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15 Jan 2018
19:00:23@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetest changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
19:00:32@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetesttesting
16 Jan 2018
18:53:18@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeMan joined the room.
19:53:52@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetestoh hi
19:56:40@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManAny rational topic to discuss on this highly enlightened channel/room?
19:57:32@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetestDo you know anything about Jane the ansible AI from certain books by Orson Scott Card sequelling Ender's Game?
20:02:12@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManSadly I know nothing.
20:02:20@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManCould you elaborate on that topic?
20:03:41@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetestJane is a benevolent AI that somehow never decides to exterminate humanity even when humanity decides to exterminate her
20:04:10@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetestI don't want to spoil anything
20:04:49@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeMan I know nothing about the book so there's not much you can spoil, since everything's a spoiler anyway.
20:05:02@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManWhen everything's a spoiler, nothing's a spoiler.
20:09:00@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetestUhh, I'm not sure how that works. Wouldn't it matter more whether you wanted to read the book eventually?
20:12:37@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManConsidering how little I know, this could serve as a nice teaser.
20:12:42@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManRest of the story is unread anyway.
20:13:05@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManSo there are enough surprises and plot twists to keep me going anyway.
22:35:17@irc_in_2018_lul:matrix.orgirc_in_2018_lul joined the room.
22:36:06@irc_in_2018_lul:matrix.orgirc_in_2018_lulIs this just irc?
22:36:12@irc_in_2018_lul:matrix.orgirc_in_2018_lulDid somebody re-invent irc?
23:36:18@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManApparently it's reinvented and rebuilt with tons of upgrades.
17 Jan 2018
10:52:40@makin:matrix.orgmakin joined the room.
18:52:10@breezeman:matrix.orgBreezeManWelcome! Welcome to our little Fortress of DOOM! And rationality too, I guess.
21 Jan 2018
03:07:10@Elon_Satoshi:matrix.orgLANG=eo minetest changed their display name from Fully Automatic Ultra-Long Luxury Gay Twilight Orbital Gnu/Linux AVoid5 Anarchocommunism to LANG=eo minetest.
30 Apr 2018
15:55:56@kitten_of_death:matrix.orgkitten_of_death joined the room.

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