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13 Oct 2021
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehikThe other one is internationalism, I can conduct business anywhere in the world denominated in bitcoin without having to concern myself with other currencies , borders, etc.17:07:28
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehik The last one is privacy 17:07:32
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehikI do not have to submit to audits or regulators unless I (by my own choosing) link my btc address with my own name or other legal entity17:08:00
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaAh okay 17:12:35
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehikThere are also some other possible value adds depending on the chain, but the primary thing that gives it value is "other people think it does", which is true of all currency17:20:22
@marklar45:somnet.ioDerkBtc is a long con17:43:12
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehikWhy are you in the Bitcoin irc channel?18:12:22
@marklar45:somnet.ioDerkWhy not18:15:15
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehikLike surely you didn't come to a discussion channel devoted to bitcoin thinking "bitcoin is a total scam" - if you're so confident, why expose yourself to all that evil influence18:21:11
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaIt's been around a long time now, likelihood of a scam is nullified 19:10:47
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella Verita* It's been around a long time now, likelihood of a scam is nullified 19:12:17
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14 Oct 2021
@conjure:matrix.orgpure{blood}conjure changed their display name from conjure to pure{blood}conjure.08:02:28
15 Oct 2021
@hik:aboveaverage.spacehik Vivi Nella Verita: looks like we're on the way 15:23:49
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaYup! It was already over 60k15:24:07
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaMade 20 almost since I started this week15:24:18
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaFinally giving this a chance15:24:29
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaGot 600 in the game only, hopefully it grows 15:24:50
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaNow good time to buy, dipped below 60k15:31:16
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella Verita* Now good time to buy, dipped below 60k15:32:02
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella Verita62K now20:24:42
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaHope you all bought earlier 20:24:54
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@brielle:matrix.orgbrielleRedacted or Malformed Event22:27:57
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@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaHow much does the machines cost? How much is electricity?22:48:04
16 Oct 2021
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18 Oct 2021
@verita84:rage.lolVivi Nella VeritaTomorrow expect big gains as Bitcoin ETF pulls in a lot of investors 01:59:10
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