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19 Sep 2023
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensIf it's just about payment - that's a relative easy task. You need to get and handle the BTC address of the Matrix account and submit it to your local app.11:54:29
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensIdeally you would submit it to a hardware wallet.11:55:23
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensE.g. the Trezor Suite offers API like possiblities.11:56:03
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensNow he's gone... 🤷‍♂️11:57:30
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekennot gone, building 😅11:58:27
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenthanks for the advice!12:00:07
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensNo comment: https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-org-blocks-access-to-bitcoin-software-download-in-the-uk/amp14:44:15
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensIf I start commenting on this I get sued... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣14:44:46
21 Sep 2023
In reply to @thomasverstreken:matrix.org
i was thinking about adding bitcoin/lightning payments to the matrix chat.
You mean like an MSC to natively integrate lightning invoices?
In reply to @tradefreak:matrix.org
Sure, but for what? I mean, nobody gonna send sats as a gift.
You clearly haven't seen reddit or nostr
In reply to @tradefreak:matrix.org
I've a Bitcoin payment app on my long to-do list, enabling payments to Namecoin IDs.
Namecoin is still around? oO It was dead for years
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe Martens
In reply to @js:nil.im
You clearly haven't seen reddit or nostr
Discussions are going on to integrate Namecoin to a Nostr client.
@js:nil.imjsAt least Namecoin doesn't have all that Web3 shit, but someone probably needs to revive the Namecoin code base. Last time I looked at it was almost 10 years ago and it was already severely bitrotten back then19:55:51
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensAnd yeah, Namecoin got back to life: https://namecoin.pro/SitePages/Specifications.aspx19:55:57
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensNamecoin = Web319:56:24
@js:nil.imjsnah, Web3 is with NFTs and all that shit 😉19:56:44
@js:nil.imjsNamecoin predates that by many years19:56:54
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensNamecoin is always up do date, current Core version is 25 (binaries not yet released).19:57:23
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe Martens
In reply to @js:nil.im
nah, Web3 is with NFTs and all that shit 😉
Namecoin NFTs are the oldest in crypto: https://domaindeals.pro/SitePages/Namecoin.aspx
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensBut yeah, the term "NFT" wasn't established yet back in 2011.19:58:46
@imaginator:fairydust.spaceSimon Tennant joined the room.20:00:42
In reply to @js:nil.im
You mean like an MSC to natively integrate lightning invoices?
that is a possibility, was my first approach, but now i have an alternatieve proof of concept working with html, img, a href and lnbits using lnurl-withdraw
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekeni'm still exploring the options and something that nicely falls back / degrades in clients that don't support it would be ideal20:07:42
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenthere's lots of tradeoffs - on the wallet side there's integrated vs external, custodial vs non custodial, onchain vs offchain20:08:32
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenon the receiver side there's both users online vs sender online but receiver offline (can be resolved by using lnurlw but relies on a webserver)20:10:20
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekena href in html formatted msgs unfortunately doesnt support lightning: prefix, which i worked around by linking to a https endpoint that 302 redirects to lightning: and that works great, it opens the wallet selection dialog on the phone or pc20:12:03
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenbut it would be nice if lightning: got added to the list of allowed a href protocols, alongside https(s), ftp, mailto,...20:12:44
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenwould be nice to discuss it with upstream/knowledgeable matrix people, any suggestions how to go about it? create a github issue? on which project then?20:13:59
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensThis is much more subject to a dev channel btw.20:14:08
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenindeed, which channel would you recommended?20:14:58

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