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16 Apr 2021
@rynach:matrix.orgRynachand recently it was on the news that QAnon is trying to use yoga communities and teachers as a gateway 11:08:10
@rynach:matrix.orgRynachwhich led to many yoga teachers signing a petition titled "Yogis agains QAnon" 11:08:52
In reply to @rynach:matrix.org
here anti-vaxxers and pandemic denialists are mainly far-right
and dog-lovers...
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In reply to @staticallytypedrice:matrix.org
Dealt with it!
Thx 😀
@tskaalgard92:matrix.orgTravis SkaalgardThanks mods14:47:39
@tskaalgard92:matrix.orgTravis Skaalgard
In reply to @jakob:schuerz.at
and dog-lovers...
What about dog lovers? Where??
In reply to @falconstinker:matrix.org
in Israel far-leftists are the antivaxxers and pandemic denialists
The right is infecting the left.
@tskaalgard92:matrix.orgTravis SkaalgardI mean, the left isn't immune to bullshit15:01:44
@tskaalgard92:matrix.orgTravis SkaalgardAnyone remember "9/11 was an inside job" ?15:01:52
@rynach:matrix.orgRynach"7/11 was a part-time job" 15:03:14
@tskaalgard92:matrix.orgTravis Skaalgardhahahaha15:04:23
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@marius:matrix.get-racing.demariusWhat is this room even about? Thought it's about hosting and administering lemmy, but you guys just seem so have the same discussions that you have on your lemmy instance16:37:46
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]fwiw there's also a lemmy dev room that's more specifically for administration and hosting16:39:06
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]Redacted or Malformed Event17:02:05
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]Redacted or Malformed Event17:02:20
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]Redacted or Malformed Event17:02:29
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]Redacted or Malformed Event17:03:07
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]fucking hell im so sorry wrong chat17:03:30
@sirlotsalocks:matrix.orgSirLotsaLocks [He/Him]jesus17:03:44
@airportline:matrix.orgR1 AirportThis chat rooms has a habit of attracting such interesting conversations :)21:45:05
@staticallytypedrice:matrix.orgstaticallytypedriceWe've made an announcement regarding blogspam: https://lemmy.ml/post/6079321:45:41
17 Apr 2021
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