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5 Feb 2020
03:18:00@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DMight not be up to date but it's close(updated within the last month)
03:18:08@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen Dand yes, riot works fine
03:33:37@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌Hmm, wait, which version of nheko are you using?
03:40:36@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D0.6.3
03:40:44@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen DThe default one in the deb repo
03:45:35@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌That's probably why. 0.6.3 has issues with the newer rooms
03:46:04@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌I would recommend 0.6.4 or compiling the 0.7.0-dev branch yourself
03:46:08@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌Assuming you're on Debian, 0.6.4 is available in backports
07:16:47@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxOred_sky 🌌: Is this somehow now the nheko-reborn room? Because it looks the old abandoned room for the similarly named project which is also abandonware.
11:29:05@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D

Nice, 0.6.4 is working

11:30:21@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D

Does Nheko have a dark mode?

11:33:14@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D

I found it


And here's a thought… Consider naming the other room:




12:53:28@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.orgMMJD-MxO Stephen D: Do you realize you're actually in the wrong room? This room is ABANDONED, just like the original nheko project. red_sky 🌌 mantains a fork of the original, and it has it's own room. Check your invites.
13:18:29@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D

Yeah, I joined the other room now

13:18:49@stephen:m.scd31.comStephen D

However the rooms are identical(name and profile picture) so I can't tell them apart, and the other room isn't even listed in the directory

13:42:22@red_sky:ocean.joedonofry.comred_sky 🌌
In reply to@MilkManzJourDaddy:matrix.org
red_sky 🌌: Is this somehow now the nheko-reborn room? Because it looks the old abandoned room for the similarly named project which is also abandonware.
Thanks, I did not even notice

You're Welcome.¦No problem.¦🍻

And, also, red_sky 🌌 , as mentioned just above, try and have your room listed in the various Directories of heavily populated public Homeservers.

A variation on the Avatar/Icon wouldn't hurt either, considering your work is a fork.

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8 Feb 2020
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12 Feb 2020
03:52:10@peakj:matrix.orgrrguj changed their display name from xde to rrguj.
13 Feb 2020
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15 Feb 2020
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