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26 Apr 2021
@silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.imsilver2row (Seth) Or...are you thinking of something completely different? 17:30:42
@silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.imsilver2row (Seth) But yea...I can say apt install machinekit emcapplication machinekit-hal after adding in the correct repos. from cloudsmith along w/ making it easy to understand. 17:33:02
@silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.imsilver2row (Seth) Along w/ the Hal modules, I will need to read more but I can paraphrase right now until it is embedded in my system from use, setting things up, and making more machines. 17:34:12
@silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.imsilver2row (Seth) There...phew! 17:34:16
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsight silver2row (Seth): thanks for the links! 18:51:31
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row No issue. Have fun! 22:55:37
In reply to @silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.im
W/ that said, I can and will but I am wondering if you want to have different configurations of set ups of machines or just the machinkit-hal language structure in the mix. For instance: Do I make easy-to-read sections first w/ Codelabs and then promote the configuration of different machines?
Most of the system is architecture independent on the commands level (halcmd etc) and what I call HAL components level (ddtv2, and2v2 etc). The not so independent part is the HAL drivers (hostmot2, the BBB and BBAI ones etc). So most of the things could be generalized. However, then there is the facts that these tutorials would probably benefit from being tight little units, like How to install Machinekit-HAL and EMCApplication on Debian 10 Buster on Beaglebone Black. Otherwise it will not be so idiot-proof. I guess it's really pros'n'cons kind of a deal. Maybe complete tutorials (with pictures) for the complete newbie stuff like how to install the software and more generic approach for stuff where some experience is required? Does that make sense?
@cerna:matrix.orgcerna It would be also great if users in the future created codelabs based on their specific project, like How to drive XYZ 3D printer in ABC configuration - which is pretty specific. (So the How can I transform it to my problem with EFG printer is left to the reader as a homework.) 23:19:59
27 Apr 2021
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row cerna : Yes, it makes sense. Okay. Will do! I will make a how to install MachineKit-Hal and EMCApplication on Debian Buster on the BBB...that will be my first attempt. I will run it by you like we discussed. Photos, instructions, and commands. Okay. This sounds interesting already. I know a ton of people already use the machinekit-hal and other components. 01:32:08
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row I will just update soon on my findings and test, test, and test. Then, the codelabs will be ready in a short while. Not today but soon... 01:32:38
30 Apr 2021
@cerna:matrix.orgcernaHmm, one way how to support f-strings and other advanced Python features on Debian 9 Stretch and its Python 3.5 is to first Cythonize it and then build extension C module for given Python interpreter. So far it seems to work. Anybody can claim experience on this?14:05:04
@cerna:matrix.orgcernaThe small test modules seem to work. (I haven't tried any Machinekit-HAL Python modules.)14:05:58
3 May 2021
@cerna:matrix.orgcerna I don't like magic. File rtapi_app.h https://github.com/machinekit/machinekit-hal/blob/master/src/rtapi/rtapi_app.h walks, quacks and behaves like magic. It is really so hard to just write EXPORT_SYMBOL(rtapi_app_main) and be consistent across all codebase? BTW, it is in LinuxCNC too https://github.com/LinuxCNC/linuxcnc/blob/master/src/rtapi/rtapi_app.h (30 minutes investigating why it is exporting global symbol is behind this rant.) 21:53:24
7 May 2021
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9 May 2021
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row Just an update...I am missing a cable that will be in next week. I felt like making the cable but then the tool is more expensive. So, I purchased the cable. 12:13:41
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row Anyway, I am working on the tut. and it will be done once the cable comes in and I situate the software controlled motor. 12:14:05
11 May 2021
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row Well, I got the .md file. It is w/out photos so far. But...I will post some photos soon. I also need to claat the .md to .html files soon. 01:45:33
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row I think I need to learn just a bit more about the machinekit-hal interface and .ino files to produce a specific machine. I can make many machines for reference but I want to make sure things are 'easily' understood for those of us who use machines but do not know how powerful MachineKit actually can be during a machine set up. 01:46:38
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row Also... cerna : servotogo 's website is down for some reason. I found the servo-to-go page online at machinekit.io and clicked the link. Down! Anyway, I will keep working on this project. Nice updates soon... 02:02:44
@silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.imsilver2row (Seth) https://github.com/silver2row/morsh has MachineKitTwo.md to tinnker w/. I know it does not have any photos as of now but it seems simple and plain for now. 03:37:09
@silver2row-5b15a56bd73408ce4f9bf56a:gitter.imsilver2row (Seth) Anyway, claat export MachineKitTwo.md will work. Please remember to export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/go/bineach time you restart your machine or add it to one of the files that are read from Linux kernels. 03:38:42
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row Anyway...I am sure that is not exactly what you would like, i.e. from how MachineKit.io is looking currently. Big, loud is the idea, right? I will have to work on that exact type of usage for the MachineKitTwo.md to .html file via claat. 23:35:08
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row I will fine tune things in time. 23:35:29
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row * I will fine tune things in time. 23:35:41
13 May 2021
@cerna:matrix.orgcernaTell the truth, I like any and every new development and I see it as a extension to the current site. Specifically maybe as a replacement for the http://www.machinekit.io/docs/getting-started/getting-started-platform/ section, which is getting pretty stale (recommending 3.x Kernel and such). Machinekit organization has the advantage that people can vote with pull requests...12:31:17
14 May 2021
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row Okay...I will attempt to update the .html from Codelabs and then try to add the replacement for
@_discord_604812460830228487:t2bot.iosilver2row I should be able to hash something out soon. My motor is up and runnin'. This is good news on my end. So, I can start to build a neat machine for the machinekit.io type of repos. 01:26:50
@capt_hindsight:matrix.orgCaptHindsightmight be of interest: https://github.com/Deotti-cl/linuxcnc-esp32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Goi4YVU0js linuxcnc esp32 external step generator over UDP22:17:54

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