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1 Jun 2019
08:11:24@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Audo> Yeah just a couple quick updates - Evolution campaign going live next week - AtomicDEX mobile is working and we are expanding the group of testers. Tested it myself too! We are also looking for opportunities to hold private demos for journalists, etc. before we start the full public beta. - We will decide the full public AtomicDEX beta launch date next week. - We have been working on the rebranded site and we have internal target dates. Rebrand is getting closer but will still take time
08:42:52@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <digital bullion> Amazing work to the team. I cannot wait to see the product of such enduring effort, skill and vision that is the culmination of many years work. I believe that time will award to Komodo as a whole compound unit the recognition it deserves.
09:51:05@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Audo> yes it's all coming together now, but like I said it will still take time, so we need to stay patient 😃
13:50:13@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <grumpygoron> All sounds great ☺️ are we to expect all of it to launch this year?
14:43:10@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <happy777> sea is a source of international order. without the concept of sea lanes, not only can the spirit of the West be incomprehensible, but the source of modern international relations be incomprehensible. money that pirates demand for ransom is called "real money," and the money that pirates recognize is a source of imagination: Trustless Trust. argument that bitcoin should be eliminated because criminals use bitcoin is logically not far from the idea that Venice's money should be removed because pirates have acknowledged it. "bitcoin phenomenon," a strange phenomenon faced by mankind today, is different from the new industrial technology commonly referred to as blockchain. this phenomenon is clear and humanistic intellectuals who have missed bitcoin must admit that they have a narrow understanding of the source of the currency. today, the complex international relations we face also have to do with changes in the marine order. bitcoin also exists as a result of the old order, although it may be the cause of the new international order. It was the conclusion reached in 2014 that bitcoin was not a "happening" and its roots were unexpectedly very deep and sound. now is the time for the humanities and knowledge communities to deal with the formidable phenomenon of bitcoin.
14:48:06@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Emmanuel> @happy777 i liked the sea/bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) metaphor. Even today most of our technology can't totally cover or control what goes on the sea. It is and always be an adventure place.
14:48:21@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Emmanuel> @happy777 i liked the sea/bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) metaphor. Even today most of our technology can't totally cover or control what goes on the sea. It is and will always be an adventure place.
14:55:56@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <happy777> I think we shouldn't rush to an economist to understand the bitcoin phenomenon. Rather, I am sure that very humane books such as Nanami Shiono's Eastern Mediterranean Trilogy after Rome, Sapiens of Yuval Noah Harari, and The Rise of Christianity of Rodney Stark provide clues to the insight.
15:06:15@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Mylo> I like ocean sailing. The boating community is decentralized.
15:09:43@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Emmanuel> We could learn a lot from them.
15:23:02@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <KomodoWorld> https://twitter.com/MrKomodoWorld/status/1134842156995239937
15:23:13@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <KomodoWorld> pls like this one
2 Jun 2019
15:11:47@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Audo> yes all the things we are talking about will happen this year: atomicdex, blockchain generator, rebrand, dev documentation
3 Jun 2019
02:33:11@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <stupidfish> anyone has Benny's email address? got some questions to ask him
04:39:49@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Oso> Good morning
04:42:41@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <happy777> "That's enough" and "Our competitors are like us," maybe I can fool myself, but I can't fool the market. You have to make the perfect product. If you're going to make a clumsy product, go home and sleep.
04:45:51@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridgeRedacted or Malformed Event
04:49:42@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridgeRedacted or Malformed Event
05:14:06@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Mylo> all countries can produce 0.1mm difference stuff. they don't make it available to commercial industry.
05:15:10@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <Mylo> the new dex products are excellent. order of magnitude in improvements.
05:28:08@komodobridge:matrix.orgkomodobridge[discord] <happy777> "That's enough" and "Our competitors are like us," maybe I can fool myself, but I can't fool the market. You have to make the perfect product. If you're going to make a clumsy product, go home and sleep. Germany cares about the 0.1 mm difference, Japan is talking about 0.3 mm and the United States is talking about 0.5 mm, but China cares about 1 mm. That's why the word German engineering is still meaningful on the hardware side, and China has to make more efforts for this reason." That's how much Germany and Japan put great effort and effort into pursuing perfection, and the market seems to be well aware of these subtle differences, although they are all the same on the surface. Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto applied the principles of microeconomics to the existing cryptographic technology and included people to form the most robust system created by mankind.
18 Jul 2019
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20 Jul 2019
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25 Aug 2019
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9 Sep 2019
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14 Sep 2019
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7 Nov 2019
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