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25 Feb 2024
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real With the finger things seem to be fine. It's only with the spen things are funky. 20:45:30
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real 2.0.3 20:46:03
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Hmmm, but I'm currently not sure why it selects the wrong image. I'm using the native file picker and only use this to interact with any kind of media on the device... 20:47:28
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real Any additional information I can provide? 20:49:24
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Hmm, which android version do you use? 20:50:18
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real One UI 6.1 + Android version 14. 20:51:01
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Oh me too... 20:51:15
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor And the wrong image and the wrong position only happens with the spen? 20:51:33
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real Wrong position happens only with the finger. 20:52:18
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real I should add that I'm using a large note. Probably more than 100 lines. 20:53:41
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real A lot of text in it. 20:53:47
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real (But the video is a completely new note). 20:53:55
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor And the images were already imported? 20:54:53
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor The images that are wrongly displayed? 20:55:10
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real No. New ones. 20:56:04
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real The ones that are positioned stay put. 20:56:16
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Hmm, but where should the app find these.... 20:56:38
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor I'm currently working on an element id system where every element gets it's own identifier to find it. I think this helps improving the bugs in large documents 20:56:52
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real I didn't give up on writing the documentations. Sorry I'm delaying with that. It was my plan to finish the intro page today, but then we started talking on the bug (here) and the aspect:ratio lock on github 21:03:30
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Oh no problem, it's just a suggestion. I'm always happy to see a pr, no matter how long it takes 21:05:21
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real OK... I think I deleted my February Journal on the app... 😟 21:09:33
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real Is there any format of data recovery? 21:09:42
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real I named the file the same name as a template that I have and now I cannot find it. 21:10:03
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Hmm no but the templates won't be saved in the same directory as the documents. But it could be a good feature to add in the future 21:11:56
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real So where did my journal go? 21:17:56
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor Hmm, if it isn't in the list i can't help you sadly 21:19:33
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor I will try to find the bug and fix it 21:19:44
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real Thank you. 21:21:45
@_discord_193260991683756032:t2bot.ioyotama9_real There wasn't anything important on the journal. I'm just starting the habbit of writing it. 21:22:05
@_discord_336889257488547841:t2bot.ioCode Doctor I would suggest you to backup sometimes, I'm not a big team to find every bug 21:23:05

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