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17 Sep 2019
23:25:17@uhoreg:matrix.orguhoregTry #nheko-reborn:matrix.org
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20 Sep 2019
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24 Sep 2019
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25 Sep 2019
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1 Oct 2019
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9 Oct 2019
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15 Oct 2019
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18 Oct 2019
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21 Oct 2019
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29 Oct 2019
03:59:42@reasor:matrix.vorakahva.comReasor joined the room.
04:02:39@reasor:matrix.vorakahva.comReasorHello I wanted to ask if it is possible to change the font size in the nheko-reborn app
04:03:24@reasor:matrix.vorakahva.comReasorIm looking for a matrix client for a friend with vision problems
20:32:31@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land Pirate changed their profile picture.
30 Oct 2019
00:07:55@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌It sure is
00:08:42@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌But you might want to join the new room so you can get updates 😁
00:10:02@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌#nheko:ocean.joedonofry.com
In reply to @red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.com
It sure is
Ah. Thanks red_sky 🌌 . this was the one listed on matrix.
00:30:15@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌I asked them to update it... maybe they missed some pages
00:30:18@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌thanks for letting me know
00:31:51@reasor:matrix.vorakahva.comReasorYe ye buddy. No problem.
31 Oct 2019
06:15:52@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxOIIRC you need to do a PR/MR to make that happen.
4 Nov 2019
17:54:52@PhoenixLandPirate:matrix.orgPhoenix Land Pirate changed their profile picture.
8 Nov 2019
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10 Nov 2019
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