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4 Aug 2021
In reply to @lattice:tchncs.de
what ever happened to just private by default? without having to get into all the fancy threat model words and such
privacy by design/default is partially why rooms like this exist
@hypokeimenon:tchncs.depatienceprivacy can be built in to the services and systems you use18:58:14
@hypokeimenon:tchncs.depatiencethere just isn't a culture of doing that yet18:58:22
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wyou always have to compromise 18:58:23
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wdon't expect to make your normal routine as usual and have a magic bullet solution that will solve all the privacy issues18:59:06
@lattice:tchncs.delatticei get it, but i dont see how qubes helps to counter it if you gotta go threw all these things18:59:14
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wit does help but you need to go one step at time18:59:39
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wyou don't know what to do with linux as a host system18:59:51
In reply to @lattice:tchncs.de
i get it, but i dont see how qubes helps to counter it if you gotta go threw all these things
counter what?
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wI would start by learning it19:00:03
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wyou want to use qubes without making an effort to use qubes19:00:24
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wyou would probably won't be able to even install windows on it19:00:41
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wit's not like next > next > next and clicks19:01:05
@lattice:tchncs.delatticei am willing, i am tech proficient, but i am thinking further like if my mom wanted to use it it would be way out of question19:01:16
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wI disagree 19:01:26
@lattice:tchncs.delatticeand she honestly needs it more than me19:01:32
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wat least based on what you said above19:01:34
In reply to @lattice:tchncs.de
so im not really a noob, i just dont know how to do everyday stuff on linux
@lattice:tchncs.delatticeyoure gonna keep bumping that ;)19:02:26
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wif this is your feeling on linux one could even imagine what you will feel on qubes19:02:29
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wnot really19:02:42
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wlook do what you want19:02:46
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wdon't take my word for it19:02:53
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wI don't seem to be able to convince you (even though I'm using qubes for almost a decade now)19:03:19
@c0w:matrix.orgc0w * look, do what you want19:03:36
@lattice:tchncs.delatticeno i appreciate your input. it sounds like its not something you can just install and be up and running instantly though and i just gotta be willing to learn it and stuff19:03:43
@lattice:tchncs.delatticegood to know beforehand19:04:00
@c0w:matrix.orgc0wstart by learning what you can do with linux19:04:15

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