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Discussion about nheko, the desktop client for Matrix - https://github.com/mujx/nheko49 Servers

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1 Mar 2022
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4 Mar 2022
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6 Mar 2022
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8 Mar 2022
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@altamasta:matrix.orgaltamastaHello, does nheko client support voip calls?10:03:24
@altamasta:matrix.orgaltamasta i found this as done: https://github.com/Nheko-Reborn/nheko/issues/109 10:03:45
@altamasta:matrix.orgaltamastabut i have no idea how to use it10:03:53
20 Mar 2022
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27 Mar 2022
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@malte:maltee.deMalte E altamasta try #nheko:nheko.im, this is an old room that nobody uses anymore ;) 20:42:41
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9 Apr 2022
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17 Apr 2022
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18 Apr 2022
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19 Apr 2022
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1 May 2022
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7 May 2022
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9 May 2022
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10 May 2022
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16 May 2022
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