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26 Jan 2020
12:27:07@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕWhat is this now?
12:27:44@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101it might be the channel of a guy who might research what you are talking about
12:28:22@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101https://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/tag/ninth-satanic-circle/ >The picture of Peter Yarrow, formerly of Peter, Paul & Mary, with his hands around Devonte’s throat deeply affected and tore me apart emotionally for days and nights. Yarrow left hand is applying a lethal trachea strangle on Devonte. It appears deceptively settle only because Devonte is smiling, but Devonte was under a very sophisticated form of mind control. When I first saw the picture, alarms started going off in my subconscious. It terrified me, inside. My Lord, they prepared Devonte to be ritually sacrificed!
12:28:27@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101finds stuff like this
12:29:20@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101suggests connection between destabilizing world regions producing a stream of migrants/refugees that can be trafffiked
12:29:29@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101i don't know the details
12:29:52@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101it would be better if you were on irc, but he's also here
12:29:54@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101not now though
12:30:07@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕm.audio Event
12:30:17@rtalk101:matrix.orgrtalk101 * it might be the channel of a guy who might research what you are talking about
12:30:22@elsmith:matrix.orgƐƪṨḿḭꝉƕAlright thanks for the invite.
27 Jan 2020
01:04:23@fusionneur:matrix.org@fusionneur:matrix.org joined the room.
10:54:13@fusionneur:matrix.org@fusionneur:matrix.org left the room.
30 Jan 2020
18:32:58@lorace:matrix.orglorace set a profile picture.
1 Feb 2020
18:46:11@kolonka:matrix.orgnodeshoulda told me you were posting in here too fam
18:46:47@kolonka:matrix.orgnodeand ftr we WERE active, when the bridge was running
18:46:56@kolonka:matrix.orgnodeapparently not a single person on rizon can be fucked to get it up again
18:47:27@kolonka:matrix.orgnodewith enough motive maybe i'll even try to get shit running myself
18:47:44@kolonka:matrix.orgnodealthough there's no way i want to be hosting all of those lines
19:35:57@lorace:matrix.orgloracelol i didnt know about rizon at first ;)
19:36:03@lorace:matrix.orgloracewill join soon i guess
4 Feb 2020
20:10:53@lorace:matrix.orglorace dynode.tk what's the name of the rizon channel?
20:12:47@lorace:matrix.orgloracenvm i got it
5 Feb 2020
14:26:48@pim:utwente.io@pim:utwente.io left the room.
5 Mar 2020
23:38:36@kolonka:matrix.orgnode changed their display name from dynode.tk to node.
17 Mar 2020
00:36:46@lame_skiddie:matrix.orgHubert Cumberdale joined the room.
01:29:31@lame_skiddie:matrix.orgHubert Cumberdale set a profile picture.
25 Mar 2020
16:40:42@isvarahparamahkrsnah:converser.euisvarahparamahkrsnah joined the room.

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