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25 Jul 2021
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka idk if yall know them but i'm seeing death's dynamic shroud on halloween 01:58:31
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka that's what i'm hyped for rn 01:58:42
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka + george clanton 01:59:00
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict is that at the same sho 02:09:14
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict ive only heard i'll try living like this but that's a vaporwave classic 02:09:16
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka ye same show 02:12:04
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict very cool 02:12:24
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict one of these days ill go to a show again 02:12:43
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka that's definitely my fav by them, heavy black heart is good too but vibes aren't as awesomely fucked up 02:13:12
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict i think sade will release one more album and do one more world tour within the next 5 years 02:13:28
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict that's the only thing i need to make sure i get tickets for 02:13:38
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka yeah can't wait to go to shows again, seeing random cover bands at the bar just isnt the same 02:14:05
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict but what if it was macaulay culkin and his pizza themes velvet underground cover band 02:14:48
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka it's just not the same.... 02:15:26
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict nah 02:15:45
@_discord_122154483147866116:t2bot.ioarodinovitch https://i.redd.it/e7ncm16ljdd71.jpg 20:20:21
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict Actually I just made out with your mom so my lips are wet ūüė© 20:44:53
26 Jul 2021
@_discord_122154483147866116:t2bot.ioarodinovitch who /chess/ here 00:06:26
@_discord_122154483147866116:t2bot.ioarodinovitch https://twitter.com/arodinovitch/status/1419448861609758721 00:06:26
@_discord_367179567191949312:t2bot.ioSabored#7382 i was for a week and then I realized it's balls 00:45:01
@_discord_367179567191949312:t2bot.ioSabored#7382 another game to show your dominance over other people 00:45:18
@_discord_278962947378905089:t2bot.iosweater I play chess 06:43:28
@_discord_278962947378905089:t2bot.iosweater the key is to not care too much 06:43:39
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks the key to winning chess is always pick black 06:46:12
@_discord_278962947378905089:t2bot.iosweater I would make a joke about my government-appointed shoelace assistant, but it wouldn't be funny because he is real and kibd of a dick 06:46:16
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest What the fuck is wrong with bob 10:21:38
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest He made so many good songs in the 80s and scrapped all of them in favor for true garbage 10:22:03
@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest Especially for infidels, all scrapped songs are a way better album 10:24:04

Especially for

infidels, all scrapped songs are a

way better album

- Skärvest

@_discord_213266012362113024:t2bot.ioSkärvest He was still making rambling/nonsense songs in the 80s like he did in the mid 60s which are undefeatable and bob at his most enjoyable 10:25:29

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