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Mobilizon aims to be (much) more than a decentralized and federated Meetup-clone. https://framagit.org/framasoft/mobilizon https://joinmobilizon.org English prefered, french allowed.153 Servers

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12 Jan 2019
@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404Redacted or Malformed Event19:56:51
@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404but free, decentralized and federated19:56:58
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit Indeed. But that only a part of what's Mobilizon wants to do 20:00:53
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit If you know french, read https://framablog.org/2018/12/11/mobilizon-reprendre-le-pouvoir-sur-ce-qui-nous-rassemble/ 20:01:33
@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404already read20:01:45
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcitAlso when we talked to them it seems they wanted to monetize extra features20:02:07
@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404ah ! =/20:03:23
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit Also since the directions weren't really the same, but we have UX people & resources we wouldn't have felt great imposing these choices to Gettogether or through a fork 20:05:17
@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404ok, i understand =)20:24:06
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit I feel like we'll write something about it somewhere at some point 21:12:44
@dhebert:matrix.orgdhebert joined the room.21:36:32
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchelI did love as much their design.. too much cheap..21:56:44
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchel Did you know this tool to build UX and UI design?
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchel It's open source. ) 22:50:09
13 Jan 2019
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchuoh nice tool10:56:33
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchelAnd free11:26:15
@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404seems to be a nice tool, but funny thing : there is no UX in the team11:53:38
14 Jan 2019
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchelI have some UX skills (but not pro)07:19:38
15 Jan 2019
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchusome docs about ethical design https://2017.ind.ie/ethical-design/09:32:34
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchui definitely recommend the book about emotional design from the series "a book apart"09:35:16
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcitFYI we have hired 2 UX designers (one more on UX, the other more on UI) as consultants on this project.09:35:48
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchuoh nice09:36:05
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchelNice !09:36:15
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchuis it official now ?09:36:24
@edimitchel:matrix.orgedimitchelI would be more developer so :)09:36:28
In reply to @tykaynchu:matrix.org
is it official now ?
We need to announce it properly on the Framablog but there were mentionned inside https://framablog.org/2018/12/11/mobilizon-reprendre-le-pouvoir-sur-ce-qui-nous-rassemble/
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchuyeah, i dont know a lot of designers named geoffrey, so i guess it is the one i know from a distance09:38:49
@tykaynchu:matrix.orgtykaynchuwell, for the moment i feel quite useless on the project. maybe i will tickle the wiki to plan some dev doc09:39:40
@tcit:matrix.tcit.frtcit Also I started to work on interfaces https://balsamiq.cloud/s61b1ov/pong0go
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