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20 Oct 2021
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Ok 18:24:19
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Obv they use normal electric guitars and drums but they use so much reverb and play odd rythms 18:26:32
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Id like to hear them use those instruments the way most bands use them and have normal melodies and rythms 18:27:50
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks so you want them to just play the same shit as anyone else could? 18:30:09
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks like you can just listen to real estate 18:30:34
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey I saw them at p4k and this was the one I remember wanting to hear again 18:30:38
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey was maybe a bit better live even but 18:30:43
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey I like it a lot 18:30:47
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks or any other generic indie band doing boring songs 18:30:55
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks like them 18:30:58
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey also I'd say yeah this is mostly "normal instruments" 18:31:31
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Avey is an interesting songwriter though 18:40:15
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest And real estate overuse reverb 18:40:29
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest As boring as hell as they are anco doing bland anco is so goddamn dull 18:40:59
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest I dont feel anything at all 18:41:12
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey but I will say from what I saw 18:57:05
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey lotta deak on this one 18:57:07
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey lotta VOCALS deak 18:57:10
@_discord_220874940285452288:t2bot.ioCasey which is great to me 18:57:13
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks yeah clearly he was an underutilized songwriter 19:19:53
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks in all previous efforts 19:19:57
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks might be too little too late for me tho 19:20:12
21 Oct 2021
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest What happened to the corona virus and all the vaccine shit seems to have just disappeared 23:15:07
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Over night 23:17:04
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest No news about it and it just disappeared from ppls conversations 23:17:18
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks its news here becuase we have the city about to ban people from grocery shopping 23:25:45
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks without vax 23:25:48
22 Oct 2021
@_discord_122154483147866116:t2bot.ioarodinovitch https://twitter.com/timeforjaya/status/1451168582545649668 03:53:39
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks "i wanna be a fit mukbang youtuber like zach choi" 04:19:48
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