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Inviting any jugglers and of course anyone who is interested in juggling,circus tricks and shenanigans, feel free to join and talk about and/or show us what you’re working on or anything related to it. Jugglers UNITE!1 Servers

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22 Apr 2018
07:05:53@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek RussSharek - Reasons to love the #circus:

Visual proof that we're all connected. The World Circus Federation sent a set of #juggling clubs to youth circuses around the world to capture each group using them.

More than 98,000 km traveled, 20 different schools. All of them using the same set of props for a moment, and making something bigger than themselves in the process.

World Circus Day

07:06:04@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekSharing from mastodon
09:13:38@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronThat is a great video, thanks for sharing, @russ.sharek:matrix.org
10:29:23@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekYou betcha.
11 May 2018
05:36:26@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekI have a decent head balance and a solid juggle. Any one have any tips for combining them?
07:14:54@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek left the room.
07:15:24@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek joined the room.
13 May 2018

I have a decent head balance and a solid juggle. Any one have any tips for combining them?

I think i heard that most people focus mainly on the head balance and the juggle needs to be almost automated.

17:47:35@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Indeed. Guess I'll keep at it.
23 May 2018
03:35:32@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekAnyone have a good online resource explaining siteswap for beginners? Some of my students are asking.
21 Jul 2018
14:45:23@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcron Now it happened: someone hummed the circus melody when he saw me juggling :)
First timer for me.
17:25:16@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekCongrats!
7 Aug 2018
20:12:45@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekHad a lovely moment at our clown gym last night. I was passing with a partner, and I looked over to see one of my students teaching 9 people how to juggle. :)
22:26:25@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekWay back when we used to run large playdays in the park like that. Was fun to see that big sharing vibe back for a moment.
22:38:10@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronOur group has been meeting in the park quite often lately and there are people interested every now and then.
22:38:46@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekGood! Where is your group based?
22:42:06@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronErlangen, Germany; yours?
22:44:45@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekDallas, Texas, US.
8 Aug 2018
20:49:59@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek palmcron: I dug this up for you. Back in the day, when our juggling community was ridiculously large, a friend put this video together. We ended up being an official world circus day site a few times after that. :)

Ages ago. Haven't seen some of these people in years.


22:10:59@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronThat was fun to watch! Thank you for sharing
22:16:18@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekAbsolutely. I love that we tracked down the band and got permission to use their song. So appropriate to the idea of exploring play.
30 Oct 2018
08:24:11@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcron Somehow activity in here faded a bit. Did you know, that the #freenode_##juggling:matrix.org irc is also bridged to the matrix? It also doesn't have much activity, though.
08:28:22@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Bummer. I'd like to keep this room going too.
08:33:27@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronDon't worry, I'll stay here, too 🤹
08:35:45@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss SharekMy juggling partner and I spent some time working on her juggling while standing on my shoulders this evening. Slow progress.
09:22:12@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronYeah, it's quite difficult, and at least for me trying to do passing between base and flyer does feel impossible.
16:33:51@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek Nowhere near that yet. Was working to have flyer pass with another partner. Haven't gotten stable enough to let go of flyer yet.
27 Nov 2018
08:50:22@palmcron:matrix.orgpalmcronHow is the two man high juggling going, @russ.sharek:matrix.org ?
17:28:33@russ.sharek:matrix.orgRuss Sharek I've been recovering from a broken toe, so things slowed down a bit. I'm back to it, and we've been focusing in cleaning up the form on the two high. Last night we managed to walk around a bit, and I transferred my partner on and off a ladder from my shoulders!

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