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13 Jan 2021
@js:nil.imjsAny hardware fixing gurus in here? 🙂17:16:33
14 Jan 2021
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15 Jan 2021
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@bloody_noob259:matrix.orgbloody_noob259Hi all03:44:02
@js:nil.imjs hi bloody_noob259 13:35:15
17 Jan 2021
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@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukyihaa scored an amiga500 with 2 quickshots and some disks for 70€ ... seems to be working though i need a scart plug to modify the monitor cable that came with it11:30:16
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukits a miracle ... most of the better looking a500 cost 200-250€ on the used market here11:30:44
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukthe a500 board doesnt have to be recapped, but how about the psu?12:27:14
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukseems to be the "lighter" one for the later revisions...12:27:28
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukanything that can go wrong there or damage the amiga?12:27:57
@donchichi:matrix.orgdonchichiA New one is better 12:34:41
@apolkosnik:matrix.orgapolkosnikA500s age gracefully14:24:43
@apolkosnik:matrix.orgapolkosnikCheck if it has a memory expansion with RTC on the underside, and remove the arta from there if present14:27:03
@apolkosnik:matrix.orgapolkosnik*varta battery14:27:29
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukalready checked.. nothing in there. stock rev6 board15:28:23
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukwow... 74€ for a notebook psu with some filter(?) ..? 16:08:33
@donchichi:matrix.orgdonchichiOr this https://www.c64psu.com/c64psu/56-1408-commodore-amiga-a500-a500-a600-a1200-psu.html#/11-color-black/37-ac_cable-eu/55-version-a500_a500_a600_a1200/74-protect_adjust_led_module-no_thanks16:12:33
@da_habakuk_:matrix.orgda_habakukhm better.. will take a look. thx16:15:31
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18 Jan 2021
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22 Jan 2021
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23 Jan 2021
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24 Jan 2021
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25 Jan 2021
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