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22 Jan 2020
23:43:39@iav:matrix.orgnekomancerPlan B was https://fortran.io/
23 Jan 2020
14:21:12@protodrew:matrix.orgprotodrewOne thing I am going to start working on after I finish a couple personal projects is allowing for a card based view on Lemmy so images will be displayed a bit nicer on mobile and stuff
14:23:57@protodrew:matrix.orgprotodrewI'm shocked at how good the web version looks on mobile already, so I might also make an app that just pulls from the website or something soon
14:32:01@protodrew:matrix.orgprotodrewProb wont be able to do anything until the next version though so don't count on anything within the next month or so
17:45:44@nyex:matrix.orgnyex joined the room.
17:45:47@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysooseHey account deletion doesn't work.
17:46:05@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysooseI stay logged in after confirming, my account is still there.
17:47:44@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalinesIt just perma deletes all your comments and posts and such, it doesn't remove your user. This is because it would wipe out all the comment and post replies.
17:48:29@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysoosecan't you replace the user with an anonymous user?
17:48:48@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysoosenot to mention the site still has my hashed password, email, etc
17:49:01@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysooseaccount deletion is about more than just comments
17:51:17@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalinesI might be wiping out the email too, but I'm not sure, I'd have to check the code. I'd need to open up a ticket if there's an issue.
18:08:48@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysooseWell, the site is just a demo right? Is it still true that everything is going to get purged at some point in the future?
19:03:29@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalinesNot a demo anymore, that data isn't going to get purged.
20:26:34@millysoose:matrix.orgmillysooseWell it looks like the email setting got purged and I can change the password. The only other data left is the username. What can be done about that?
21:41:24@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalinesI'm not sure
24 Jan 2020
00:42:51@poperigby:feneas.orgPopeRigbyIs the dev.ml instance tracking HEAD, or is it on the latest release?
00:51:29@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalinesits usually on master, unless I'm testing out some new UI stuff then its on my dev branch
05:01:14@dodecahedrane:matrix.orgdodecahedrane is it intended that changing the theme also changes the main font?
06:55:44@dodecahedrane:matrix.orgdodecahedrane * is it intended that changing the theme also changes the main font?
15:33:21@matroid:matrix.orgMatroidwhy do I get redirected to /setup when I load the forum?
15:34:53@nutomic:matrix.orgnutomic @matroid:matrix.org: you're the second person today who mentioned that
15:35:02@nutomic:matrix.orgnutomicAny idea how to reproduce it?
15:35:08@nutomic:matrix.orgnutomicCause it works fine for me
15:35:26@matroid:matrix.orgMatroidyeah, I tested with another person and it works fine for them too
15:40:06@nutomic:matrix.orgnutomicMaybe open an issue with info about your browser etc
15:40:44@matroid:matrix.orgMatroidoh, I cleared the browser cache and now it works
15:41:24@matroid:matrix.orgMatroidit was happening in both phone and desktop then I thought it was something in the server, but clearing cache on both devices worked
16:08:22@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalineshrm, ya its a browser cache issue, I knew something might happen with that http-api merge. Refreshing the page should do it.
16:08:31@happydooby:matrix.orgDessalines v0.6.3 is the right version

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