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13 Sep 2020
@js:nil.imjsGlad to see that there's an Amiga community on Matrix πŸ™‚13:43:54
@js:nil.imjsThe last Amiga community I was in was on Slack and then moved to Discord in a way that broke the Matrix bridge ☹️13:44:20
@turrican:raumdock.deturricanWell then welcome to this room! πŸ™‚14:25:41
@js:nil.imjsThx! What Amiga projects are people doing in here? πŸ™‚18:40:32
@m4dc4p:matrix.orgmadcapNo time for real projects for me. I just try to play a little with my vampires.19:09:52
@samuraicrow:matrix.orgsamuraicrowI'll see if I can soup up a Minimig core if my SiDi has room for it.19:39:46
16 Sep 2020
@ij:kahakai.deijHmmm, strange A3000 starts, but doesn't find the disk to boot from, even after a second reset11:06:17
@js:nil.imjsDid any of you have success getting a Warp A1260?12:24:25
@js:nil.imjsI talked to the guys at Amiga 34, they promised I could send them a 68060 and they'd send me a card back when they're ready, now that they're ready complete radio silence - no responses to mail or iMessage12:25:00
@ij:kahakai.deijHope you didn't already sent them anything in advance13:39:47
@js:nil.imjsThey told me I could send right away and then get one as soon as cards are available13:52:48
@js:nil.imjsI said I'll send one shortly before πŸ˜‰13:52:51
@ij:kahakai.deijI'm hesitant as well to send my A3000s in for recapping... 14:11:16
@js:nil.imjsGet some worthless stuff to practice recapping, then do it yourself?17:03:18
@ij:kahakai.deijwell, problem is that I need a de-soldering tool... soldering itself is not problem17:04:12
@js:nil.imjsYou can desolder with a soldering iron18:47:30
@js:nil.imjsPut some new solder on both ends and heat it18:47:50
@js:nil.imjsFor the SMD ones, just move them carefully on one side first, then the other. While heating of course.18:48:21
@js:nil.imjsFor through hole, heat one end, pull that end, heat the other, pull that end. Alternate until it comes out. Then use some solder wig to clean the holes.18:49:00
@js:nil.imjsBut please practice on something else first18:49:25
@js:nil.imjs I did my first recap with SMD on an A600 and killed two traces. 18:49:41
@js:nil.imjsBut it’s fixed now ;)18:49:49
@ij:kahakai.deijMaybe I can also ask a friend to do that... he's usually busy in reworking PicassoIV cards, though... 19:23:58
17 Sep 2020
@js:nil.imjsIt doesn't hurt to practice it on some worthless hardware20:44:46
@js:nil.imjsall hardware will eventually have its caps fail20:44:52
@carlos:synod.im@carlos:synod.im left the room.20:47:34
25 Sep 2020
@woc:matrix.orgWoCAnyone who knows a program to edit which segements of a program is to be loaded to chip mem ?23:38:01
@woc:matrix.orgWoCcant remember the asm directive to set the segment, i.e. chipmem etc23:38:53

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