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15 Oct 2021
@amito_nicole:matrix.orgAmito Nicole :DI'll just say hi, so, hii14:49:57
17 Oct 2021
@justthetruth_68:matrix.orgjustthetruth_68no answer, ok, this is why i dont do tis much03:19:42
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀well you see... this used to be a chat group for the flat.io community (main reason is because most of us can't use discord at school) but things got chaotic... people not from the community decided to join since this was public, the admin/creator of this room never came back on here, and uhhhhhh it was just not working so there is now a general chat 3.0 for our community but only certain people were invited sorry to tell you that23:26:44
18 Oct 2021
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀 Chan-Chan wat took u so long to finally get back here 14:54:50
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀this is already outdated lmao14:54:57
@xichansenpiix:matrix.orgChan-Chanikr, Element was blocked at my school14:55:07
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀oop14:55:10
@xichansenpiix:matrix.orgChan-Chanbut I brought my phone14:55:15
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀ok14:55:25
@xichansenpiix:matrix.orgChan-ChanI also made a new element accnt14:55:27
19 Oct 2021
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra joined the room.22:22:42
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra left the room.22:23:49
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra joined the room.22:29:22
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyraOops left the room22:29:28
20 Oct 2021
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyraIs there a way for me to join the new GC?00:22:03
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra changed their display name from ayra-ashley to ayra.01:05:04
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyraAnyone online? 01:24:41
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀hello i'm here14:29:02
@de_shredded_slime:matrix.org🥔The Slime🧀everyone14:29:07
@mastermind...:matrix.org@mastermind...:matrix.org left the room.18:40:31
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra set a profile picture.19:48:37
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra changed their display name from ayra to Ayra.22:22:42
21 Oct 2021
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyraI think everyone left lol13:19:14
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyraRIP this chat ig23:18:28
@ayra-ashley:matrix.orgAyra * RIP this chat ig23:18:36

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