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1 Apr 2020
09:01:37@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei what's the right way to adapt the file paths created by teh arch linux AUR package to the directions https://docs.joinpeertube.org/#/install-any-os ?
09:01:47@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei that package doesn't put anything in /var/www/peertube
09:06:57@freenode_dreamerchris[m]:matrix.orgdreamerchris[m]meireikei: just a long shot, maybe even with aur package, you need to do it alone? Like in the url you send? Cause it says you need a new user and var/www/peertube is the home to that user and you need to start a db in there etc?
09:07:43@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei there's also static assets there I believe
09:07:48@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikeiand the nginx root uses that path
09:07:58@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei and maybe other things I"m not aware of
09:08:44@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei I was asking rigelk specifically becuase they made the AUR package and so they presumably know what other moving parts need to change with that package
09:08:54@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikeiI hate debugging this sort of thing
09:09:34@freenode_dreamerchris[m]:matrix.orgdreamerchris[m]meireikei: hm ok
09:11:23@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrismeireikei: maybe send him a pm? I dont see him in the room participants
09:12:21@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei maybe that's a matrix bridge thing? his nick autocompletes
09:13:36@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrismeireikei: ow ok I was confused, I checked the irc channel here on matrix and didnt find him, but in the matrix room he is admin but it says 800 days offline
09:14:25@freenode_meireikei:matrix.orgmeireikei huh I hope he's not offline. he (or at least someone with the same nick) made a comment on the arch linux AUR issue at the beginning of march
09:14:28@dreamerchris:matrix.orgdreamerchrisBut I guess online offline is disabled
Προς απάντηση στο @freenode_meireikei:matrix.org
huh I hope he's not offline. he (or at least someone with the same nick) made a comment on the arch linux AUR issue at the beginning of march
meireikei: if he is admin maybe other admins know him maybe even choco him self knows him ping all admins
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2 Apr 2020
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00:57:09@_discord_274255199122751489:t2bot.ioirisedenRedacted or Malformed Event
07:21:32@grin:grin.hugrin iriseden: I'd say it simply works? :)
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3 Apr 2020
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