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Depositary workgroup for some good code snippets that get things done in Matrix rooms and Homeservers, despite lag and GUI client freezing¦hanging, from ye ole terminal emulated command prompt. ¶Aimed at intermediate skilled practicioners. ¶Kindly prefer POST over GET method as appropriate, where putting your access_token in a URL/URL that leaves the browser is not smart. ¶Get a cli on that mobile! • Try to post files that Matrix clients may read natively. • We should have a list of all working Event Types i.e. m.room.power_levels . • https://web.archive.org/web/20180712100113/https://gist.github.com/RickCogley/69f430d4418ae5498e8febab44d241c9 • https://matrix.org/docs/api/client-server/ • https://github.com/anoadragon453/matrix-scripts • https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/depositary http://grammarist.com/usage/depository-repository/ https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/depository25 Servers

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21 Apr 2020
@ssorbom:matrix.orgssorbom This isn't a bash specific question, but are there any admin functions that are not covered by matrix's current endpoints, meaning something that you would have to actually physically modify the database to do? 19:32:21

Well, there HAVE been DataBase "surgery" issues, IIRC. IDK if they've ALL been resolved. I have had a couple that cURL-ing an endpoint never fixed, perhaps due to my MXID predating any patches.

Also as far as general room administration, AFAIK there is yet to be an endpoint for Power Levels, i.e. specific ones, and AIUI you need to get the whole thing and resend the whole thing with your modifications.

23 Apr 2020
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28 Apr 2020
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5 May 2020
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6 May 2020
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7 May 2020
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11 May 2020
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12 May 2020
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14 May 2020
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15 May 2020
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18 May 2020
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23 May 2020
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24 May 2020
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31 May 2020
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2 Jun 2020
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8 Jun 2020
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9 Jun 2020
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11 Jun 2020
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18 Jun 2020
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19 Jun 2020
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