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25 Jan 2023
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks thats them taking the conversion rates back with them to melbourne 22:16:24
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks 200usd is like 330 aud 22:16:32
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka i did get to see protomartyr and gybe though so that was fun 22:18:06
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks did you fall asleep during godspeed 22:18:08
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka i've liked these oblivion access lineups much more than levitation in many years though, it's much more up my alley in terms of like having weird neat shit and not just like guitar band play guitar 22:18:55
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka no, i did fall asleep during the grouper set at oblivion access last year though 22:19:15
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka gybe is loud AF that would've been pretty hard to sleep through bro 22:19:40
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks you mean not just the same psych rock bands from the mid to late 00s over and over every lineup 22:20:15
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks because levitation seems to be like the same exact bands every eyar 22:20:27
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka p much yep 22:20:55
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka they went from having brian wilson headline to having chicano batman headline 22:21:15
@_discord_733090899042631681:t2bot.iokate i'm in austin 22:34:22
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks NPR-ification 22:53:25
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks grupo firme at coachella last year ruled though 22:53:46
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks they fucking killed it 22:53:49
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks put so many other bands to shame 22:53:59
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks https://youtu.be/6vClVMR_nfs 22:55:10
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks he drank the beer out of the hat 22:56:06
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks the party on stage was more lit than the crowd 22:56:34
26 Jan 2023
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict how was protomartyr 00:35:03
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka they were really good, basically just did normal rock band things though 16:34:24
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka kelley deal played with them which was pretty fkn cool to me, big fan of the first two breeders albums 16:36:08
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict yeah she's been a touring member since like 2020 i think, and on some studio recordings too 17:17:23
@_discord_323578693328830465:t2bot.ioSynergyAddict how was joe doing? that dude legit concerns me lmao 17:18:00
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka mmmm he looked fine, though obviously i only saw him on stage... not too much happened up there but he also wasn't in like a drunken stupor so 🤷 17:31:10
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1366/5653/files/GIF-APF-2023-POSTER-1500px.gif?v=1674755237 18:28:02
@_discord_561669773985972264:t2bot.ioekka Froks most innovative austin fest lineup just dropped 18:28:30
@_discord_367179567191949312:t2bot.ioDog Dance Brazil https://tenor.com/view/groovin-theyre-groovin-grooving-dance-party-disco-time-gif-25395528 18:42:18
@_discord_237012885685927937:t2bot.ioFroks yep.. thats an austin fest 18:43:27
28 Jan 2023
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