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23 Jun 2021

I have also invested in peripherals and CF hard disks and will be getting Amiga OS 3.2 ROMS for all them this week.

Bought a PiStorm for the A500 as well as a RGB 2 HDMI adapter that uses the Denise chip socket.

@danielktdoranie:matrix.org@danielktdoranie:matrix.org I have gotten so into Amigas I even have been buying old G4 iBooks and Mac mini computers to run MorphOS! 15:50:49
Download ima_c8a1885.jpeg
@danielktdoranie:matrix.org@danielktdoranie:matrix.orgI have 2 Mac mini computers and 1 more iBook on the way from the USA.15:51:30
@danielktdoranie:matrix.org@danielktdoranie:matrix.orgI never knew much about Amigas in late 1980s or 90s I went straight to Slackware Linux in 1996… however I have been reading a lot about AmigaDOS and it’s TRIPOS ancestry.15:52:56
@danielktdoranie:matrix.org@danielktdoranie:matrix.orgI never knew that TRIPOS was essentially a VMS clone and that Amigas had preemptive multitasking.15:53:28
@danielktdoranie:matrix.org@danielktdoranie:matrix.orgI have a lot to learn but I am happy to join this room!15:53:43
24 Jun 2021
@rvalles:matrix.orgrvalleskeep in mind amigaos is mostly original07:47:47
@rvalles:matrix.orgrvallesthat includes the "kernel" (exec.library)07:47:58
@rvalles:matrix.orgrvallessome tripos stuff was only reused for dos.library and CLI commands07:48:22
@rvalles:matrix.orgrvallesand that's imho the ugliest part of AmigaOS07:48:32
@rvalles:matrix.orgrvalles(it's an alien to the rest of the system, with many ugly things like processes vs tasks, BPTRs and passing parameters via only the data registers and not the address ones)07:50:16
@rvalles:matrix.orgrvalles Daniel Doran/ 07:50:43
25 Jun 2021
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26 Jun 2021
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27 Jun 2021
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29 Jun 2021
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1 Jul 2021
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2 Jul 2021
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4 Jul 2021
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8 Jul 2021
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@rvalles:matrix.orgrvallesAmigaXfer 1.1.1 released 🙂01:09:58
18 Jul 2021
@drusalan:matrix.orgdrusalanDownload inspiron-3000_reference guide2_en-us.pdf02:01:31
20 Jul 2021
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21 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021
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