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29 Jun 2022
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyThat's how shitty it is19:50:29
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyFacebook being not-so-good doesn't make the likes of Brax a "privacy alternative"19:50:48
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin (DriftNotSkid) [they|them] (🕊️ Lena)Redacted or Malformed Event19:50:57
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyRedacted or Malformed Event19:51:01
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin (DriftNotSkid) [they|them] (🕊️ Lena)Brax.me is vulnerable to public exploits that have been public for years19:51:20
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin (DriftNotSkid) [they|them] (🕊️ Lena)Even a script kiddie can get RCE on his webserver with little effort19:51:50
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin (DriftNotSkid) [they|them] (🕊️ Lena)* Brax.me is vulnerable to exploits that have been public for years19:52:03
In reply to @memorysafetybelike:envs.net
Brax.me is vulnerable to exploits that have been public for years
lmfao you got some links
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommy(I just looked at his repo and saw 700 permisison everywhere and ran away)19:52:30
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin (DriftNotSkid) [they|them] (🕊️ Lena)Links? Just do a CVE lookup on the software versions he's running on his website19:53:32
@nevernot2:matrix.org@nevernot2:matrix.orghow are you?19:53:41
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyokay sar19:55:15
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyyeah me havent looked it up19:55:25
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommymaybe I should dive in19:55:31
In reply to @tommy:arcticfoxes.net
If you value your privacy you are better off using Facebook than the likes of Brax
If one values privacy none of those is considered at all.
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyScreen Shot 2022-06-29 at 3.55.59 PM.png
Download Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 3.55.59 PM.png
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyWhat the fuck19:56:10
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyoh no19:57:25
@memorysafetybelike:envs.netBabba27's Evil Twin (DriftNotSkid) [they|them] (🕊️ Lena) banned @nevernot2:matrix.org@nevernot2:matrix.org (Attempting to dox people).20:00:11
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyI see a lot of hardcoded shit20:09:37
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommyScreen Shot 2022-06-29 at 4.10.00 PM.png
Download Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 4.10.00 PM.png
@tommy:arcticfoxes.netTommylike this shit should be in a config file20:10:11
In reply to @tommy:arcticfoxes.net
The only phones with >5 years of support are the Pixel 6+ series or the iPhones

Speaking from memory, the EU wanted to pass a law forcing manufactures to give suport for at least 5 years on everything electronic (not only phones). For both software security updates and hardware repairs (the thing is to try to reoair when possible instead of replace with a new one).

I can't find a statement anywhere now, though.

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@joyful3412:matrix.orgjoyful3412Uh oh, look like I have to stop using syncthing now20:48:07
@jau2o-dk45a3:artemislena.eumazerfaker banned @unknownvault:matrix.org@unknownvault:matrix.org.21:16:32
@jau2o-dk45a3:artemislena.eumazerfaker Tommy honestly even owasp zap automated thing can find some outdated things for you :d 21:17:41

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