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25 Nov 2022
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] my humble opinion. 19:40:15
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] I'm in the third world war. I am writing to my son from the other side of the world. 19:41:59
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] I'm dying... and my child will never read my msg. 19:41:59
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] or my home is being robbed by thieves... I send a message to my relatives 19:41:59
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] the message never arrived. 19:41:59
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] examples. this is catastrophic. 19:42:00
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] :( 19:42:11
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] https://reisub.nsupdate.info/filehost/files/MHO.jpg 19:45:02
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] https://reisub.nsupdate.info/filehost/files/kf_.jpg 19:46:29
@bkil:grin.hubkilguagua-: Could you somehow confirm that the failing jobs that keep filling up your queue are the requeued versions of when you had Mailstream enabled, or does the Mailstream addon still exist within your file system?20:02:17
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] Mailstream disable 20:18:33
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] it's been quite a while 20:19:39
@bkil:grin.hubkilCould you purge all entries relating to its retries perhaps?21:29:19
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] that is what I want. but I don't know how to do it. how do i purge 21:45:48
@bkil:grin.hubkilHow many rows do you have in the workerqueue table where command is mailstream_send_hook?22:07:18
@bkil:grin.hubkilguagua-: I think what might be happening is that despite the fact that you have deactivated the faulty mailstream addon, its hook got queued for workers. Then they will happily attempt to invoke that function from that PHP file. What I have recommended weeks ago is that you should activate mailstream and copy & paste the new version of this file instead https://github.com/friendica/friendica-addons/blob/f2ff1053b096977cf31cca5559a0f7ef6f91e21b/mailstream/mailstream.php#L20022:11:33
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/friendica/friendica-addons/develop/mailstream/mailstream.php 22:41:21
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] is the same? 22:41:42
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] I need the exact url. I'm on the phone. I did it with the file that happened. I hope everything is resolved. 22:42:16
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] bkil 23:22:17
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] https://raw.githubusercontent.com/friendica/friendica-addons/f2ff1053b096977cf31cca5559a0f7ef6f91e21b/mailstream/mailstream.php 23:25:53
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] ready I did it... I hope it works out. Thank you 23:26:25
@bkil:grin.hubkilNew write a new post, and see whether the queue starts to decrease23:31:05
26 Nov 2022
@fikabot:matrix.org. πŸ’¬ (guagua-) [libera] Work :) 03:05:56
@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanCan Mastodon users join and post to Friendica forums? Thinking of setting up a few but most of my participants are likely on Mastodon.14:56:40
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda (she/they πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ MSC3189)I think the answer is not yet15:04:35
@aminda:pikaviestin.fiAminda (she/they πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ MSC3189) assuming Friendica forums are same as the groups meant at https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/issues/139 15:05:30
@nolan:thewordnerd.infoNolanYeah, I realize Mastodon doesn’t support groups. I guess I’m wondering if how Friendica implements them works since it reposts posts the forum is tagged in.15:50:01
@bkil:grin.hubkilForums in Friendica and Hubzilla are compatible with how Communities are implemented in Lemmy.19:48:58

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