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28 Apr 2023
@science:matrix.orgscience changed their profile picture.16:39:22
@science:matrix.orgscience changed their profile picture.16:39:50
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4 May 2023
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict Skärvest how come you've never mentioned the cardigans. 01:37:15
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict they're fucking great, i just discovered them recently 01:37:27
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Wtf 11:15:08
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest I figured everyone knew about them and i wouldnt have to 11:15:24
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest But yes they are good 11:15:30
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict I think I'd heard a couple of their most popular songs before now 13:37:20
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict But I hadn't listened to a full album or anything. The first two are especially good 13:37:47
5 May 2023
@_discord_733090899042631681:t2bot.iokate le frok out 00:16:43
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7 May 2023
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Looking forward to donglovers ”because the ai” 23:22:00
11 May 2023
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20 May 2023
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22 May 2023
@_discord_367179567191949312:t2bot.ioDog Dance Brazil when god created winter and it made black people white he made a huge mistake 15:44:40
@_discord_733090899042631681:t2bot.iokate wat 19:47:46
23 May 2023
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict I don't understand but I think that's racist 02:26:46
@_discord_367179567191949312:t2bot.ioDog Dance Brazil i'm on the verge of another mental breakdown so my sense of humor has become surrealist 20:50:14
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey only just heard the other day that ryuichi sakamoto died last april. v sad. big rip 20:55:01
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey went and saw merry christmas mr. lawrence in a theater which I had never actually got around to seeing 20:55:28
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey tbh kind of mixed feelings on the movie itself but boy that soundtrack does go so hard on a loud theater soundsystem 20:55:45
24 May 2023
@_discord_367179567191949312:t2bot.ioDog Dance Brazil cool! 00:31:37
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Pitt Praff Whats stressing ye out 06:16:03
25 May 2023
@_discord_733090899042631681:t2bot.iokate yeah i'm thinking it's ronver for meatball ron 03:26:14
28 May 2023
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict Skärvest how is/was Spain? 17:35:03
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Postponed indefinitely 21:01:01
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Thanks for asking 21:01:09

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