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3 Jun 2023
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrainska Pravda: Zelenskyy suggests that Russia perform "diplomatic exit", withdrawing from occupied territories without fighting 19:28:07
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrainska Pravda: Explosion rings out in Dnipro before air raid alert activated 19:28:07
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Ukrainian girl who lost leg in Russian strike goes back to competing in gymnastics 20:27:36
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Russians shell Sumy region 10 times on Saturday 20:27:36
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Six injured, including child, after Russian strike hits house in Dnipropetrovsk region 20:27:36
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Almost 40 kindergartens hit by Russian shelling in Mykolaiv 20:40:17
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@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Russians struck at outskirts of Dnipro: 6 injured, including a child, people under rubble. PHOTOS 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Our defense, our active actions and Ukraine’s independence are not something abstract. These are very specific people. I thank everyone who is fighting for Ukraine!" - Zelensky. VIDEO 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Hungary is not going to give up Russian gas and oil - Szijjarto 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: World War III could become a hybrid war, - Zelensky 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Russians set up a hospital in a kindergarten in Skadovsk: more than 50 occupants are being treated, - General Staff 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Ukraine is ready to provide a humanitarian corridor for Russians who want to leave Belgorod region of Russia - PO 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Zelensky offers Russia a "diplomatic way out" with least losses: "They should leave without waiting for us to push them out by force" 20:53:22
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Zelensky: Don't forget to thank soldiers for their service 21:08:59
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrainska Pravda: Zelenskyy calls on citizens to thank soldiers personally 21:13:36
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Russians attacked a suburb of Dnipro: number of casualties increased to 20, including 5 children. 3 boys are in serious condition. Сhild is being searched for under rubble - RMA 21:23:09
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Estonia first to launch reconstruction projects in Ukraine - PM Shmyhal 21:40:15
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: We don’t have enough weapons for counteroffensive, - Deputy Head of PO Zhovkva 22:10:09
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Canada, Poland to jointly support Ukraine’s defense 22:23:14
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrainska Pravda: Russians attack 4 hromadas in Sumy Oblast, injuring one person 22:35:56
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrainska Pravda: Attack on Dnipro's suburbs: number of people injured rises to 20, including 5 children 22:35:56
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrainska Pravda: Occupiers refuse to provide insulin to people without Russian passports in Zaporizhzhia 22:46:05
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Censor Net: Ukrainian aviation and artillery destroyed 11 enemy concentration areas, 3 ammunition depots, 1 SAM and 1 control center on June 3 - General Staff 23:01:13
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Speeches in foreign parliaments allow for telling truth about Russian war in Ukraine - Zelensky 23:29:38
4 Jun 2023
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Prosecutor General Kostin: UK systematically supports Ukraine in legal sphere 00:20:03
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Experts, politicians, diplomats meet in Warsaw to discuss return of Ukrainian children abducted by Russia 01:23:06
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Five street shelters placed in Kherson city in two days 02:17:39
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Scholz goes harsh on pro-Russian protesters booing him at event 03:08:30
@feeds:integrations.ems.hostFeeds Ukrinform: Russian night attack on Kyiv: Air defense forces destroy missiles at long distance 03:36:27

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