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Inviting any jugglers and of course anyone who is interested in juggling,circus tricks and shenanigans, feel free to join and talk about and/or show us what you’re working on or anything related to it. Jugglers UNITE!1 Servers

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11 May 2018
07:14:54@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek left the room.
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13 May 2018

I have a decent head balance and a solid juggle. Any one have any tips for combining them?

I think i heard that most people focus mainly on the head balance and the juggle needs to be almost automated.

17:47:35@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Indeed. Guess I'll keep at it.
23 May 2018
03:35:32@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekAnyone have a good online resource explaining siteswap for beginners? Some of my students are asking.
21 Jul 2018
14:45:23@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcron Now it happened: someone hummed the circus melody when he saw me juggling :)
First timer for me.
17:25:16@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekCongrats!
7 Aug 2018
20:12:45@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekHad a lovely moment at our clown gym last night. I was passing with a partner, and I looked over to see one of my students teaching 9 people how to juggle. :)
22:26:25@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekWay back when we used to run large playdays in the park like that. Was fun to see that big sharing vibe back for a moment.
22:38:10@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronOur group has been meeting in the park quite often lately and there are people interested every now and then.
22:38:46@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekGood! Where is your group based?
22:42:06@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronErlangen, Germany; yours?
22:44:45@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekDallas, Texas, US.
8 Aug 2018
20:49:59@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek palmcron: I dug this up for you. Back in the day, when our juggling community was ridiculously large, a friend put this video together. We ended up being an official world circus day site a few times after that. :)

Ages ago. Haven't seen some of these people in years.


22:10:59@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronThat was fun to watch! Thank you for sharing
22:16:18@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekAbsolutely. I love that we tracked down the band and got permission to use their song. So appropriate to the idea of exploring play.
30 Oct 2018
08:24:11@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcron Somehow activity in here faded a bit. Did you know, that the #freenode_##juggling:matrix.org irc is also bridged to the matrix? It also doesn't have much activity, though.
08:28:22@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Bummer. I'd like to keep this room going too.
08:33:27@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronDon't worry, I'll stay here, too 🤹
08:35:45@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekMy juggling partner and I spent some time working on her juggling while standing on my shoulders this evening. Slow progress.
09:22:12@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronYeah, it's quite difficult, and at least for me trying to do passing between base and flyer does feel impossible.
16:33:51@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Nowhere near that yet. Was working to have flyer pass with another partner. Haven't gotten stable enough to let go of flyer yet.
27 Nov 2018
08:50:22@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronHow is the two man high juggling going, @russ.sharek:matrix.org ?
17:28:33@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek I've been recovering from a broken toe, so things slowed down a bit. I'm back to it, and we've been focusing in cleaning up the form on the two high. Last night we managed to walk around a bit, and I transferred my partner on and off a ladder from my shoulders!
31 Dec 2018
20:26:45@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronWhat are your juggling goals for 2019?
20:39:08@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Hm. Mostly I've been working on new performance ideas, as opposed to new tricks lately. Hoping to have something develop there. You?
20:40:14@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronMore passing
20:46:55@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek My favorite not juggling I think. I'm helping train up a new juggler so we can work on some three person passing.
6 Feb 2019
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