactly is a "legacy device" in this case? An Amiga?
Classic Amiga, DOS/Win3.x/9.x or Mac OS 9 etc
12:47:54@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLLLooked at a few IRC daemons but the projects were either abandoned or written in Rust 🤮
12:48:25@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLLThe idea itself is good though, using any old IRC client directly to access the matrix.
17:04:16@truck:feneas.orgtruck [UTC+02]I would suggest a pi running weechat. I'm using weechat for this, and as soon as I have the Amiga net set up (after beating this stupid flu (no not corona, been to doctor, not covid19) then I'll be accessing it via an rpi myself)
26 Mar 2020
09:40:59@ebarrett:matrix.orgeddYou can use a serial connection to any unix machine
09:41:10@ebarrett:matrix.orgeddand a terminal emulator on the amiga
09:41:57@4eval8:matrix.org4eval8 joined the room.
09:47:35@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLLYes, did a quick test on MorphOS and it worked
28 Mar 2020
17:02:53@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLL changed their display name from increased bodily inflammation to GRIDS.DLL.
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29 Mar 2020
18:15:28@truck:feneas.orgtruck [UTC+02]ebarrett: yep, I plan on testing with roadshow, as soon as I have it set up properly, which... soon
3 Apr 2020
18:04:16@nicepics:feneas.orgGRIDS.DLL changed their profile picture.

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