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8 May 2021
@mugli:grin.humugliI agree. Physical bulletin borard work for smallet apartments. But eg. in Budapest there are large buildings with quite a few flats. It just does not scale and not responsive enough for tge rat-race of our time and age. 📧10:40:43
@mugli:grin.humugliI agree. Physical bulletin borard work for smallest apartments. But eg. in Budapest there are large buildings with quite a few flats. It just does not scale and not responsive enough for the rat-race of our time and age. 📧10:41:28
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <g​uagua> [xmpp] Invitacion a la Fiesta por la nueva version de SMail version 0.4.5 Beta, que ya cuenta con soporte de grupos; en servidor irc: reisub.nsupdate.info port: 6666 canal #smail 23:59:06
11 May 2021
@server_stats:nordgedanken.devServer Stats Discoverer (traveler bot) set a profile picture.12:42:18
14 May 2021
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <S​teffen K9> [xmpp] I made some adjustments to the Prosody XMPP config (vcards, limits). Looks good so far. Please report if anything weird happens. 😋 19:57:47
@bkil:grin.hubkilOkay, thanks20:07:05
15 May 2021
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] Who decided to make the Register text a short line and not a (resizeable) text input field, btw? ;) 09:08:21
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] https://files.nerdica.net/upload/6f71f17820afbaa1516a0bc02ff282e03137e914/CWqf0gJ5DI62eqxb2tL3uQGjvx0UkxJHw6sadpXV/Bildschirmfoto_2021-05-15_um_11.07.37.png 09:08:27
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] Another minor issue: the //server should be a /server under Additional Info 09:09:12
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] https://files.nerdica.net/upload/6f71f17820afbaa1516a0bc02ff282e03137e914/GnYUtTTh9xozrmTw2VfHo5HUFb6MH2Hf8rxoNByd/Bildschirmfoto_2021-05-15_um_11.08.44.png 09:09:19
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] well, seems to be a theme issue… 09:10:48
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] Just changed my ToS to „only German and English language allowed“… there is too much content on my server I can’t read/understand and using translation websites is too much work 09:59:57
@bkil:grin.hubkilBound to happen. That's the curse of popularity for you. 😺 📈10:53:00
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] well, in fact the popularity is diminishing in the past months… instead opensocial.at and squeet.me are now the two top servers 11:05:03
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenIs there any "explore" option on Friendica?11:36:47
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenLike just exploring what users/posts an Instance has.11:37:28
@jaywink:federator.dev@jaywink:federator.dev left the room.11:43:10
  • https://squeet.me/community
  • https://opensocial.at/search?tag=humor
@allen_dema:matrix.orgAllenExactly that, great.11:55:07
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] the-federation.info 11:59:22
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] This person attempted to retract a previous message, but it's unsupported by your client. 12:00:24
@bkil:grin.hubkilSee also: https://podupti.me/12:00:49
@m4sk1n:matrix.orgmarcin mikołajczak joined the room.16:18:18
16 May 2021
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] Hmmm, ActivityPub seems to have stopped working on nerdica.net. I see some errors in the log like this: 20:18:07
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] 2021-05-16T20:17:23Z index [ERROR]: compacting error [] - {"file":"JsonLD.php","line":153,"function":"compact","uid":"081a17","process_id"
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] 2021-05-16T20:29:39Z index [ERROR]: compacting error [] - {"file":"JsonLD.php","line":153,"function":"compact","uid":"9988c8","process_id"
2021-05-16T20:29:39Z index [NOTICE]: Unable to retrieve AP contact for actor - message is discarded {"actor":null} - {"file":"Receiver.php
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] https://github.com/friendica/friendica/issues/10254 21:47:46
the fix is available on the develop branch [...] The current fix is not good enough to make it to the release. For example posts from Pleroma are currently rejected.
@fikabot:matrix.org. 💬 <i​j> [xmpp] w3c fixed the root cause in the meanwhile 22:58:39
@bkil:grin.hubkilYes, I could also open the mentioned link, but I agree that such self-hosted federated alternatives should not be relying on being able to access such random URI's - all of these need to be bundled at build time. 23:17:42

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