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21 Sep 2023
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensThe Bitcoin devs hang around on IRC.20:15:30
@js:nil.imjsThat'd be the wrong place.20:15:59
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekeni mean matrix devs...20:16:00
@js:nil.imjsThis is about Matrix integration20:16:03
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe MartensFreenode and/or Libera20:16:04
@js:nil.imjsthis has very little to do with BTC Core20:16:06
In reply to @tradefreak:matrix.org
Freenode and/or Libera
Freenode? Uhm, I have some news for you…
@js:nil.imjs ThomasVerstreken: The correct room depends on whether you want to go there from the spec or client perspective 20:16:43
@js:nil.imjsI'd recommend spec, but that's just me20:16:53
@tradefreak:matrix.orgUwe Martens
In reply to @js:nil.im
Freenode? Uhm, I have some news for you…
I know everyone migrated to Libera. But there's still activity on Freenode. At least for Namecoin.
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenyeah it's a bit of both but indeed, start with spec20:17:22
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenthe general #matrix room is so crowded, is there another for more technical spec discussions?20:18:08
@js:nil.imjsYeah there was a spec room20:18:41
@js:nil.imjsLet me have a look20:18:43
@js:nil.imjs#matrix-dev:matrix.org #matrix-spec:matrix.org would probably be best20:19:57
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstreken🤩 that's it, thank you so much!20:20:24
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenexactly what i need!20:20:35
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenit's late here but i will reach out there tomorrow 🥳20:21:05
@js:nil.imjsI'm not following these anymore these days, so if you want to give an update on here every now and then, that'd be interesting20:21:17
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenwill do! i can send you some sats even 😜20:21:51
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22 Sep 2023
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23 Sep 2023
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@ruddo:rudd-o.comRudd-OHello. Will there be Lightning support in Element?13:17:43
24 Sep 2023
@thomasverstreken:matrix.orgThomasVerstrekenyes that's the goal, at least in a fork of element until the changes are upstreamed06:36:35
25 Sep 2023
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26 Sep 2023
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1 Oct 2023
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