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22 Apr 2018
05:44:24@markpaterson:matrix.orgMark changed their profile picture.
14 May 2018
06:18:39@markpaterson:matrix.orgMark Pre-ordered a new A1200 case from Amiga On The Lake today. I was number 700-something. I believe this current run is for 1000 units, FYI.
06:19:00@markpaterson:matrix.orgMarkSays June delivery
22 Jun 2018
12:57:25@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jrIs amiga eveyones daily driver computers in here
1 Jul 2018
15:06:20@tepi:matrix.org@tepi:matrix.org joined the room.
15:07:20@tepi:matrix.org@tepi:matrix.org left the room.
19 Jul 2018
11:40:53@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their profile picture.
28 Jul 2018
15:06:49@r34lp0w3r:matrix.orgr34lp0w3r joined the room.
12 Aug 2018
19:10:58@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from james h jackson jr to james jackson jr.
19:22:58@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their display name from james jackson jr to james h jackson jr.
23 Aug 2018
13:52:53@fturco:matrix.orgfturco left the room.
19 Sep 2018
00:24:53@fturco:matrix.orgfturco joined the room.
5 Oct 2018
15:01:07@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their profile picture.
19 Oct 2018
16:29:51@harekiet:harekiet.comHarekiet removed their profile picture.
17:38:30@harekiet:harekiet.comHarekiet set a profile picture.
23 Oct 2018
14:35:41@tepi:matrix.org@tepi:matrix.org joined the room.
26 Oct 2018
15:52:34@tepi:matrix.org@tepi:matrix.org left the room.
3 Dec 2018
14:11:30@gunnarsson:matrix.orggunnarsson joined the room.
5 Dec 2018
15:02:48@ebarrett:matrix.orgeddQuite a few people in here now
19 Dec 2018
20:35:44@harekiet:harekiet.comHarekietQuiet though :)
27 Dec 2018
14:26:00@joachip:matrix.orgjoachip joined the room.
14:31:46@joachip:matrix.orgjoachipBasically just testing this chat thingie to see why we need yet another reinvention of irc.
14:40:52@joachip:matrix.orgjoachip set a profile picture.
14:52:27@joachip:matrix.orgjoachipOh, and I forgot to shout: AAAAMIIIiiIIIGGGAAAAAHHHH!!
30 Dec 2018
5 Feb 2019
09:43:08@turrican:raumdock.deturrican joined the room.
09:47:31@turrican:raumdock.deturricanBest computer in the world! 😄
9 Feb 2019
11:06:18@sl0ppy:dhp.comsl0ppy joined the room.
12:14:23@sl0ppy:dhp.comsl0ppy removed their profile picture.
17 Feb 2019
16:53:13@jameshjacksonjr:matrix.orgjames h jackson jr changed their profile picture.

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