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22 Feb 2024
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23 Feb 2024
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26 Feb 2024
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27 Feb 2024
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29 Feb 2024
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTMy body is a machine that converts half-baked ideas into pyqt apps04:55:51
Download image.png
Download image.png
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTthis second one I started today and finished today :)04:59:15
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTalthough I can't get the stretching right and I don't know why04:59:27
Download image.png
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTit's weird because those images and all the radio buttons are all in the same gridlayout 🤷05:00:15
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJThorizontal is totally fine but the radio buttons stay at the bottom and I even removed every spacer to troubleshoot05:01:21
In reply to @jtskulk:matrix.org
My body is a machine that converts half-baked ideas into pyqt apps
I don't get it, are you making apps for youtube vids?
Or is it a quiz type game?
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJT2 separate programs, first is a frontend to a youtube/bandcamp/podcast downloader, sends all changes over the network to it which is cool06:16:57
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTthe 2nd is for this metagame called Rank Roulette that a starcraft pro does on youtube06:17:25
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTthey watch a video of a match and have to guess what ranking one of the players is. So it's like actually a bit more like golf than roulette. This is a scorekeeper so I can play along without doing math :)06:18:17
Download image.png
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTyou submit your guess then submit the answer, this is more of an action shot ;)06:19:43
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTI'd like to compile/build this into an exe for people but I don't own a windows machine and my work machines flag everything I build as a virus lol06:20:43
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTthey even switched me to the new antivirus we're moving to and it also flags it as a virus and immediately quarantines it06:21:14
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTooh I just thought of something: I wonder if my resizing issue could be fixed by putting all the radio button's horizontal layouts into vertical layouts06:23:32
@meian-wandria:matrix.orgMeiansounds really cool!06:35:41
1 Mar 2024
In reply to @jtskulk:matrix.org
sent an image.
what is this? the new logos for csgo?
In reply to @famwithacan:matrix.org
what is this? the new logos for csgo?
Starcraft 2, specifically https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP9mhqL6yKM
Download image.png
@jtskulk:matrix.orgJTI did pretty good :)18:45:01
3 Mar 2024
@th3s4rp:chatsv.nebisoftware.comth3.s4rp (they/he · nebisoftware.com · th3s4rp.carrd.co) joined the room.18:26:31
4 Mar 2024
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@shlom:matrix.orgCrypto Catdoes anybody know a platform where I can conduct free coding competition? 15:17:35
@meian-wandria:matrix.orgMeianmaybe https://www.codingame.com not sure how to create them tho16:25:51

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