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7 Jul 2022
@hank:myportal.socialHankI posted this on Friendica as well but...here is the 2 week system loading graph for my instance (just 2 users but we both use contact groups extensively). It's clear where I changed the Ping endpoint to only return top level counts. 13:35:24
Download FriendicaQueryChange.png
@hank:myportal.socialHankI'm going to implement that as a configurable feature and go through the standard PR process through GitHub.13:36:00
@hank:myportal.socialHankFYI going through the developer docs to make sure i minimize the number of hose ups with my first commit, this link is broken. Is that expected to be broken? https://ethercalc.org/friendica_classes14:16:07
@hank:myportal.socialHankAs in it moved or is there a server down?14:16:13
@bkil:grin.hubkilOops. I planned to scrape through the website and to repos to check for dead links but I forgot. 😊14:21:03
@bkil:grin.hubkilEtherCalc links can actually expire if nobody is opening them, certain instances are configured to expiry within 1-6 months even.14:21:25
@bkil:grin.hubkilNot sure why a Markdown table or a CSV couldn't do.14:21:40
@hank:myportal.socialHankOh that's unfortunate but good to know...14:21:40
@hank:myportal.socialHankhopefully it is archived somewhere14:21:48
@bkil:grin.hubkilAnd due to it being JavaScript-heavy, I don't think that archive.org stands a chance with these14:21:54
@hank:myportal.socialHankyeah :(14:22:10
@bkil:grin.hubkilThat link is from 2017-04-3014:22:31
@hank:myportal.socialHankIs that even a maintained document then?14:22:44
@bkil:grin.hubkilI mean, not that many things have changed over the course of a few years.14:23:26
@bkil:grin.hubkilWhen in doubt, you could ask on https://forum.friendi.ca/profile/developers as well14:24:41
@hank:myportal.socialHankYeah I posted there about this as well14:24:52
@bkil:grin.hubkilBut this seems sensible on first blink https://forum.friendi.ca/help/Developers-Intro https://github.com/friendica/friendica/blob/develop/doc/Developers-Intro.md14:25:11
@hank:myportal.socialHankCuriously my instance does not have all the posts that render on the hosting server...but I'm sure stuff to mine will be federated14:25:15
@hank:myportal.socialHankYup reading all of those :)14:25:22
@hank:myportal.socialHankwhere I found the broken link :)14:25:30
@hank:myportal.socialHankIn this document https://github.com/friendica/friendica/blob/develop/doc/Developer-How-To-Move-Classes-to-src.md14:26:02
@bkil:grin.hubkilJust as I thought: archive.org did visit the link, but it could not save any meaningful information due to the JavaScript.14:28:06
@hank:myportal.socialHankYeah not a surprise :(14:30:25
@bkil:grin.hubkilI think Mr. Petovan might still have a copy or the generator script, as he was the committer.14:31:47
@hank:myportal.socialHankI was about to say that something like that should probably be auto-generated14:32:36
@bkil:grin.hubkilYes, ideally on gitlab/github Pages14:32:57
@bkil:grin.hubkil You can actually find a generated class list within vendor/composer/autoload_classmap.php 14:34:38
@bkil:grin.hubkilA few classes are also mentioned here https://github.com/friendica/friendica/blob/develop/static/routes.config.php14:35:52

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